Is There a Cure for Sophomore Year?

Is There a Cure for Sophomore Year?

by Barbara A. Steiner

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In the first book in a new Fifteen series, sophomore Maggie Howell, a teen with a wild imagination who's limited by her overprotective parents, gets the opportunity to exercise a little freedom when she stays a week with rich friend Carol Barton. Carol's parents' rule of supervision is ``don't get in our way and we won't get in yours.'' To Maggie, that means the chance to do the things she's wanted, like wear make-up, go to ``R'' movies and go to the city at night. But it turns out that the appearance of such freedom can be deceiving. When Maggie and Carol get themselves into a dangerous situation with a gang of tough older guys, Maggie must use the common sense her parents have taught her to get them out of the jam. While the plot is rather standard fare, the book handles issues in a well-rounded way. The agonies of being 15 are not vanquished lightly, and teen readers may gain insight into how problems can be handled successfully by thinking things through. There is likely an undying market for books about being ``in-between,'' and this series offers some thoughtful words spiced up with pop jargon. (10-15)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Maggie gets a new perspective on her parents' firm rules when she has to spend a week with her best buddy Carol. Carol is a poor little rich girl whose parents give her complete freedom, mainly because they don't want to be bothered. The ending is a bit contrived, and Carol is a curiously flat and undeveloped character, but Maggie is a funny, completely real heroine, right down to her enormous appetite.

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Fifteen Series
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12 Years

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