Irwin's Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business / Edition 3

Irwin's Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business / Edition 3

by F. William McCarty, John W. Bagby

ISBN-10: 0256140715

ISBN-13: 9780256140712

Pub. Date: 09/28/1995

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Irwin Legal Studies in Business Series

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction to Legal and Ethical Analysis4
Ch. 2Law and the Legal System30
Ch. 3The Legal Environment of International Business66
Ch. 4Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution104
Ch. 5Constitutional Law154
Ch. 6Administrative Law190
Ch. 7Property224
Ch. 8Torts264
Ch. 9Contracts294
Ch. 10Commercial Law330
Ch. 11Product and Service Liability374
Ch. 12Consumer Protection412
Ch. 13Agency446
Ch. 14Business Organizations480
Ch. 15Securities Regulations516
Ch. 16Monopolies and Mergers554
Ch. 17Restraints of Trade, Price Discrimination and Unfair Trade Practices592
Ch. 18Terms and Conditions of Employment632
Ch. 19Labor-Management Relations666
Ch. 20Equal Employment Opportunities706
Ch. 21Environmental Law740
Ch. 22The Social Responsibility of Business768
Appendix A The Constitution of the United States of AmericaA-1
Appendix B Uniform Commercial CodeB-1
Appendix C Spanish-English Equivalents for Important Legal TermsC-1
Case IndexCI-1

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