Islam: Continuity and Change in the Modern World / Edition 2

Islam: Continuity and Change in the Modern World / Edition 2

by John Obert Voll

ISBN-10: 0815626398

ISBN-13: 9780815626398

Pub. Date: 09/28/1994

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

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Syracuse University Press
Publication date:
Contemporary Issues in the Middle East Series
Edition description:
2nd ed
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6.04(w) x 9.06(h) x 1.25(d)
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Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Note on Spelling
2The Foundations of the Modern Experience: Revival and Reform in the Eighteenth Century24
General Eighteenth-Century Themes25
Local Dimension: The Ottoman Experience31
Egypt: A Special Ottoman Case41
The Islamic Center: Mecca and Medina49
Wahhabis: Rigorous Fundamentalism at the Center53
Islam in the Indian Ocean Region56
Islamic Africa in the Eighteenth Century68
Emergence of Modern Shii Patterns in Iran79
3European Domination and Islamic Response84
Adaptationist Westernizers and Nineteenth-Century Islam85
Militant Reaction and Reorientation109
Imperialism and Revivalism Without Modernism126
Revivalism Without European Imperialism141
Conclusion: Nineteenth-Century Islam in Perspective149
4Twentieth-Century Islam: Dominant Majorities in the Middle East and Africa152
Dominant Majority Areas in the Arab East161
Dominant Majorities in the Northern Tier190
Dominant Majorities in the Maghrib215
5Twentieth-Century Islam: Eastern World, Nondominant Majorities, and Minorities231
The Eastern Muslim World: Dominance and Struggle231
Muslim Minorities and Nondominant Majorities in Africa257
Special Experiences of Islamic Minorities277
6The Resurgence of Islam: The Spirit of the New Century289
Introduction: Main Features of Change289
Traditional and Radical Fundamentalism294
Conservative Adaptationism and Islamic Revival313
Islam in Radical and Secular Regimes322
Modernizing Adaptationism in Asia Muslim States337
Nondominant Majority Communities and the Islamic Revival346
Muslim Minorities and Islamic Revival357
Palestinians and Lebanese: Special Cases367
7Perspectives and Prospects: The Islamic Resurgence and Contemporary History375
Interpretations of the Resurgence378
Views from Within the Resurgence383
The Islamic Threat?386
Glossary of Non-English Terms409
Bibliographical Essay413

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