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Into the Light

Into the Light

4.7 4
by Darcia Helle
Max Paddington refuses to go into the light until he finds his killer. This presents a dilemma, since Max is even less competent as a spirit than he was as a live person. No one sees or hears him and he can't manage to get anywhere or do anything on his own.

Joe Cavelli is a private investigator, living an ordinary life. Then one day he walks across a parking lot,


Max Paddington refuses to go into the light until he finds his killer. This presents a dilemma, since Max is even less competent as a spirit than he was as a live person. No one sees or hears him and he can't manage to get anywhere or do anything on his own.

Joe Cavelli is a private investigator, living an ordinary life. Then one day he walks across a parking lot, gets yelled at by a ghost, and his life only gets stranger from there.

Max and Joe team up to find Max's killer. In the process, they form an unlikely friendship and change each other's lives in ways they never expected.

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Into The Light 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JMcIntyre More than 1 year ago
INTO THE LIGHT by Darcia Helle tackles some new ground. If you can believe it, there are ghosts in this one. Oooh. And a trip into a deep dark place called The Abyss. She doesn’t wander from her trademark of believable characters doing things you and I would do in the same circumstances. But the otherworldliness is a welcome tilt on the murder, mayhem and intrigue you’ve come to expect. I don’t offer plot recaps in my reviews because I despise ruining even one small bit of a story for any reader. But I’ll tell you that Joe and Max in INTO THE LIGHT are like The Odd Couple with a paranormal twist. Their interplay is the heart of the novel and, while moving towards the satisfying conclusion, their banter is the funny, light centerpiece in a book that is actually talking about some very big things. Who are we? What have we done with our lives? Was there meaning in how we lived? In who we loved? I spent time between reading sessions pondering this for myself. And anytime a book makes me think about my own mortality – or any larger-than-life concept – I must give due credit to its author. Darcia Helle takes readers on a path that is never straight and narrow. It’s wide and rich, with colour and intensity. You can’t help but fall for her characters along the way and despise others as you witness their true likeness. Her books tread this wondrous path, taking you on their journey. Ms. Helle’s books are always satisfying glimpses into this very human condition of ours. And INTO THE LIGHT is no exception.
Jaidis More than 1 year ago
Into the Light by Darcia Helle is a story that will keep you reading while tugging on your heart-strings. Max Paddington starts out his day just like any other, that is until his wife hands him divorce papers. Without understanding the reasoning behind her decision he goes through his day in a bad mood which he takes out on anyone within close vicinity. To make matters worse, Max finds himself floating above his body after being murdered. Joe Cavelli is a private investigator that has always had a knack for hearing voices as a child. Once an adult the voices halted, that is until Max entered his life. Now Joe sets out to help Max find the motive for his murder and identify the killer while ignoring his own heart and what matters most to him. Into the Light reads like an episode of Ghost Whisperer. Joe helps ghosts let go of the things that are keeping them from going into the light by talking to family and friends on their behalf. Since I have watched several episodes of Ghost Whisperer, I often found Into the Light to be a tad predictable but still enjoyed reading the emotion that the characters emitted. Darcia Helle reminds us through her book that everything we do leaves an imprint on those we leave behind and we should live life to the fullest, cherish those we love and go out of our way to help each other.
karenvaughanwrites More than 1 year ago
Into the light by Darcia Helle Maxwell Paddington is having a really bad day! First off his wife asks for a divorce; then after a bad day at work he is gunned down in a parking lot. Yes he is murdered but this is where the fun starts. Max manages to attach himself to a private investigator on the scene who can actually hear him. Being as he cannot shake the spirit, Joe Cavelli agrees to help Max solve his murder so he can cross over. He and Max discover a lot about themselves during the investigation. It is a case of GHOST WHISPERER meets GHOST in this fantastic story. Darcia writes the characters as two really likeable guys just looking for answers about the crime and life. I thoroughly enjoyed the read as it progressed and Max tried to find his place in the after-life and Joe tried to find his place in the world. I give the story 5 cloud nines for great characters, humour and a fantastic story.
bookloverSJ More than 1 year ago
Since I'm a fan of the TV show Ghost Whisperer and a longtime reader of mystery and suspense novels, this book was a delight to discover. Max is stunned to find himself a murder victim, floating somewhere between earth and the hereafter. The only one who can hear him is an investigator he convinces to look into the case. When he's not helping with the investigation, Max is facing his own ghosts from his past as he adjusts to life in spirit limbo. In death, he learns a great deal about his own life. Darcia Helle mixes elements of suspense, the paranormal, humor and introspection into a delightful book that will have readers rooting for Max to come to grips with his murder and go into the light. I've read several of Darcia Helle's books, and she writes intriguing suspense novels on a variety of topics. Don't miss this talented author.
MariaSavva_Author More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful story on so many levels. It contains humour, romance, and an element of mystery. It's a supernatural tale about a ghost, Max, who refuses to go `into the light' until his killer can be brought to justice. Max, in life, was a very ordinary man, in fact he died feeling like a failure and as if his life had been in vain. What Helle's book teaches us is that there are many things we do on a daily basis that have an effect on other people's lives, for good or bad. Max is forced to confront issues from his past when he dies, and this multi-layered story perfectly highlights the fact that we are often unaware of other people's thoughts and feelings and that makes all the difference when looking at the effects of things we do. Many readers will be able to relate to Max, and also the private investigator, Joe, who is roped in to help Max find his killer. Their relationship is an odd one, but they each learn something from the other as they both try to come to terms with their problems. The book deals with the subjects of divorce, regret, relationships, insecurity, and miscommunication, among other things. It's a fun and often comical read, but also contains very deep thinking on human behaviour and relationships. The underlying message appears to be that when we die we leave behind an imprint based on everything we have done, thought, and said... it's definitely food for thought.