Investigating Deviance: An Anthology / Edition 1

Investigating Deviance: An Anthology / Edition 1

by Bruce A. Jacobs

ISBN-10: 019533003X

ISBN-13: 9780195330038

Pub. Date: 09/15/2002

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

The highly readable articles in this comprehensive anthology explore the essence of deviant behavior--its construction, explanation, commission, and control. Substantive introductions to each section and to each article allow the book's component parts to stand on their own depending on instructional needs. Topic-specific Internet websites are also provided.…  See more details below


The highly readable articles in this comprehensive anthology explore the essence of deviant behavior--its construction, explanation, commission, and control. Substantive introductions to each section and to each article allow the book's component parts to stand on their own depending on instructional needs. Topic-specific Internet websites are also provided.

Bruce Jacobs has selected an eclectic cross-section of compelling readings. The book's theoretical coverage draws from classic as well as contemporary approaches (e.g., lifecourse, general strain, institutional anomie, feminist), with an emphasis on the latter. The empirical selections on forms of deviant behavior are engaging, ethnographic, and timely. Coverage includes:

* Child Prostitution
* Robbery of Drug Dealers
* Impersonal Homosexual Sex
* Internet Pornography
* Petty Shoplifting
* Eating Disorders
* Life on Death Row
* Racial Profiling
* Ritalin and the Drugging of Children
* Sex Tourism
* Athletes with Physical Disabilities
* Violence Beyond the Law
* Cyberspace Crime
* Use of Cameras, Drug Tests, and DNA Analysis to Monitor Deviants

Additional Features:

* The section on deviant identity management emphasizes the acquisition and management of stigma.
* The researching deviance section features the process by which scholars conduct deviance research (both ethnographic and survey)--as well as how they identify and infiltrate settings, negotiate dilemmas and contradictions, and secure valid data.
* The section on deviance and social control covers profiling, life sentences, judicial discretion, and surveillance.
* Gender is incorporated throughout the book as a crucial mediating variable. Feminist perspectives are included, as well as approaches that focus on masculinity and deviance.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Constructing Deviance
1. Outsiders, Howard S. Becker
2. Fear, the Media, and the Construction of Deviance, Barry Glassner
3. On the Sociology of Deviance, Kai T. Erikson
4. Defining Deviancy Down, Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Part II: Explaining Deviance
5. Deviance and Low Self-Control, Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi
6. Deviance, Anomie, and the American Dream, Steven F. Messner and Richard Rosenfeld
7. Deviance and Oppositional Culture: The Code of the Streets, Elijah Anderson
8. The Theory of Differential Association, Edwin Sutherland and Donald Cressey
9. General Strain Theory of Crime and Delinquency, Robert Agnew
10. Crime and Deviance in the Lifecourse, Robert J. Sampson and John H. Laub
11. Techniques of Neutralization, Gresham Sykes and David Matza
12. A Radical Conception of Crime and Deviance, Michael J. Lynch
13. Gender, Crime, and Deviance, Kathleen Daly
14. Deviance, Labeling, and Reintegrative Shaming, John Braithwaite
Part III: Researching Deviance
15. Studying Sex: An American Survey, Edward O. Laumann, Robert T. Michael, John Gagnon, and Stuart Michaels
16. Researching Crack Dealers, Bruce A. Jacobs
17. Gender and Research with the Police, Jennifer Hunt
Part IV: Drugs
18. The Social Construction of Drugs and Drug Use, Robert F. Meier and Gilbert Geis
19. Marijuana and Lifestyle: Exploring Tolerable Deviance, Andrew Hathaway
20. I Take Care of My Kids: Mothering Practices of Substance-Abusing Women, Phyllis Baker and Amy Carson
21. The Ethic of "Responsible Drinking", Earl Rubington
22. Ritalin Ascendant, Lawrence Diller
23. American Women and Smoking: 22 Million Just Don't Get It, Ann Colston Wentz
Part V: Violence
24. Next Time She'll Be Dead: What is Domestic Violence?, Ann Jones
25. Gang Violence, Scott H. Decker and Barrik Van Winkle
26. Hate Crimes: The Rising Tide of Bigotry and Bloodshed, Jack Levin and Jack McDevitt
27. Robbing Drug Dealers: Violence Beyond the Law, Bruce A. Jacobs
28. The Spectrum of Child Abuse, R. Kim Oates
Part VI: Sexual Deviance
29. The Social Organization of Prostitution, Robert F. Meier and Gilbert Geis
30. Erotic Cyberspace: The Internet and "Logging On" to Sex, Keith F. Durkin and Clifton D. Bryant
31. Men Who Have Sex with Other Men, Barry D. Adam, Alan Sears, and Glenn Schellenberg
32. Turn-Ons for Money: Interactional Strategies of the Table Dancer, Carol Rambo Ronai and Carolyn Ellis
33. Sex Tourism and Child Prostitution in Asia, Heather Montgomery
34. Fraternities and Rape on Campus, Patricia Yancey Martin and Robert A. Hummer
Part VII: White Collar Deviance
35. Crime in Cyberspace, Gene Stephens
36. Corporate Deviance, David R. Simon
37. Organized Deviance, David R. Simon and Frank E. Hagan
38. Accounts of Professional Misdeeds: The Sexual Exploitation of Clients by Psychotherapists, Mark R. Pogrebin, Eric D. Poole, and Amos Martinez
39. Doctor-assisted Suicide, Bonnie Steinbock
Part VIII: Mental Illness
40. Nowhere to go: Homelessness and Mental Illness, E. Fuller Torrey
41. The Compulsion to Amputate One's Own Limbs: Apotemnophilia and Mental Disorder, Carl Elliott
42. Women's Madness: Misogyny or Mental Illness?, Jane M. Ussher
43. Managing "Crazy" Friends and Relatives: Accommodation Practices and Vernacular Treatments of Madness, Michael Lynch
44. The Suicidal Mind: Why Do We Kill Ourselves?, Edwin S. Shneidman
45. On Being Sane in Insane Places, David L. Rosenhan
Part IX: Stigma and Identity Management
46. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia: The Development of Deviant Identities, Penelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub
47. Becoming a Shoplifter: The Seductions of Deviance, Jack Katz
48. Stigma Management Through Participation in Sport and Physical Activity: Experiences of Male College Students with Physical Disabilities, Diane E. Taub, Elaine M. Blinde, and Kimberly R. Greer
49. Women Athletes as Falsely Accused Deviants: Managing the Lesbian Stigma, Elaine M. Blinde and Diane E. Taub
50. Gay and Greek: The Identity Paradox of Gay Fraternities, King-To Yeung and Mindy Stombler
51. Return to Sender: Reintegrative Stigma Management Strategies of Ex-psychiatric Patients, Nancy J. Herman
52. Leaving Deviance: The Case of Upper-level Drug Dealers and Smugglers, Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler
Part X: Deviance and Social Control
53. Driving While Black, Elijah Anderson
54. Life on Death Row, Robert Johnson
55. Race, Class, and Gender in Female Sentencing: An Ethnographic Perspective, Jody Miller
56. Surveillance and Reputation in America, Steven L. Nock
57. Everyday Surveillance: Vigilance and Visibility in Postmodern Life, William G. Staples

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