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Investigating Climate Change: Scientists' Search for Answers in a Warming World

Investigating Climate Change: Scientists' Search for Answers in a Warming World

by Rebecca L. Johnson

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Geri Diorio
This book covers the history of climate change and explains how scientists first noticed and then traced this phenomenon from the nineteenth century to the present day. The introduction sets up the book's premise, with photos of the Muir Glacier taken from the same vantage point in both 1941 and 2004. The glacier has retreated more than seven miles in that time. The next five chapters cover the scientific world's first discovery of climate change, the history of how scientists proved global warming exists, the way science now tracks this trend, and what it means for the world today both geographically and biologically. Although it covers severe weather, changing ecosystems, and vanishing animal life, the book ends on a somewhat positive note with thoughts on the challenges of living in a warmer world and what steps people can take to save energy and work toward a global solution. Noting that not everyone believes climate change is a real problem, the author addresses skeptics of global warming and asks readers to keep an open mind, weigh all the evidence, and be sure they have a complete picture. The author writes in a methodical, reasoned way, and ideas are expressed very clearly. There are many photographs, charts, and diagrams throughout. Unfortunately some of these graphs and diagrams are complicated and unclear and their captions do not clarify things. Still students working on school projects will get much value from the source notes, suggested further reading, and bibliography. Other series titles discuss unraveling the genome, infectious diseases, and biotechnology among other topics. Reviewer: Geri Diorio
School Library Journal

Gr 6-8

Beginning with an in-depth look at the history of the scientific analysis of climate data and continuing with an understandable explanation of the nature and consequences of global warming, this sobering title is a solid research tool. Using clear charts, graphs, full-color photographs, and maps, the author presents both the grim outlook if no action is taken as well as the possibility of slowing the catastrophic consequences through international cooperative policies. The skeptics of global warming are given voice, as are possible strategies that can be undertaken by an average family. Oddly, there is no mention of the ozone layer or the consequences of its loss. However, as an overview of climate change, this is a useful addition.-Eva Elisabeth VonAncken, Trinity-Pawling School, Pawling, NY

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Discovery! Series
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11 - 17 Years

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