Iran, Iraq, and the Legacies of War

Iran, Iraq, and the Legacies of War

by Lawrence G. Potter

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Leading western and local scholars has for the first time addressed the subject of post-war reconciliation that must eventually take place between Iran and IraqSee more details below


Leading western and local scholars has for the first time addressed the subject of post-war reconciliation that must eventually take place between Iran and Iraq

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"Despite America's costly entanglement in the Persian Gulf, we know surprisingly little about gulf politics. This important book helps fill this void. Unlike many studies that are collections of unrelated articles bound together by an introductory statement, this volume provides carefully integrated themes and rigorous analysis. Its authors are well-informed and their creative insights are found throughout the book."--James A. Bill, the College of William and Mary and author of The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations

"This outstanding collection of well-written and researched chapters provides indispensable background for the current complex and troubled situation in Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf. Among other questions, it provides new and vital information on the Iraqi Kurds and Shi'is, the truth about chemical weapons use in the first Gulf War, and the U.S. role in the region. Knowledge of the matters so well covered in this book could have prevented many U.S. governmental mistakes in the region and could today provide a basis for more informed and successful policies."--Nikki Keddie, UCLA

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The organizing theme of this book is the impact of the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War on the two states — but since nothing in the Middle East is adequately explained in bilateral terms or without reference to the past, the chapters range further in time and space. Shaul Bakhash provides a fine overview of Iranian-Iraqi relations from 1930 to 1980. Richard Schofield studies the Shatt al Arab border dispute. M. R. Izady records the politics of Iraqi Kurds while fitting that story into the larger Kurdish arena beyond Iraq (with especially useful maps). Farideh Farhi appraises the impact of the brutal eight-year conflict on the "war generation" of Iran, and Faleh Jabar does the same for Iraq. Gerd Nonneman traces the shifting diplomacy of the Persian Gulf states during those years. Joost Hiltermann addresses the sad history and bleak consequences of international silence in the face of Iraqi use of chemical weapons, and Rosemary Hollis gives an overview of a half century of U.S. involvement with Iran and Iraq. All the authors have written extensively on their chosen subjects elsewhere, and the challenge of distilling their knowledge into succinct chapters here has been successfully met.

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