Irish Dance Music [Topic]

Irish Dance Music [Topic]


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  1. The Westport Chorus
  2. Jigs: Ginger's Favourite/Bogs of Allen
  3. Sweet Flowers of Milltown/The Boys from Knock-Schottische
  4. O'Dowd's Favourite Reel Medley
  5. Ah! Surely and the Maid on the Green
  6. Maids of Galway/Over the Moor to Peggy
  7. Medley of Old Time Fiddling Reels: Bonnie Kate/Swallow's ...
  8. Off to California, Hornpipe/Dunphy's Hornpipe
  9. Reels: Drunken Tailor/Teetotaler
  10. The Maid of Ballinatra
  11. Frieze Breetches/The Cook in the Kitchen/Lannigan's Ball: Medley ...
  12. Scotch Mary Medley
  13. Medley of Polkas: Babes in the Wood/Moore's Favourite
  14. The Pride of Ulster: Maggie Pickens/Cameron's Wife
  15. Boys of Blue Hill/Stack O' Wheat: Hornpipe Medley
  16. Stack of Oats/Shannon Waves
  17. Irish Jigs: Kitty's Rambles/The Merry Old Woman/The Humours of ...
  18. Irish Reel Medley: The High Road to Galway/The Groves Reel/The ...
  19. Carraroe and Lambert's Jigs
  20. The Old Bush Reel
  21. Reels: The First House in Connaught/The Green Gate
  22. Jigs: Mill Pond/Mist on the Meadow
  23. Reels: Ash Plant/The Merry Harriers/The Hut in the Bog
  24. Reels: Lasses of Carracastle/Maid of Mt Kisko/St Ruth's Bush

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ed Reavy   Fiddle
Michael Coleman   Fiddle
Flanagan Brothers   Track Performer
John Brennan   Flute
Pat Crowley   Button Accordion
Jim Donnelly   Fiddle
Tom Doyle   Flute,Piano
John Kennedy   Fiddle
Ed Lee   Piano,Leader
Pat O'Brien   Fiddle
David Page   uillean pipes
Jack Reynolds   Tambourine
John Reynolds   Track Performer
Bill Strong Smith   Drums
Tom Whyte   Fiddle
Jimmy O'Brien   Drums
Frank Quinn   Fiddle,Track Performer,Shouts
John Egan   Flute
Patrick McGovern   Flute
Rafferty   Piano
Kipeen Scanlon   Fiddle,Track Performer
Packey Walsh   Button Accordion
Karen Scanlon   Fiddle
Tommy Whelan   Flute
Adam McConnell   Fiddle,Multi Instruments
Payne   Tenor Saxophone
Bart Henry   Fiddle,Track Performer
Bill Harte   Accordion
Billy Donnelly   Piano
Frank Lee   Piano
Tom Caulfield   Fiddle,Leader
Tommy Whyte   Fiddle,Track Performer
Joe Flanagan   Multi Instruments,Button Accordion
Louis Flanagan   Harp Guitar
John Joet Gannon   Button Accordion
Michael Grogan   Button Accordion
Thomas Jacob   Piccolo
Willie Jordan   Fiddle
Eleanor Kane   Piano
Mick Kincaid   Fiddle
Joe Liddy   Fiddle
Tom Liddy   Button Accordion
John McGettigan   Fiddle
John Muller   Piano
Tom Page   Fiddle,Leader
Pat Richardson   Drums
Michael Gaffney   Piano,Tenor Banjo
Pepper Adamson   Fiddle,Leader
John McKenna   Flute
Belhavel Trio   Track Performer
Tom Morrison   Flute
Sonny Brogan   Accordion
Stephen Moloney   Flute
John Howard   Track Performer
Michael "Straighty" Flanagan   Tenor Banjo

Technical Credits

Tony Engle   Producer
David Page   Contributor
Frank Quinn   Lilting
Pat Roche   Contributor,Step Dancing
Packey Walsh   Contributor
Joe Flanagan   Lilting
Reg Hall   Liner Notes

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