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Island Pursuits

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by Heather Rodney-Diaz

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When former U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez decided to return to his beautiful twin-island homeland of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean, he didn't expect to find the woman of his dreams. But one chance encounter with the captivating Cory Phillips was all it took. Adrian quickly realizes once just isn't enough with this beautiful but feisty island goddess.…  See more details below


When former U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez decided to return to his beautiful twin-island homeland of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean, he didn't expect to find the woman of his dreams. But one chance encounter with the captivating Cory Phillips was all it took. Adrian quickly realizes once just isn't enough with this beautiful but feisty island goddess.

Headstrong and set in her ways, Cory struggles tremendously with the military stereotypes of the island. But when this gorgeous, sensual-and deadly-soldier offers her his help, how could she resist him? After many sultry and pleasure-filled steamy Caribbean nights with Adrian, Cory finds herself going against everything she once believed in.

Their lustful island pursuits lead to a sizzling romance in paradise-but what they both discover about the past threatens to destroy any chance of a happily ever after. Can their love survive this tropical turbulence even as danger and deception lurks?

Sensuality Level: Hot

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Island Pursuits 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
romancenovelsincolor1 More than 1 year ago
A nice read.                                                                                                                                                                                       Heather Rodney-Diaz has stormed the literary world with her debut Island Pursuits, which is set in Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean essence was captured when the author incorporated native lingo such as “yuh cannot walk in here and do as yuh please”. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Adrian Mendez (Afro-Latino) is a 32 year old ex-Marine now soldier who has no qualms of identifying himself as “African-American-Hispanic-Trinidadian”. After an emotional breakup Mendez decided moving to the island would soothe his broken heart. Cory Phillips (black and Indian) is an educated, feisty, dramatic heroine who doesn’t think twice about putting on a show to get her point across. Her characteristics are quickly displayed when her car is stolen from the parking lot where she was enjoying a New Year’s celebration. Detesting anyone in uniform Phillip doesn’t anticipate much help from the police department. No one would have ever thought Cory would have fallen for someone in uniform due to an unspoken situation. Her emotions are in disarray when it’s clear that her relationship with Adrian has caused her to lose a best friend and much more. When she discovers Adrian withheld a dreadful secret, she’s immediately taken back to a point in her life she wished never existed. Although Adrian omitted the truth, I applauded his efforts as he mended each obstacle for inner peace. It took a few chapters for me to really get into the story line but overall Island Pursuits turned out to be a nice read. There are several grammatical errors but nothing that hindered me from finishing the novel. The drama between Cory and her friend Kerry was never expanded on which was disappointing. Hopefully the author will enlighten us about the situation in her next release. -Reviewed by LaMona
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MelissaByrnes More than 1 year ago
I gave this book a 3 because it really could have been a great read. =/ I am having a rather difficult time reviewing this book because I feel like no matter what, it's going to be unfair. I always give honest reviews but I try to keep them constructive as well. So bear with me and let's hope we get through this is one piece. When I started reading the book I found I had a hard time turning the pages. It was almost like I was finding reasons not to read it. Normally I find reasons TO sit and read for as long as possible but I just couldn't get in a groove with this one. One of the reasons could have been that it started out like a stereotypical love story. Girl has problem - boy falls head over heels at first sight - girl rejects boy based on profiling - you get the idea. That type of predictability bothers me. I want something original or at the very least, a twist on the old and tired. I was drowning in cheese and an overwhelming need to rename the characters. *sigh* I know that it's a new day and age and that gender neutral names are in, but it gets to be a bit much when I can't keep the main characters straight when I am reading, because they are so similar. Not only that, but I felt like the military addition was only in there to