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by Liz Maverick

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From the author of Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year WIRED, comes IRREVERSIBLE:

Katharine Gibbs is popular, gorgeous, and living a life of sheer perfection. This is her Best. Week. EVER. The trouble is, it's a manufactured life in an alternate reality, a parallel world. She's lived this week over and over and doesn't know it.

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From the author of Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year WIRED, comes IRREVERSIBLE:

Katharine Gibbs is popular, gorgeous, and living a life of sheer perfection. This is her Best. Week. EVER. The trouble is, it's a manufactured life in an alternate reality, a parallel world. She's lived this week over and over and doesn't know it.

It's going to take the clever work of her best friend Roxy and the help of a time-anomaly specialist known as "Q" to get Katharine out of this mess.

Yes, Walter "Q" Sheffield is hot, smart, and just the guy to free Kitty. He can split seconds, erase hours and make the most of a minute. The one thing he can't do? Relationships and dating. But in this futuristic, time-travel romance, hate and revenge have Kitty trapped in the vagaries of time, and only love and friendship will get her out.


Q gently pressed his hand against Kitty's cheek and forced her to look at him. "I don't know exactly what's going to happen next. I don't know how, when or where the loop is going to take you, but if you want out, I need you to know something. No matter where you are, someone is on the outside chiseling that crack on the outside wall. That someone is me. If you can just try to remember me always, no matter what happens, we're going to be okay. And one day… one day I won't even have to ask you to try.

Quotes about Liz Maverick's work:

“This book kept me so captivated... Ms. Maverick's imagination is superb.” — USA Today on WIRED

"An outstanding, amazingly-written thrill ride!" — New York Times Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon on CRIMSON & STEAM

"Spectacular!" — RT Book Reviews, giving CRIMSON ROGUE 4 ½ stars

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Liz Maverick
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Timepunk Romance
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Meet the Author

Liz Maverick writes the interactive e-book YA fantasy series ARCANIA and is also an award-winning, bestselling author of thirteen paranormal romance and chick lit novels including the Cosmopolitan Magazine Book Club Pick WHAT A GIRL WANTS, Publishers Weekly Top Book of the Year WIRED, and the bestselling CRIMSON CITY series. During the day, she's the senior manager and editor of Macmillan Publishing's romance novel community website, www.HeroesandHeartbreakers.com.

Stop by and say hi at www.facebook.com/LizMaverickCentral and www.twitter.com/lizmaverick.

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Irreversible 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Katherine ¿Kitty¿ Gibbs is living the dream life as she is popular and engaged to a hunk who cherishes her above everything else. There is only one flaw to Kitty¿s perfect life it is a WIRED lie created by her revenge attained genius maniac lover Leonardo Kaysar, who manipulates the time-place continuum changing her reality. In fact Kitty¿s best week ever is replayed week after week after week.------------- Her best friend L. Roxanne ¿Roxy¿ Zaborovsky recently escaped from that virtual world due to the help of her lover Mason Merrick. She feels guilty having left Kitty behind in a no escape virtual programming loop. Roxy hires time-anomaly specialist Walter ¿Q¿ Sheffield to rescue her roommate from the insane machinations of Leonardo. Q relishes the mission impossible until this relationship phobic realizes only love can free her and he is the one who loves her sol he can possibly reverse the IRREVERSIBLE.------------ As good if not better than the superb WIRED (Roxy¿s tale), IRREVERSIBLE is a great romantic science fiction thriller. The story line is a one sitting fast-paced tale with the irony of the heroine has no reason to be saved from her existence. Thus the hero who stinks in reality relationships realizes only love can give Kitty a reason to break out of her ¿heavenly¿ existence, but she believes she already is in love. Liz Maverick provides a strong romantic cyber sci fi novel.----------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
The clever, determined and twisted Leonardo Kaysar has a plan to change history. When it comes to time manipulation, not only is he the best, but his current experiment will supersede all others. With Katherine Gibbs as his next fiancee and test subject, little else matters except keeping the integrity of the experimental time loop. Katherine Gibbs has everything she ever wanted: popularity, perfect friends, a great job, and a perfect fiance. She is living the best week of her life, not just once but over and over again. The only trouble is that her perfect week is not real and her best friend L. Roxanne Zaborovsky knows it. Roxanne is on the outside, separated by time and determined to do everything possible to break her friend out of her prison and out of the clutches of the infamous Leonardo Kaysar. As a time anomaly specialist, Walter Sheffield, known simply as Q, is the one man who might find a way through all the carefully laid snares and protections Leonardo has created. Can he rescue Katherine and at what cost? Can hearts survive all the wicked machinations Leonardo will utilize to insure the success of his experiment?// Liz Maverick's IRREVERSIBLE is a thrilling, dynamic romance for readers who desire something new, innovative and daring in their romance reads. Full of fast-paced action, exciting twists, and increasingly high stakes, IRREVERSIBLE gives a portrait of romance amid dangerous times when a mere nanosecond is enough to change reality. Liz Maverick creates an unusual daring heroine in Katherine. She lives the fantasy of the perfect ultra-modern life and yet, her life is the ultimate nightmare. Liz Maverick pinpoints exactly the emptiness inside that comes from living a staged life. The reader can't help but root for her and Q with each new revelation of their character. Both handsome and intelligent and a man of , Q can match kinks in the plan with innovations of his own. As he struggles to rescue Katherine beneath Leonardo's radar, the reader feels both his prowess and the depth of his heart. Q is a man who sees beyond his own ego in his battle, questioning the ethics of his actions. Q makes the perfect counterpart to a man like Leonardo. Unlike Leonardo, he sees Katherine as a person, not just an experimental subject. Liz Maverick brings together a hero and heroine in a riveting impossible dramatic situation. Katherine might be living the same week over in a time loop but once Q enters her world, nothing will ever be the same!// With a deviously dangerous villain in the midst of her intricately-constructed vision of time travel, Liz Maverick makes the heart race with suspense and a high stakes romance. In addition to the main romance, Liz Maverick paints a moving portrait of the friendship between Katherine and her best friend Roxanne, a courageous woman who will go to any length, including stepping outside her normal mode of operating, to rescue her friend. Liz Maverick's romance is a cutting edge, exciting read for today's modern reader, a reader who craves the bold and daring. The intricate, imaginative unveiling of the construct of time travel draws the reader into the fictional, futuristic world. With its fine detail, unique blend of romance, science fiction, and suspenseful action, IRREVERSIBLE bends the mind and heart, and indeed the romance genre itself, into new expansive territory. Liz Maverick is indeed a romance rebel, taking her characters and the reader to new heights and challenges. A fantastic futuristic action romance!