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Islam between Culture and Politics / Edition 2

Islam between Culture and Politics / Edition 2

by B. Tibi

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ISBN-10: 1403949905

ISBN-13: 9781403949905

Pub. Date: 08/31/2005

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK

Bassam Tibi offers a radical solution to the problems faced by Islam in a rapidly changing and globalising world. He proposes a depoliticisation of the faith and the introduction of cultural reforms to embrace secular democracy, pluralism, civil society and individual human rights. The alternative to this is the impasse of fundamentalism. The pivotal argument is that


Bassam Tibi offers a radical solution to the problems faced by Islam in a rapidly changing and globalising world. He proposes a depoliticisation of the faith and the introduction of cultural reforms to embrace secular democracy, pluralism, civil society and individual human rights. The alternative to this is the impasse of fundamentalism. The pivotal argument is that Islam is being torn between the pressure for cultural innovation and a defensive move towards the politicisation of its symbols for non-religious ends.

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Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date:
Edition description:
2nd ed. 2005
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5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition     ix
Preface to the Second Edition     xvi
Acknowledgements     xx
Introduction: Islam between Culture and Politics: the Scope and Implications     1
The issues: what is political Islam?     1
Islam and cultural modernity     4
Is semi-modernity manageable?     6
An important distinction: globalisation and universalisation     8
Ignorance and confusion     11
From Islamic modernism to fundamentalism     12
From the caliphate to the secular nation-state - and back to an Islamic order?     13
The place of this book in my study of Islam: the formative years     16
The cultural study of Islam     18
Religion, Culture and Development - Islam between Past and Present
Introductory remarks     24
Religion, Culture and Social Reality: Islam as a Cultural System, and its Diversity     28
The tension between belief and reality     28
The symbolic clothing of reality     34
What is Islam? Unity and diversity in historical perspective: religion between doctrine and reality     37
Islam between divine law, everyday spirituality and a rational view of the world     45
Cultural Patterns and the Perception of Change in Islam. A Religious Model forReality: the Islamic Worldview     53
The historical background: the Islamic religious view of the world, its sources and its goal     56
The Islamic sources of the prevailing cultural patterns     59
Islamic law (Shari'a): a social regulative or a stumbling block?     63
The exposure to the industrial West in the modern age     66
Culture and Social Change: Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Analysis     69
The study of culture at the crossroads     70
Evolution and modernisation     72
Religious reformation and cultural innovation     75
Who are the instigators of cultural innovations?     78
The Context: the Politicisation of Islam in the Global Age
Introductory remarks     84
The Dichotomy of Structural Globalisation and Fragmenting Cultural Self-Assertion: the Case of Islamic Civilisation     87
Culture, economy and politics in the global age     87
Islam at the crossroads: competing civilisational models for the future     90
An interplay is not a mechanism: modernisation, culture and development     93
Bringing culture into international studies: what is development in a global context?     96
Civilisations do matter!     99
Civilisation-awareness, politicisation of religion and its impact      101
Modernisation and secularisation: religion, culture, social change and politics     102
Is the politics of Islamic revival a spiritual mobilisation?     106
Islam between secularisation and de-secularisation     110
From secularisation to profanation?     113
The Politicisation of Religion: Political Islam as a Defensive-Cultural Response to Global Challenges. A Social-Scientific Interpretation     116
The socio-political constraints. The political revitalisation of Islam     119
al-nizam al-Islami as a backward-looking political utopia of political Islam     126
From Religious Belief to Political Commitment: the Fundamentalist Revolt against the Secular Order. Between Cultural Modernity and Neo-Absolutism     131
A clear distinction: Islam is not Islamism. Cultural relativist confusions     132
The background: the predicament with modernity     136
Culture and knowledge     138
Islam and the West: a cultural revolt?     141
Conclusion     143
The Framework: the Means of Politicisation. The Revival of the Shari'a and the Islamisation of Education
Introductory remarks     146
Social Change and the Potential for Flexibility in Islamic Law: the Shari'a between Ethics and Politicisation     148
Legal differences and cultural diversity     148
The roots and patterns. Islamic law as Shari'a     153
The reform of Islamic law and the potential for flexibility in the Islamic notion of law     159
Institutions of Learning and Education in Islam: between the Cultural Accommodation of Change, Religious Orthodoxy and the Politics of Cultural Islamisation     167
Learning in Islam and Islamic institutions of education     168
The Universitas Litterarum as a European educational institution: its universalisation and incursion into the Islamic civilisation     174
The crisis of Muslim education and the related cultural perceptions     179
The Topicality: Islam and the West between Inter-Civilisational Dialogue and Political Antagonisation
Introductory remarks     188
Islam Matters to the West! Islam and Europe, Islam in Europe: Islamic Migration between Cultural Assimilation, Political Integration and Communitarian Ghettoisation     191
Islam in Europe: the Euro-Mediterranean dimension     192
Is the global village an international system or an international society?     195
Islam and the West in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Inherited burdens and new patterns     197
Islam in the West: culture and politics     200
Dialogue needs to be reason-based. The politicisation of cultural-religious beliefs leads to confrontation     203
An urgent distinction: cultural pluralism is not communitarian multiculturalism     204
What Islam in Europe? Conclusions     206
Islam and the West in the Age of Conflict among Civilisations: the Alternative of Intercultural Dialogue as a Means of Conflict Resolution     210
Why do Europeans know so little about Islam?     211
Religion and politics in Europe and Islam     214
Between polemics and analysis: understanding world politics and the heterogeneity of civilisations     216
Islam: civilisational unity in cultural diversity     218
Islam and the claim for a de-Westernisation of the world     222
The options: head-on collision or bridge-building between the civilisations     224
An alternative to fundamentalism in Europe: Euro-Islam as an opening for migrants     226
Is an Islamic-Western peace of civilisations possible? Cultural dialogue without self-denial     228
The Predicament of Islam between Culture and Politics Revisited after September 11, 2001 and March 11, 2004
Introductory remarks     232
September 11, the Global Cultural Turn and the Return of the Sacred in Islamic Civilisation: between Religious Revival and the New Totalitarianism of Political islam     234
Is Orientalism at work when jihadism is addressed critically?: freedom of speech, the philosophical discourse of modernity and the study of Islam     235
Islam and the debate on the return of the sacred     244
The study of political Islam since the Islamic Revolution in Iran and September 11: the overall context     249
The alternative to global jihad: joining democratic peace     254
Political religion vs globalisation and the secular nation-state     259
Is dialogue over order possible under conditions of polarisation? Islamic peace vs democratic peace     262
Islam and the return of the sacred revisited: conclusions     269
Notes     273
Bibliography     316
Name Index     328
Subject Index     331

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