The Irony of Early School Reform, 2nd Edition / Edition 1

The Irony of Early School Reform, 2nd Edition / Edition 1

by Michael Katz

ISBN-10: 0807740667

ISBN-13: 9780807740668

Pub. Date: 03/12/2001

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
Publication date:
Reflective History Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.40(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction - 2001 Edition
Introduction: Educational Reform: The Cloud of Sentiment and Historiography1
Pt. IReform by Imposition: Social Origins of Educational Controversy19
1The Abolition of Beverly High School19
2Educational Promoters and the High School27
3Local Opposition to Reform50
4Lawrence: From Model Town to Primary School of Vice93
Pt. IIThe Uses of Pedagogy: Teachers and the Educational Process115
1The Heresy of Cyrus Peirce115
2Society's Hot Stimulus of Action and the Necessity of Restraint117
3The True Idea of Education124
4A New Motive to Moral Excellence vs. Emulation131
5God's Gardener: Strategies of Teacher Mobility153
Pt. IIICompulsory Education and the Urban Delinquent: The State Reform School163
1Reformers Against the Reform School163
2Delinquency and the Grading of Prisons164
3From Favorable Impressions to Imperfection of the Stock: The Theory of Crime and Poverty170
4At Once a Home and a School185
5The Results of Reform202
Conclusion: Educational Reform: Myths and Limits213
App. AMassachusetts Social, Economic, and Educational Statistics221
App. BCommunities and Education: An Analysis of Variance225
App. CSocial Composition of High School Enrollment270
App. DBeverly: Analysis of the 1860 Vote on the High School Issue272
Bibliographical Note283

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