It Moves Me: The Complete Recordings 1958-1964

It Moves Me: The Complete Recordings 1958-1964

by Eddie Holland
It's odd that someone who was so important to Motown's heyday (albeit as part of the Holland-Dozier-Holland production/songwriting team rather than as an artist), and who did have a bit of chart success as a singer (particularly with the sizable 1962 hit "Jamie"), should have waited so long for a comprehensive anthology of his


It's odd that someone who was so important to Motown's heyday (albeit as part of the Holland-Dozier-Holland production/songwriting team rather than as an artist), and who did have a bit of chart success as a singer (particularly with the sizable 1962 hit "Jamie"), should have waited so long for a comprehensive anthology of his Motown recordings. It could be argued that this two-CD, 56-track is too comprehensive, taking in not only all 20 tracks he issued on Motown 45s between 1961 and 1964, but also a dozen earlier ones that appeared on singles from United Artists, Tamla, Kudo, or Mercury. And that's just disc one. The 26 cuts on disc two include a few that came out on his sole LP and obscure CDs (among them stereo versions of his two biggest hits, "Jamie" and "Leaving Here") and no less than 18 previously unissued tracks. Throw in a 28-page detailed liner note booklet with song-by-song annotation and comments from Holland himself, and it's a Motown scholar's dream. But what of the music? It shows, not surprisingly, that Holland had some growing up to do as a songwriter before he, his brother Brian Holland, and Lamont Dozier hit their groove on a bumper crop of mid-'60s Motown classics. Holland was a good singer, but not a great one, and more pop-oriented than almost any other artist on the label to have a Top Ten R&B hit during this era. The material was also at least as much pop as soul, whether or not he figured in the songwriting credits (as he often but by no means always did). There's even a bit of a wholesome teen idol tinge to some of the tracks, and a more formulaic, sometimes awkward pop-soul feel to the songs than you might expect. Little of the officially released material is outstanding, though it shows Motown evolving, if in a somewhat stumbling fashion, toward the approach that would soon lead it to outpace all its competitors, especially in the frequent use of orchestration. Highlights include the heavily orchestrated "Jamie" (as dissimilar as it is to the far earthier Motown hits of the early '60s), "Just Ain't Enough Love" (with an arrangement much like those heard on early Temptations hits), and, above all, the driving, exuberant "Leaving Here," by far the toughest outing in his discography. Less impressively, "If It's Love (It's Alright)" and the small dance hit "Baby Shake" seem like obvious attempts to mine Jackie Wilson's style, though both Holland and Motown would quickly outgrow such pastiches. The addition of a second disc of rarities so heavy on unissued material might dissuade the casual buyer, especially as some of them are fairly rudimentary demos. But really, are many listeners interested in an Eddie Holland anthology in the first place casual Motown or soul fans? Nothing here sticks out as unjustly overlooked except those stereo versions of "Leaving Here" and "Jamie," and maybe the 1962 outtake "Day Dreamer," which has the feel of early-'60s records by Mary Wells & the Miracles. Still, the material gives you a chance to hear prominent Motown songwriters -- not just the Hollands and Dozier, but also Berry Gordy, Mickey Stevenson, Smokey Robinson, Norman Whitfield, and others -- work out the kinks as they grope toward both a new soul style (often incorporating Latin rhythms) and something that might produce a hit. Of some interest are Holland's 1963 version of "(Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need" (a big hit four years later for the Temptations) and his 1964 version of "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me in a Little While)," done with some success by the Isley Brothers in the late '60s.

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Disc 1

  1. Little Miss Ruby
  2. You (You You You You)
  3. (Where's The Joy?) In Nature Boy
  4. Shock
  5. Merry-Go-Round
  6. It Moves Me
  7. Because I Love Her
  8. Everybody's Going
  9. Magic Mirror
  10. Will You Love Me
  11. Why Do You Want To Let Me Go
  12. The Last Laugh
  13. Jamie
  14. Take A Chance On Me
  15. You Deserve What You Got
  16. Last Night I Had A Vision
  17. If Cleopatra Took A Chance
  18. What About Me
  19. If It's Love (It's Alright)
  20. It's Not Too Late
  21. Darling, I Hum Our Song
  22. Just A Few More Days
  23. Baby Shake
  24. Brenda
  25. I'm On The Outside Looking In
  26. I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To
  27. Leaving Here
  28. Just Ain't Enough Love
  29. Candy To Me
  30. If You Don't Want My Love

Disc 2

  1. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  2. Bashful Kind
  3. Rain And Thunder
  4. Happy Days
  5. I'm So Glad I Learned To Do The Cha-Cha
  6. True Love Will Go A Mighty Long Way
  7. Gotta Have Your Love
  8. A Little Bit Of Lovin'
  9. Love Is What You Make It
  10. Day Dreamer
  11. So Great Is My Love
  12. Twin Brother
  13. Twin Brother
  14. Welcome Back
  15. (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need
  16. I'm Grateful
  17. Heart Broken, Heart Breaker (And The Clock)
  18. You're Sweeter As The Days Go By
  19. It's Best To Be Sure
  20. Happy Go Lucky
  21. Too Late To Cry
  22. Pretty Little Angel Face
  23. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
  24. I Like Everything About You
  25. Jamie
  26. Leaving Here

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddie Holland   Primary Artist
Rayber Voices   Vocals,Accompaniment

Technical Credits

Smokey Robinson   Composer
Andre Williams   Composer,Producer
Barrett Strong   Composer
Henry Cosby   Composer
Lamont Dozier   Composer,Producer
Berry Gordy   Composer,Producer
George Gordy   Composer
Riley Hampton   Arranger
Eddie Holland   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer,Producer,Additional Production
Neal Matthews   Composer
Norman Whitfield   Composer,Producer
James Dorsey   Composer
Robert Gordy   Composer
Bill Ramal   Arranger
Joe Howard   Composer
Malcolm Baumgart   Memorabilia
Billy Davis   Composer
Gilles Petard   Photo Courtesy
Mick Patrick   Memorabilia,Photo Courtesy
Janie Bradford   Composer
Robert Bateman   Composer,Producer
Rob Hughes   Memorabilia
John Lester   Memorabilia
Andrew Skurow   Tape Research
Freddie Gorman   Composer
Keith Hughes   Track Annotations,Interviewer,Essay
Gwen Gordy   Composer
Eric Charge   Memorabilia
Andy Rix   Memorabilia
Lars Nilsson   Memorabilia
William Stevenson   Composer,Producer
Chris Jenner   Memorabilia
George Fowler   Composer
Waldorf Johnson   Composer
Fran Heard   Composer
Cleo Drake   Composer
Bill Staiger   Memorabilia
Alma McKnight   Composer

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