Intimacy Ignited: Conversations Couple to Couple: Fire Up Your Sex Life with the Song of Solomon

Intimacy Ignited: Conversations Couple to Couple: Fire Up Your Sex Life with the Song of Solomon

by Joseph Dillow, Linda Dillow, Peter Pintus, Lorraine Pintus

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Dfd 2 Series
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Meet the Author

Dr. Joseph and Linda Dillow have been married for forty years. Jody is an author and the president of BEE World, while Linda is a popular speaker and best-selling author of The Blessing Book, Calm My Anxious Heart, and Intimate Issues (coauthored with Lorraine Pintus). Proud grandparents of five, the Dillows live in Monument, Colorado.

Dr. Peter and Lorraine Pintus are founders of Hearts at Home, a training and development organization. Peter is the president of Metochoi Life Coaching and an adjunct professor. Lorraine is a freelance writer, a speaker, and the author of Intimate Issues (coauthored with Linda Dillow) and Diapers, Pacifiers, and Other Holy Things. They live with their two daughters near Colorado Springs.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Sex At Its Best9
Section 1Ignite the Flame
1Where Did All the Passion Go?19
2Give Permission for Passion: Song of Solomon 1:2-427
3Soothe Insecurities: Song of Solomon 1:5-837
4Offer Sexual Refreshment: Song of Solomon 1:9-1453
5Trade Sexual Compliments: Song of Solomon 1:15-2:767
6Catch the Little Foxes: Song of Solomon 2:8-1783
7Create a Safe Place for Loving: Song of Solomon 3:1-599
8Remember Your Vows: Song of Solomon 3:6-11119
9Be Romantic In and Out of Bed: Song of Solomon 4:1-8133
10Give Your Body as a Gift: Song of Solomon 4:9-5:1149
Section 2Keep the Flame Burning
11Stamp Out Selfishness: Song of Solomon 5:2-8169
12Be Free in Your Mind: Song of Solomon 5:9-6:3185
13Be Free to Forgive: Song of Solomon 6:4-10205
14Be Free with Your Body: Song of Solomon 6:11-7:10219
15Be Free to Be Creative: Song of Solomon 7:11-8:4239
16Fan the Fire of Lifelong Love: Song of Solomon 8:5-14255
Epilogue: The Flame269
AppendixSexual Acts That God Prohibits273
Eight-Week Bible Study: A Journey to Igniting Intimacy275
Bible Study Facilitator's Guide295

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