Investing in Cuba: Problems and Prospects

Investing in Cuba: Problems and Prospects

by Jaime Suchlicki, Research Institute for Cuba Staff, Antonio Jorge

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"This volume brings together the papers presented at the conference bearing the same title which was held in Toronto, Canada, in September 1993. . . . In a balanced manner, studies strive to assess the economic, political and legal issues, as well as the perils and perceived advantages, entailed in investing in the island. This assessment is significant. . . . Of broad interest not only to Cubanologists but to economists, the business world, international lawyers and Latin American specialists." —North-South "Jay Mallin is the only journalist who has reported on the Cuban dictator's actions from his days in the Sierra Maestra. . . . In Covering Castro Mallin provides firsthand accounts of and insights into Castro's military and subversive adventures in African and the Western Hemisphere. The book also traces Cuba's turbulent relations with the Soviet Union/Russia and with teh United States and perceptively offers scenarios for the future." —Nestor D. Sanchez, Former Assistant Deputy of Defense for Inter-American Affairs "No American journalist has reported as extensively on Cuba and Fidel Castro as has Jay Mallin. . . . Mallin's eyewitness accounts in Covering Castro, plus four original chapters on Cuba's relations with Russia and the United States, make this book a valuable source for researchers, journalists and anyone seeking to understand Cuba's tumultuous history . . . and the extraordinary individual who has led that country." —Jaime Suchlicki, University of Miami "This is an insightful, authoritative account of the events and forces that have reduced Dictator Castro from an international threat to a feckless jackanapes. . . . A required read for historians." —Jerry Hannifin, founding editor, Life en Espanol "A fascinating look back at Castro and Cuba over nearly four decades by a journalist who was there from the beginning. It covers the waterfront from Castro's rise to power to his alliance with Moscow and his foreign adventures. The book concludes with some informed speculation on how it all might end." —Don Bohning, Latin American editor, The Miami Herald

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Jaime Suchlicki, one of the leading scholars of Latin America, has taught Mexican and Cuban history for more than thirty years. Formerly executive director of the North-South Center at the University of Miami, he is now Bacardi Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies. He formerly edited the Journal of Inter-American Studies and World Affairs and has had a number of advisory positions in public and private sectors. He is author of University Students and Revolution in Cuba and Cuba: From Columbus to Castro.

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