Introduction to Policing
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Introduction to Policing

by Michael Rowe

ISBN-10: 1412928699

ISBN-13: 9781412928694

Pub. Date: 04/14/2008

Publisher: SAGE Publications

This groundbreaking new text by Michael Rowe is the first introductory, comprehensive textbook on policing. Introduction to Policing incorporates all the key areas of a Policing course, from the history of the police and the legal framework, to current debates around issues such as diversity, surveillance and the nature of police occupational culture. The book


This groundbreaking new text by Michael Rowe is the first introductory, comprehensive textbook on policing. Introduction to Policing incorporates all the key areas of a Policing course, from the history of the police and the legal framework, to current debates around issues such as diversity, surveillance and the nature of police occupational culture. The book highlights the way in which theory applies to practice at every step.

It offers: accessible coverage of all essential topics, an insightful approach, which explores and unpicks contemporary issues in a truly readable and lucid manner, excellent learning features throughout, to challenge and stimulate students - including boxed examples, self-check questions and answers, further reading and a full glossary, a student-friendly writing style that encourages students to engage with debates and to develop critical thinking skills.

With its breadth and depth of coverage, extensive learning features and engaging writing style, students of criminology and criminal justice will find Introduction to Policing an indispensable introduction to key themes in modern-day policing.

About the Author:
Michael Rowe is Associate Professor at the Institute of Criminology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Guided Tour     xiv
What is Policing?     1
Learning objectives     3
Key terms     3
Introduction     3
Police and policing     3
What is policing?     5
A narrow, law enforcement approach     6
The centrality of 'force' to policing     9
The practice of policing     10
Police as bureaucrats     13
An institutional perspective     15
Conclusion     15
Chapter summary     17
Self-check questions     18
Study questions     18
Annotated further reading     19
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     19
Historical Origins and Development of the Police in England and Wales     21
Learning objectives     23
Key terms     23
Introduction     23
A brief history of the police in England and Wales     24
Urban lawlessness     26
Political unrest and the limits of the military     27
The 'demand for order'     28
Establishing the Metropolitan Police     29
Concern and controversy: public and politicalresponses to the 'new police'     31
Expansion and consolidation     32
Perspectives on the development of the police     34
Orthodox and revisionist accounts     34
Limits to orthodox and revisionist perspectives     37
Old wine in new bottles?     38
Conclusion     39
Chapter summary     39
Self-check questions     41
Study questions     42
Annotated further reading     42
Annotated link to websites     42
Police Powers: The Legal Framework     45
Learning objectives     47
Key terms     47
Introduction     48
The consolidation of police powers     49
Police power vs the rights of the suspect     50
PACE in practice     51
PACE powers to stop and search     52
Additional powers to stop and search     55
PACE powers of entry, search and seizure     56
Other powers of entry     57
Police powers of arrest     58
Police powers of detention     60
Police power: the wider context     62
Conclusion     65
Chapter summary      65
Self-check questions     67
Study questions     68
Annotated further reading     68
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     68
Community Policing     69
Learning objectives     71
Key terms     71
Introduction     71
Defining 'community policing'     72
Process-led approaches     72
Outcome-led approaches     74
Community policing as a means to recover public consent     75
Practising community policing     76
Police-community consultation     78
Police-community collaboration     79
Community policing and reassurance     82
Challenges for community policing     85
Not real police work?     85
Transplant failure     86
Imperfect communities     87
Policing and social cohesion     88
Conclusion: whither community policing?     88
Chapter summary     90
Self-check questions     91
Study questions     92
Annotated further reading     92
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     93
Police Culture      95
Learning objectives     97
Key terms     97
Introduction     97
Police discretion     98
The nature of police culture     101
Racism and police culture     103
Sexism and police culture     105
Homophobia and police culture     109
The roots of police culture     111
The implications of police culture     113
Broadening the horizon: culture and policing in wider perspective     115
Conclusion     116
Chapter summary     117
Self-check questions     119
Study questions     119
Annotated further reading     119
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     120
Who Guards the Guards?     121
Learning objectives     123
Key terms     123
Introduction     123
Approaches to accountability     124
Controlling the constable     125
Ethics, human rights and policing     129
Ethics and policing     129
Human rights and policing     133
Policing, human rights and police reform in Northern Ireland     135
Governing the British police      137
Centralization, localization, or both?     139
The rise of managerialism?     142
Accountability and plural policing     142
Conclusion     145
Chapter summary     145
Self-check questions     147
Study questions     148
Annotated further reading     148
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     149
Policing Diversity     151
Learning objectives     153
Key terms     153
Introduction     153
The impact of the Lawrence Inquiry     156
The development of antiracist policing     158
Two dimensions of policing diversity     160
Over-policing: stop and search     161
Under-policing: racist violence and harassment     164
Broadening the diversity agenda     168
Why is diversity important?     169
The complexities of diversity     170
Conclusion     172
Chapter summary     173
Self-check questions     174
Study questions     175
Annotated further reading     175
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     176
Plural Policing      177
Learning objectives     179
Key terms     179
Introduction     179
Dimensions of pluralization     180
Private policing     181
The nature and extent of private policing     181
Explaining the growth of private security     182
Regulating the private security industry     185
Private sector discipline in the public police     186
Third party and multi-agency policing     188
Networks of policing     191
Rebirth or new paradigm?     193
Conclusion     196
Chapter summary     197
Self-check questions     199
Study questions     199
Annotated further reading     200
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     200
Surveillance, IT and the Future of Policing     201
Learning objectives     203
Key terms     203
Introduction     203
Technology in context     204
CCTV, ANPR and traffic monitoring: benevolent gaze or Big Brother?     205
Assessing the impact of CCTV     206
CCTV and the electronic gaze     208
Traffic policing and technology      209
Crime mapping, intelligence and the regulation of policing     213
Crime mapping and policing     214
Intelligence-led 'hot spots' policing     215
Technology and the routines of police work     216
The impact of technology on policing and police work     219
The surveillance society?     220
Watching the police     221
Micro-managing police performance     222
Changing police culture     223
Conclusion     223
Chapter summary     224
Self-check questions     227
Study questions     227
Annotated further reading     227
Annotated listings of links to relevant websites     228
Answers to self-check questions     229
Glossary     237
References     247
Index     259

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