An Introduction to Godel's Theorems

An Introduction to Godel's Theorems

by Peter Smith

ISBN-10: 0521857848

ISBN-13: 9780521857840

Pub. Date: 07/31/2007

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Peter Smith examines Gödel's Theorems, how they were established and why they matter.  See more details below


Peter Smith examines Gödel's Theorems, how they were established and why they matter.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy Series
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Table of Contents

Preface; 1. What Gödel's Theorems say; 2. Decidability and enumerability; 3. Axiomatized formal theories; 4. Capturing numerical properties; 5. The truths of arithmetic; 6. Sufficiently strong arithmetics; 7. Interlude: taking stock; 8. Two formalized arithmetics; 9. What Q can prove; 10. First-order Peano Arithmetic; 11. Primitive recursive functions; 12. Capturing funtions; 13. Q is p.r. adequate; 14. Interlude: a very little about Principia; 15. The arithmetization of syntax; 16. PA is incomplete; 17. Gödel's First Theorem; 18. Interlude: about the First Theorem; 19. Strengthening the First Theorem; 20. The Diagonalization Lemma; 21. Using the Diagonalization Lemma; 22. Second-order arithmetics; 23. Interlude: incompleteness and Isaacson's conjecture; 24. Gödel's Second Theorem for PA; 25. The derivability conditions; 26. Deriving the derivability conditions; 27. Reflections; 28. Interlude: about the Second Theorem; 29. Recursive functions; 30. Undecidability and incompleteness; 31. Turing machines; 32. Turing machines and recursiveness; 33. Halting problems; 34. The Church-Turing Thesis; 35. Proving the Thesis?; 36. Looking back.

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