The Invisible Moose

The Invisible Moose

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by Dennis Haseley, Steven Kellogg

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When the most beautiful moose in the forest is captured by an evil trapper, a shy young moose knows that he must take action. He has always been secretly in love with the beautiful moose. Now he will follow her all the way from Canada to the wilds of New York City. He will rescue his true love come what may. But how? Luckily, Professor Owl McFowl has concocted a


When the most beautiful moose in the forest is captured by an evil trapper, a shy young moose knows that he must take action. He has always been secretly in love with the beautiful moose. Now he will follow her all the way from Canada to the wilds of New York City. He will rescue his true love come what may. But how? Luckily, Professor Owl McFowl has concocted a new formula-an invisibility potion! In this delightfully silly story of magic and adventure with a surprisingly touching core, our moose hero shows us that the truest beauty isn't visible to the eye-it can only be seen by the heart.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In Haseley's (Photographer Mole) appealingly outlandish love story, a shy Canadian moose with antlers that "twisted upward like twin questions marks" loves the most beautiful moose in the forest, but feels invisible to her. After he sees her free a groundhog from a trap, he realizes that he loves her for her goodness as well as her appearance and summons the courage to talk to her. But a villainous animal trapper interrupts their conversation; he ensnares the beautiful moose in a net and hauls her away. Spying the words "New York City" on the license plate, the shy moose visits an owl professor to inquire what that means. This wise bird gives the lovelorn critter a potion that renders him invisible, and he makes his way to Manhattan undetected. Humorously portraying the transparent animal's search for his moose-napped love, Kellogg's (the Pinkerton books) bustling pictures reveal him navigating impossibly crowded streets and feeling queasy on the jam-packed Staten Island Ferry; other scenes play up the puns (in a restaurant, he is horrified when a woman orders chocolate mousse-"Had they cooked his beautiful moose?"). In another comic scenario, the moose dons an outrageous outfit (sunglasses, sneakers, bathrobe) so that his shape becomes visible to his beloved when he comes to her rescue. Perceptive readers will pick up on the art's more subtle humor, including an opera marquee plugging "La Passione di Pinkerton." A winsome and witty collaboration. Ages 4-up. (Mar.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
Those familiar with the story of The Invisible Man may get an added kick out of this tale of a shy but brave lovesick moose. Our hero, ashamed of his odd-shaped antlers, shuns the other fighting moose while admiring his love from afar. When the trapper Steel McSteal takes her away to New York City, his friend Professor Owl McFowl offers our moose his new invisibility formula so that he can safely track his beautiful friend. After some adventures in the big city, he finds her. Using the formula he has left, he makes her invisible as well, so she can escape captivity and return home with him in the heart-warming ending. Kellogg uses ink and pencil line, watercolor washes, and acrylics to generate a pair of adorable moose with soft brown eyes, pink nostrils, and smiles a mile wide. Among the many other effective characters in the drama are the bespectacled Owl and a quartet of rough-looking hounds. The full and double-page illustrations and vignettes are deftly loaded with details far beyond the text, adding humor to the romantic adventure. 2006, Dial Books for Young Readers/Penguin Young Readers Group, Ages 4 to 8.
—Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 3-When a beautiful moose is captured by the dastardly trapper Steel McSteal, a boy moose who worships her from afar vows to rescue her and bring her back to the wild Canadian woods. But how can a moose travel all the way from Canada to New York City and not be discovered? The shy animal seeks the advice of his friend Owl McFowl, who suggests that he take an invisibility potion so that he can search the streets of Manhattan without disruption. After many amusing escapades, the hero eventually finds the object of his affection and, with the help of a second bottle of invisibility potion, they start the long journey home, together and in love. The text and the watercolor illustrations are loaded with humorous touches and quirky details that will keep readers entertained for long periods.-Wendy Woodfill, Hennepin County Library, Minnetonka, MN Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
In this unapologetically goofy story, a young Canadian he-moose falls for a beautiful she-moose not only because of her lovely exterior but also because she's kind. One day, just when the shy he-moose (with unusual, question-mark-shaped antlers) has mustered the courage to speak to his beloved, the evil trapper Steel McSteal nets her and hauls her off to New York City to display her for profit. Devastated, the he-moose vows to rescue her. Thanks to the owly Professor McFowl, he drinks an invisibility potion (to sneak by hunters) and heads south to Manhattan. Many comical invisible-moose scenes ensue, but the funniest is perhaps the depiction of a snowy, small-town Canadian border crossing with a sign that says "Remove your socks at once and place them on the nuclear detection belt" and a lone door stuck in the snow marked "Keep out." Kellogg's vibrantly colorful illustrations are sweet and wonderful, bursting with tearful and hilarious moments alike. The inner-beauty-trumps-outer-beauty theme is clumsily wrought, but this pleasingly corny moose romance is charming nonetheless. (Picture book. 5-8)

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Penguin Young Readers Group
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10.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.13(d)
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4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Dennis Haseley lives in New York City.

Steven Kellogg lives in Essex, New York.

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The Invisible Moose 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
GailCooke More than 1 year ago
Such a moose you have never seen. After being struck by a falling tree his antlers 'twisted upward like twin question marks.' Leave it to popular illustrator Steven Kellogg to capture him in full-page full-color smile provoking paintings. Of course, having his portrait painted probably doesn't interest this young moose very much because he is in love with the most beautiful moose in the forest. He's far too shy to approach her. At last, he gathers his courage but has only said a few words when Steel McSteal, wild animal trapper, came careening into the woods and captured the beautiful moose in his big net and carried her off. All of the moose, including the bashful moose, run after Steel to try to rescue her but when they reach the edge of the woods they hear gun shots - hunting season. They can go no further, but the bashful moose squints his eyes and manages to read 'New York City' on Steel's license plate. Of course, the bashful moose has no earthly idea where that is. All he knows is that he must find the one he loves. As it happens, Professor McFowl (a wise old owl) has perfected a serum that will make things invisible, which would enable the bashful moose to go out of the woods without being shot by the hunters. There are two slight problems: Professor McFowl isn't sure how to make things visible again and directions to New York City are a bit vague: 'Make a right at Quebec, and follow the water.' Youngsters will delight in the adventures of the bashful moose as he sets out to find his one true love. As they say, love conquers all and so does moose in love. - Gail Cooke