attract that particular following of readers. Many women will pick up this book based solely on the fact that the words "U.S. Marine" were in the synopsis. I have to be critical of that as well. Yes, I know that I may be wrong about my assumption, but that is how it felt. Don't put something in a book just to try and boost your numbers, put it in there because that's how your character told you it should be. But I digress.... I will say though, that through all the fussing I did over this book, I DID like it! It could have been great if a few things were tweaked, but overall it was just "alright". The erotica in it was hot, Hot, HOT though!! So if you only care about the erotica portion, then go forth and fan yourself. Just don't be disappointed if there isn't as much in there as you would have liked. *sad face* Don't judge the book based entirely on what I have said. Go read the other reviews and make a decision based on all of it combined.
AM_Bishop More than 1 year ago
Are you looking for a romance novel that can captivate readers with vivid descriptions of an Alpha military man that knows his way around a woman's body? Then 'Island Pursuits' is the novel for you. U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez decided to return to Trinidad and Tobago and encounters a woman that makes him very aware that he's a man with needs. The testosterone just oozes from the pages every time Adrian makes an appearance and takes intimate possession of the woman he craves. He is commanding and opinionated but love will utlimately teach him to bend and soften towards Cory, the smart, sexy, head-strong woman who is emotionally scarred by the death of her brother. A car theft throws Adrian and Cory together and sizzling romance blooms. There is a lot going on in this novel: theft, passion, murder, lies, betrayal, and disapproving judgments from Cory's family and friends. But this book cannot be put down once you start it! The story is fast paced and the passion makes your heart race every moment Adrian and Cory touch. Mrs. Rodney-Diaz's dialogue is believable, characters are multi-dimensional, and the sex scenes are hot and steamy like the tropical island setting. It's a great love story that reveals the importance of honesty and faith within the bonds of love and commitment. I'm looking forward to more stories from Mrs. Rodney-Diaz and recommend that you pick up 'Island Pursuits' today. Angeline M. Bishop Author of North Star
Initforlove More than 1 year ago
Island Heat! If you want to escape to a tropical paradise complete with spicy food, the lively music of Carnival and a forbidden romance, then let Island Pursuits take you there. It will guide you on a sensual journey and engage you in an adventure of lust, love, deception and redemption. Sparks fly and temperatures rise, and the island heats up with sizzling sex and suspenseful intrigue. Cory Phillips and Adrian Mendez are thrust together by fate and circumstance. Who knew a stolen car would unite the pair and lead them on a rocky ride down the road to romance. The two are caught up in a sexual attraction that swiftly becomes so much more than either would ever have thought possible. But everlasting love is threatened by the past, and a dark secret could keep them apart. And, even though our hero makes the terrible mistake of keeping the truth to himself, you find yourself rooting for him in the end, hoping Cory will find it in her heart to forgive the unforgivable.
I_Preston More than 1 year ago
Wow – Cory Phillips is one passionate and dramatic woman and this book is one passionate and dramatic read! Despite the fiery heroine, this book started out a little slow for me. Once it picked up steam, though, it got really steamy. Cory is so fiery and high-strung, she really needs a solid man like Adrien to balance out her character. It seems like the two are made for each other. Indeed, Cory and Adrien seem to recognize it too and their romance proceeds rapidly. But both Adrien and Cory are harboring deep wounds from earlier traumas. When the past rears it’s ugly head, it threatens to destroy their fragile relationship. This book really surprised me with it’s dramatic twists and revelations and the love scenes set the sheets on fire. A nice extra is the exotic Caribbean setting and the spicy Carnival scenes. A great debut read by Heather Rodney-Diaz.
tsromance More than 1 year ago
Get ready for heat: hot setting, hot hero...HOT READ! Seriously, the chemistry between Cory and Adrian will have you coming up for air. The conflict is heart-wrenching and keeps you turning the pages. Sun and rain soaked, hectic Trinidad and balmy, relaxing Tobago really came alive for me!
KristinaKK More than 1 year ago
Oh, wow! Hot. Hot. And triple-hot! From the opening pages, Island Pursuits sizzled - and not just because of the hot island setting or the actual love scene. The chemistry between Cory and Adrien was red hot. It was clear from the beginning that they needed and belonged together, but Heather Rodney-Diaz kept me guessing if they would find their happily ever after. If you're looking for a fun, fast, steamy read Island Pursuits is definitely a good choice!