Islamic Mathematical Astronomy / Edition 2

Islamic Mathematical Astronomy / Edition 2

by David A. King

ISBN-10: 086078407X

ISBN-13: 9780860784074

Pub. Date: 10/28/1993

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Collected Studies Series
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Table of Contents

ISome Reflections on the History of Islamic Astronomy
IIOn the Astronomical Tables of the Islamic Middle Ages
IIIThe Astronomy of the Mamluks
IVMathematical Astronomy in Medieval Yemen
VA Double-Argument Table for the Lunar Equation Attributed to Ibn Yunus
VIIbn al-Majdi's Tables for Calculating Ephemerides
VIISome Astronomical Observations from Thirteenth-Century Egypt
VIIIIndian Astronomy in Fourteenth-Century Fez: The Versified Zij of al-Qusuntini
IXIbn Yunus' Very Useful Tables for Reckoning Time by the Sun
XAstronomical Timekeeping in Fourteenth-Century Syria
XIal-Khalili's Auxiliary Tables for Solving Problems of Spherical Astronomy
XIIAstronomical Timekeeping in Ottoman Turkey
XIIIal-Khalili's Qibla Table
XIVOn Medieval Islamic Multiplication Tables
XVSupplementary Notes on Medieval Islamic Multiplication Tables
XVIA Handlist of the Arabic and Persian Astronomical Manuscripts in the Maharaja Mansingh II Library in Jaipur
XVIIIslamic Mathematics and Astronomy. An essay review of the Chapters on mathematics and astronomy in S. H. Nasr, Islamic Science: An Illustrated Study
XVIIIIslamic Mathematics. A review of A. A. Daffa, The Muslim Contributions to Mathematics
Addenda and Corrigenda
Indexes: Subjects
Indexes: Names
Indexes: Titles
Indexes: Places
Indexes: Technical terms
Indexes: Modern authors

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