Investigating STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases): Real Facts for Real Lives

Investigating STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases): Real Facts for Real Lives

by Mary Lou Ambrose, Veronica Deisler

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Children's Literature - Elizabeth Leis-Newman
Of the 19 million new sexually transmitted diseases infecting Americans each year, almost half occur in people between the ages of 15 to 24. Ambrose and Deisler have created a comprehensive text for this age group, using stories from real teenagers and throwing in interesting facts in breakout sections. Topics include Who Gets STDs, the History of STDS, Preventing STDs, Advances in Prevention, Testing and Treatment, Sex and Dating with STDS and a timeline and glossary. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Herpes, HIV, Human Papillomavirus, Pubic Lice, Scabies, Syphilis, and Trichomoniasis each receive lengthy explanations. Some of the writing is occasionally misleading, i.e. a section about epididymitis explains that a man cannot get it by straining during urination, but does not mention that chemical epididymitis can occur when urine backs up into the epididymis following heavy lifting. There's a confusing section about HPV, with one sentence stating that the body seems to generally fight off the virus, but in another saying that it is not curable and stays in the body forever. Overall, however, it provides good historical context, and accurate well-sourced information. The authors do not dance around tough topics, such as talking to a future partner about one's STD status, and parents/teachers should be prepared for pictures of a condom wrapper and public lice. It is a reasonable up-to-date choice for a health education curriculum, and part of Enslow Publishers "Real Facts for Real Lives" series. Reviewer: Elizabeth Leis-Newman

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Investigating Diseases Series
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