Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrodinger Equation and Path Integral

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrodinger Equation and Path Integral

by Harald J. Muller-Kirsten, Harald J. W. Muller-Kirsten

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Table of Contents

2Hamiltonian mechanics23
3Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics41
4Dirac's ket- and bra-formalism59
5Schrodinger equation and Liouville equation73
6Quantum mechanics of the harmonic oscillator83
7Green's functions105
8Time-independent perturbation theory129
9The density matrix and polarization phenomena161
10Quantum theory : the general formalism169
11The Coulomb interaction199
12Quantum mechanical tunneling249
13Linear potentials265
14Classical limit and WKB method281
15Power potentials307
16Screened Coulomb potentials319
17Periodic potentials339
18Anharmonic oscillator potentials379
19Singular potentials435
20Large order behaviour of perturbation expansions471
21The path integral formalism503
22Classical field configurations537
23Path integrals and instantons583
24Path integrals and bounces on a line619
25Periodic classical configurations649
26Path integrals and periodic classical configurations675
27Quantization of systems with constraints715
28The quantum-classical crossover as phase transition753
29Summarizing remarks773
AProperties of Jacobian elliptic functions775

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