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Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists / Edition 3

Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists / Edition 3

by Robert L. McCarthy, Kenneth W. Schafermeyer

ISBN-10: 0763732818

ISBN-13: 9780763732813

Pub. Date: 04/26/2004

Publisher: Jones & Barlett Learning

Covering the latest research and trends, the third edition of Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists continues to offer the most up-to-date and complete picture of the U.S. health care delivery system. With an emphasis on the pharmacy profession, this text is ideal for practicing and prospective pharmacists who will find the careful review of


Covering the latest research and trends, the third edition of Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists continues to offer the most up-to-date and complete picture of the U.S. health care delivery system. With an emphasis on the pharmacy profession, this text is ideal for practicing and prospective pharmacists who will find the careful review of the social, organizational, and financial aspects of health care delivery perfectly suited to their particular needs and responsibilities. The authors and a distinguished group of contributors cover the entire health care system, including hospitals, ambulatory care, managed care, public health, Medicare and Medicaid, health care ethics, and health care reform. New and Improved Instructor's Resource Manual has been greatly expanded to include chapter outlines, responses to the case scenarios, answers to the chapter questions, answers to the questions for further discussion, and multiple choice test questions (and answers).

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Table of Contents

Part ISocial Aspects of Health Care Delivery1
Chapter 1Health Care Delivery in America: Historical and Policy Perspectives3
Health, Disease, and Health Practitioners in Colonial America6
America in the Nineteenth Century: The Health Care Environment7
Continuity and Change in Health Institutions and Profession15
Health and Sickness Patterns in Historical Perspective23
Health Policy Overview: 1900-195029
Post-World War II Health Care Changes30
Chapter 2Health Care Professionals and Interdisciplinary Care47
Physician Assistants58
Other Allied Health Professionals61
Chapter 3The Pharmacist and the Pharmacy Profession71
Evolutions of the Profession and Medication Use Systems74
Pharmaceutical Care79
Pharmacy Practice Today and Tomorrow87
Professional Pharmacy Organizations89
Pharmacy Technicians94
E-Commerce and Internet Pharmacy98
Pharmacy Manpower102
Chapter 4The Patient111
Treatment versus Prevention114
Insurance Issues116
Patients and the Health Care Environment117
Patients' Expectations121
Access to Health Information122
Chapter 5Public Health: Principles and Practice147
Historical Perspective148
Changing Health Priorities151
Changing Health Roles153
Development of Public Health Systems156
Alignment with the Health Care Delivery System162
Importance of Health of Citizenry165
Chapter 6Drug Use and the Pharmaceutical Sector in the United States171
Drugs as Remedies, Poisons, or Magical Charms174
Use of Drug Products from a Consumer Perspective176
Drug Use from the Health Professional's Perspective179
Drug Development and Distribution Systems181
Future Changes in the Pharmaceutical Sector191
Chapter 7Health Care Ethics199
Ethical Decision Making in Health Care201
"Macro" versus "Micro" Ethical Situations202
Competence, Trustworthiness, and Caring203
The Health Professional-Patient Relationship: Consumerism versus Paternalism204
Moral Rights versus Legal Rights to Health Care204
Patients' Rights205
Health Care Practitioners' Duty to Their Patients206
Legal Responsibility versus Moral Obligation206
Ethical Responsibility in Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care207
Veatch's Framework for Ethical Analysis207
Ethical Theories208
Ethical Principles and Moral Rules209
Ethical Codes215
Ethical Issues in Health Care218
Part IIOrganizational Aspects of Health Care Delivery227
Chapter 8Hospitals229
Historical Perspective231
Hospitals in the New Century232
Hospital Characteristics235
Hospital Management238
American Hospital Association240
Hospital Accreditation240
Future of Hospitals241
The Pharmacist's Role in a Hospital-Based Practice242
Responsibilities of the Hospital Pharmacy244
Drug Distribution Systems244
Centralized versus Decentralized Pharmacy Services246
Intravenous Admixture Services247
Nondistributive Pharmacy Services248
Hospital Formulary System250
Purchasing and Inventory Control251
Residency Programs252
Chapter 9Ambulatory Care257
Growth of Ambulatory Care258
Types of Medical Practices261
Managed Care263
Hospital-Related Ambulatory Services265
Emergency Services268
Government Programs270
Miscellaneous Programs274
Ambulatory Pharmacy Services277
Chapter 10Long-Term Care289
Patients Who May Require Long-Term Care Services291
Future of Long-Term Care304
Chapter 11Mental Health Services Delivery317
What is the History of the Treatment of Mental Disorders in America?319
What Does Epidemiology of Mental Disorders Mean?322
What is Treatment?324
What is the Role of Pharmacists in Treatment?328
What is Medication Adherence?332
How Does Managed Care Affect Services Delivery?335
Chapter 12Home Care357
Home Care Industries359
Factors that Influence the Home Care Industry365
The Role of the Home Care Pharmacist369
Chapter 13Informatics in Health Care377
History of Informatics Technology379
Applications in Health Care and Pharmacy Practice381
Trends in Pharmacy Practice388
Pharmacist Education and Training391
Ethical and Legal Issues394
Challenges and Trends396
Chapter 14International Health Care and Pharmaceutical Services405
Health Care Delivery Systems in Selected Developed Nations408
Health Care Delivery in Developing Countries423
Selected Developing Nations' Health Care Systems430
Chapter 15Government Involvement in Health Care445
Government Health Functions and Organization452
Federal Government456
State Governments468
Local Governments471
Emerging Issues for Government Involvement472
Part IIIEconomic Aspects of Health Care Delivery481
Chapter 16Basic Economic Principles Affecting Health Care483
Economic Concepts in Individual Consumer Decision Making485
Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility486
The Law of Demand487
The Law of Supply494
Equilibrium Price496
Elasticity of Demand499
Chapter 17Unique Aspects of Health Economics509
Perfectly Competitive Industries510
Other Market Structures512
The Health Care Market514
Improving Economic Performance of the Health Care System518
Chapter 18Pharmacoeconomics525
Comparing Pharmacoeconomic Methodologies528
Steps for Conducting a Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation529
Approaches to Conducting Pharmacoeconomic Studies545
Critical Appraisal of a Pharmacoeconomic Study548
Chapter 19Private Health Insurance553
History of Health Insurance557
The Health Insurance Industry561
Basic Principles and Strategies of Health Insurance565
Administration of Prescription Drug Programs573
Impact of Health Insurance on Pharmacy576
Chapter 20Medicare581
Legislative History582
The Medicare Program583
Services and Cost Sharing586
Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance592
Future Challenges594
Chapter 21Medicaid603
Legislative History604
Financing and Administration608
Services and Cost Sharing609
State Flexibility613
Comparison of Medicare and Medicaid616
Chapter 22Managed Health Care621
The History of Managed Care622
Types of Managed Care Organizations625
Managing the Pharmacy Benefit629
Ethical Issues in Managed Care637
Quality in Managed Care637
Impact of Managed Care on Pharmacists640
Chapter 23Health Care Reform647
Identification of the Problem648
An Issue of Access649
The Best Health Care?650
Demand versus Need651
Government Trust Funds652
Health Care Reform Efforts by the Federal Government655
Health Care Reform Efforts by the States661
Current Issues in Health Care Reform674
The Pharmacy Profession and Health Care Reform: A Call for Action683

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