Introduction to Theatre Arts: A 36 Week Action Handbook

Introduction to Theatre Arts: A 36 Week Action Handbook

by Suzi Zimmerman

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ISBN-10: 1566080908

ISBN-13: 9781566080903

Pub. Date: 04/02/2008

Publisher: Meriwether Publishing, Limited

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Table of Contents

Section 1Getting Started1
The Theatre Family3
Student Information4
Getting to Know You Bingo5
Rehearsal and Performance Expectations Poster7
Rehearsal, Performance, and Classroom Expectations Worksheet8
Bell Work9
Drama Syllabus10
Section 2Evaluation13
Evaluation Bell Work15
Understanding Evaluation19
Performance Evaluation22
Performance Evaluation 223
Peer Performance Evaluation24
Self-Improvement Plan25
Movie and Play Evaluation26
Script Report27
Evaluation Test Review29
Section 3Scene Work31
Scene Work Bell Work33
Understanding Scene Work37
Learning to Memorize38
Whole-Part Memorization Practice39
Part-Whole Memorization Practice40
Creating an Introduction41
Introduction Practice42
Rehearsals and Performances43
Scene Work Cut-N-Paste44
Lab Scene #1Casey45
Lab Scene #2Joey48
Lab Scene #3Fatima51
Lab Scene #4Nick54
Lab Scene #5Jasper and Candy57
Lab Scene #6Alix and Sam62
Lab Scene #7Tam and Mira67
Section 4Acting75
Acting Bell Work77
The Actor's Voice82
Understanding the Actor's Voice84
Articulation Activities85
Breathing Activity86
The Actor's Body87
Warming Up89
Basic Play Terminology92
Mock Audition93
Rehearsal Terminology94
Basic Acting Terminology95
Acting Terminology Crossword Puzzle97
The Art of Timing99
Crazy Clock101
Script Scoring102
The Stage103
Acting Review104
Section 5Characterization109
Characterization Bell Work111
A Well-Defined Character115
You as a Cartoon Character116
Characterization Study Activity117
Role Scoring118
Characterization Study Projects121
Section 6Publicity and Other Production Business123
Publicity Bell Work125
Local Media130
Creative Publicity131
News Release Form132
Publicity Checklist133
Designing Your Poster134
Designing Your Program136
Program Worksheet137
Designing Flyers, Tickets, and More138
Publicity Projects139
Section 7Play Production141
Production Bell Work143
What Makes a Production?147
The Production Staff148
Creating Mood149
Creating Mood Practice150
Stage Makeup Basics151
Finding, Making, and Buying Props152
The Set154
Lights and Sound155
Producing Plays in Non-Traditional Settings156
Section 8Theatre History157
Theatre History Bell Work159
The First Performances163
Ancient Greek Theatre164
Roman Theatre166
Early Theatre Review167
Medieval Theatre168
Renaissance Theatre170
Elizabethan Theatre172
Renaissance and Elizabethan Theatre Review174
The English Restoration and Later Theatre175
American Theatre176
Eastern Theatre177
Restoration and Later, American, and Eastern Theatre Review178
Theatre History Test Review Crossword Puzzle179
Theatre History Projects181
Section 9Games and Improvisation183
Games and Improvisation Bell Work185
Understanding Improvisation190
Games and Activities191
Improvisation Projects199
Section 10Planning for the Future201
Planning for the Future Bell Work203
Planning for the Future207
Theatre Jobs208
Acting Opportunities210
Non-Theatre Jobs211
Working as an Actor212
Resumes and Headshots213
Resume Form214
Sample Resume215
Sample Headshot216
Career Projects217
Your Future in Theatre Crossword Puzzle218
Section 11Phone Book and Calendar219
Phone Book220
About the Author230

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