Irish Ways: Story of Ireland in Song, Music & Poetry

Irish Ways: Story of Ireland in Song, Music & Poetry

by Ron Kavana

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Disc 1

  1. Songs of Our Land
  2. Seevocuda
  3. Before History's Tale Began
  4. The Invaders
  5. Arrival of the Celts
  6. St. Patrick
  7. Partial Catastrophe
  8. A Pagan Cult Survives
  9. The Wran
  10. The Vikings and Brian Ború
  11. Weep Now for Poor Róisín
  12. MacMurrough and the Normans
  13. The Bards
  14. Henry VIII
  15. For All His Wives...
  16. A Royal and a Reasonable Fellow
  17. Irish Slaves
  18. Elizabeth and the Planters
  19. Liza
  20. Follow Me Up to Carlow
  21. Cromwell, Agent of a Wrathful God
  22. Young Ned of the Hill
  23. Lament for Ireland
  24. Remember the 12th
  25. Derry, The Boyne, Aughrim and the Treaty of Limerick
  26. Sean O'Dhuibhir A'ghleanna
  27. A Farewell to Patrick Sarsfield
  28. Both Sides of the Boyne

Disc 2

  1. Wild Geese
  2. Súil a Rúin
  3. Penal Days
  4. The Penal Laws
  5. Farewell Granuaille
  6. Deoraí
  7. Rambling Irishman
  8. The Bardic Tradition and Death of O'Carolan
  9. An Entrée
  10. A Modest Proposal
  11. John Barry
  12. American War of Independence
  13. At the Siege of Valley Forge
  14. French Revolution
  15. The Carmagnoles
  16. The Sean Bhean Bhocht
  17. The Rights of Man
  18. The Summer Soldiers
  19. 1978 and the United Irishmen
  20. Dunlavin Green
  21. Boolavogue
  22. Forging of the Pikes
  23. The Rising of the Moon
  24. Who Fears to Speak of '98
  25. Roddy McCorley
  26. A Winter's Tale
  27. By Memory Inspired
  28. Truth and Understanding
  29. The Union
  30. The Shamrock

Disc 3

  1. Young Robert Emmet
  2. Robert Emmet's Last Words/Scaffold Passage
  3. Emmet's No More
  4. After '98
  5. The Plains of Waterloo
  6. The Whiteboys
  7. Bauchaillín Bán
  8. Daniel O'Connell
  9. O'Connell & Erin Go Bragh
  10. Further Catastrophes
  11. O'Connell's Dead
  12. The Praties/The Lord's Prayer
  13. The Great Hunger
  14. Mad Visions
  15. The Famine Year
  16. Skibereen
  17. Diaspora
  18. The New Road
  19. Canada-I-O
  20. The New Dominion
  21. Crossing the Niagara
  22. Bound for South Australia
  23. The Plains of Emu
  24. Adieu and Farewell
  25. On the Tide
  26. No Irish Need Apply
  27. The Battle of Bull Run
  28. Muldoon, The Solid Man

Disc 4

  1. Fenians, The Land League and Parnell
  2. The Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer
  3. The Uncrownded King/The Pinch O' Snuff
  4. Revival and Rising
  5. The Foggy Dew
  6. Easter 1916
  7. War of Independence and Cival War
  8. Four Green Fields
  9. Cry, Cry, Cry
  10. Free State to the Troubles
  11. In the Smoke
  12. The Travellin' People/Death Chant of the Navaho
  13. You Northern Gaels
  14. Reconciliation
  15. Old Ireland/New Ireland
  16. Lovers and Friends
  17. Irish Ways

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ron Kavana   Primary Artist,Dulcimer,Banjo,Bass,Bouzouki,Guitar,Mandolin,Percussion,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Piano-Accordion,Mandola,Mandocello
Paddy Keenan   uillean pipes,Guest Appearance
Niamh Parsons   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Tomas Lynch   Vocals,Human Whistle,uillean pipes,Guest Appearance
Mick Flynn   Flute,Guest Appearance
Shane MacGowan   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Brian McNeill   Fiddle,Concertina,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Morgan   Drums,Guest Appearance
Colm Murphy   Bodhran,Guest Appearance
Paul Riley   Bass,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Terry Woods   Concertina,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Gino Lupari   Trombone,Vocals,Bodhran,Guest Appearance
Mick McAuley   Button Accordion,Guest Appearance
Bob Bradshaw   Guitar,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Derek Hickey   Button Accordion,Guest Appearance
Eamonn Coyne   Fiddle,Guest Appearance
Anne Marie Armstrong   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Desi Wilkinson   Flute,Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Ron Kavana   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Paul Riley   Engineer,Mastering
J. Swift   Author
Traditional   Composer
T. Woods   Arranger

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