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Into the Guns

Into the Guns

3.4 5
by William C. Dietz

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Legion of the Damned Novels and The Mutant Files comes the first novel in a post-apocalyptic military science fiction series about America rising from the ashes of a global catastrophe...

On May Day, 2018, sixty meteors entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded around the globe with a force greater than


From the New York Times bestselling author of The Legion of the Damned Novels and The Mutant Files comes the first novel in a post-apocalyptic military science fiction series about America rising from the ashes of a global catastrophe...

On May Day, 2018, sixty meteors entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded around the globe with a force greater than a nuclear blast. Earthquakes and tsunamis followed. Then China attacked Europe, Asia, and the United States in the belief the disaster was an act of war. 

Washington D.C. was a casualty of the meteor onslaught that decimated the nation’s leadership and left the surviving elements of the armed forces to try and restore order as American society fell apart.  
As refugees across America band together and engage in open warfare with the military over scarce resources, a select group of individuals representing the surviving corporate structure make a power play to rebuild the country in a free market image as The New Confederacy...

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Praise for William C. Dietz

“When it comes to military science fiction, William Dietz can run with the best.”—Steve Perry, author of The Tejano Conflict

“Dietz’s expertise in matters of mayhem is second to none.”—The Oregonian

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Penguin Publishing Group
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America Rising Series , #1
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6.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

Meet the Author

William C. Dietz is the national bestselling author of more than forty novels, some of which have been translated into German, Russian, and Japanese. His works include the Legion of the Damned novels and the Mutant Files series. He grew up in the Seattle area, served as a medic with the Navy and Marine Corps, graduated from the University of Washington, and has been employed as a surgical technician, college instructor, and television news writer, director, and producer. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Dietz served as director of public relations and marketing for an international telephone company. He and his wife live near Gig Harbor, Washington.

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Into the Guns 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
OJsDad 11 months ago
This book is complete garbage. I wouldn't recommend it if it was in the $2 bargain bin. At times, the writing isn't too bad, but there are other times that that it looks like something that someone in JR High wrote. As for the story itself, it goes beyond belief. The author is trying to force a scenario for the story he wants to tell, but it's obvious he hasn't put any thought into it beyond 'Hey, here's an idea!' It's also obvious that he hasn't done any research on the topics that he's talking about. He states that Joint Base Lewis McChord have 4000+ military personnel. Going to Wikipedia, McChord has 7000 and Lewis has 25,000. No where does the author explain why the difference. He also states a number of times that electricity is not available in the state of Washington. Why. The disaster hit to the west of Seattle. Washington is an exporter of electricity with dozens of hydroelectric power dams, wind turbines, and a nuclear power plant in the SE part of the state. What, did every electrical generation source get destroyed somehow? The author then decides to send a company of Strykers with a 1000+ refugees to Yakima. Doesn't send a platoon ahead a day or two to clear the route. When they make it to Yakima Training Center, all the military personnel there have left for Faichild AFB. WHAT!? Your sending these refugees there and you pull out everyone else before they get there! You have a Major General at Ft Lewis. Does he not have control of those units under him. Do officers of lower rank just ignore his orders. And it's not just common sense and a total lack of knowledge of the military that the author demonstrates. He sends the US Sec of Energy to a Mexican town that has an active drug cartel war waging with one, yes one security guard. No staff. Has to rent a car at said Mexican town. All of this before the disaster hits. No US cabinet level official would travel to such a place without proper security. Nor would they travel anywhere without some of their staff. I'm not sure I'll ever get through this book.
RSC77 More than 1 year ago
Bill Dietz is arguably one of the top three Military Science Fiction authors writing today. I eagerly awaited this release after reading about the planned new “world”. After reading the kick-off book, I could see that inside the author’s mind is a gigantic story of the size of Weber’s Honor Harrington or Ringo’s “Live Free or Die”. As with all of Bill’s works, I was unable to put the book down as the action from chapter two through the end immersed me into a world turned upside down, with US soldiers trying to do the best they can in a nearly impossible situation. Dietz brings us inside LT Robin Macintyre’s world as she makes the hard decisions necessary to lead her unit to safety, and then on to make a difference in the war effort. He paints her with all of the traits I’d expect of any of our best army officers. But, he also gives her real-world challenges, too. And, the fact that this key character is a woman is handled “just right”. Now, 40 years after women entered West Point, with successful women entering the officer ranks every year, and with women successfully completing ranger school, this book paints a picture where you can believe that it doesn’t matter “what kind of plumbing you have”, you can serve the country in any position you make up your mind to work towards. Unfortunately, now that I’m at page 327, I am stuck wondering how long I’m going to have to wait for the next installment  On the flip side, there are some imperfections… Not enough to mar the enjoyment of the story; but, there are some areas where I would have wanted “a bit more”… I can see that Dietz is trying to quickly draw us into his universe, so, in the first 30 pages he rushes forward in leaps and bounds, and sometimes I had a hard time keeping up… Another author, in book three of a series, might have had the luxury of spending 100 pages to “set the stage”, where you could see here that Dietz purposely limited the set-up so that he could quickly get us to the excitement. But, this isn’t book three, and I think most readers would rather the quick early pace so that they could become immersed in this world. Overall, highly recommended, and definitely worth the read. As this book joins the other nine Dietz books in my bookcase, this book makes me wonder what other Dietz books I missed out there…
Anonymous 4 days ago
Can't wait for book 2!
MollyGreene 7 months ago
One of the main reasons I read Mr. Dietz's novels is his consistently strong, believable female leads, and he once again provided. This book moved quickly right from the beginning, I read it in a day and can't wait for the next installment!!
ArthurGomez 7 months ago
Into The Guns is a fast-paced, extremely entertaining book... I look forward to the next book in the series. Looking at other reviews it appears that some trolls are at work. I suggest that you ignore them.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Possibly the worst book I have ever picked up. Very disappointed that the publisher and author would even put out this quality of work. I wouldn't even pick up this book if it was free.