Iran and Iraq

Iran and Iraq

by Philip Wolny

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Gr 8 Up—Levy's text contains much of the same information as other titles: the origins of Islam, the rise and fall of the Shah, the Islamic Revolution, the structure of the government, and Iran's relations with its Muslim neighbors. As a stand-alone volume, it gives a brief but wide-ranging introduction to modern Iran, but otherwise feels cobbled together. No mention is made of Mosaddeq, the popularly elected prime minister who was overthrown in favor of installing the Shah; Religious Leaders includes a page on this part of Iran's history. Orr opens with an overview of nuclear technology and international nuclear treaties, and moves on to Iran's stated determination to join the "club of nuclear countries." She makes the claim that President Ahmadinejad belongs to a sect of Islam that believes in encouraging violence to bring about the return of the Twelfth Imam and connects this belief to Iran's nuclear program; this is unfortunately not explained in any more detail. Religious Leaders has much of the same information as Shia, an introduction to the religion and a brief history of the Islamic Revolution. This title delves more deeply into the structure of the Iranian government and includes a chapter on foreign policy. The Five Pillars of Islam are described slightly differently than in Shia, which might be confusing for readers who have access to both titles. Neither book mentions current efforts in Shia theology to ease tension between Sunni and Shia, giving the subject a somewhat one-sided feel. Wolny covers the eight-year war between the neighboring countries, the religious divide between Shia Iran and Sunni-controlled Iraq, and Iran's support of Shia movements within thecountry. America's relationship with Iran and Operation Iraqi Freedom also receive chapters of their own. Overall, these are decent if brief introductions to a country that is very much in the news.—Rebecca Donnelly, Loma Colorado Public Library, Rio Rancho, NM

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