Invitation to Computer Science / Edition 2

Invitation to Computer Science / Edition 2

by G. Michael Schneider, Whaley, Lambert

ISBN-10: 0534378846

ISBN-13: 9780534378844

Pub. Date: 01/28/2000

Publisher: Course Technology, Inc.

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Course Technology, Inc.
Publication date:
Computer Science Series
Edition description:
Older Edition

Table of Contents

1: An Introduction to Computer Science. Lab Experience 1: A Glossary and Web Browsing. 2: Algorithm Discovery and Design. Lab Experience 2: Search for a Value. Lab Experience 3: Search for the Largest Value. 3: The Efficiency of Algorithms. Lab Experience 4: Sort Animations. Lab Experience 5: Data Cleanup and Binary Search. Lab Experience 6: Sort Timing. 4: The Building Blocks: Binary Numbers, Boolean Logic, and Gates. Lab Experience 7: Logic Circuits (A). Lab Experience 8: Logic Circuits (B). 5: Computer Systems Organization. Lab Experience 9: von Neumann Machines. 6: An Introduction to System Software and Virtual Machines. Lab Experience 10: Assembly Language Programming. 7: Computer Networks, the Internet, and the World Wide Web. Lab Experience 11: Networks. 8: Information Security. Lab Experience 12: Data Encryption. 9: Introduction to High Level Languages (brief intro in printed text). 10: The Tower of Babel. Lab Experience 13: HTML and FTP Downloading. Lab Experience 14: LISP Programming. 11: Compilers and Language Translation. Lab Experience 15: Programming Language Translation. 12: Models of Computation. Lab Experience 16: Turing Machines (A). Lab Experience 17: Turing Machines (B). 13: Simulation and Modeling. Lab Experience 18: Discrete Event Simulation. 14: Electronic Commerce. Lab Experience 19: Database Management. 15: Artificial Intelligence. Lab Experience 20: Neural Networks.

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