It Takes Money, Honey: A Get-Smart Guide to Total Financial Freedom

It Takes Money, Honey: A Get-Smart Guide to Total Financial Freedom

by Georgette Mosbacher, Diane Harris

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If you can take only one lesson away from this book, let it be this: The only person you can depend on to take care of you financially!!!

Successful businesswoman Georgette Mosbacher learned this lesson the hard way. Rich and socially prominent now, this smart, ambitious woman grew up in poverty, helping to raise her three younger siblings

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If you can take only one lesson away from this book, let it be this: The only person you can depend on to take care of you financially!!!

Successful businesswoman Georgette Mosbacher learned this lesson the hard way. Rich and socially prominent now, this smart, ambitious woman grew up in poverty, helping to raise her three younger siblings while her grandmother and mother worked to keep the family afloat after her father's death. As an adult, divorces from two powerful men left her financially and emotionally bereft, while a split from the former Cabinet Secretary Robert Mosbacher rocked her world yet again. Georgette's eventual triumph over these deeply painful experiences taught her, at her very core, that women cannot depend on anyone but themselves for their financial and emotional well-being. She learned the critical role that money plays in every woman's ability to achieve her goals. And she learned many specific yet simple strategies to ensure her won financial security and, beyond that, to accumulate real wealth—the kind of wealth that ultimately enabled her to make her loftiest dreams come true.

Now, Georgette shares the secrets of her financial success and emotional triumphs with you. Whether you're starting your first job or entering your golden years, whether you're married, single, widowed, or divorced, whether you're living on a modest income or earning a bundle, Georgette's simple step-by-step plan for economic independence will give you the tools you need to take control of your money and make your own financial dreams come true.

As down-to-earth and outspoken as Georgette is herself, It Takes Money, Honey is a truly comprehensive money guide, covering all aspects of a woman's financial life. Sharing examples from her own experiences, along with those of a diverse group of women, Georgette offers sound, straightforward strategies to help you live within your means, build your savings, invest for the future and achieve your financial goals. She shows how to create a financial safety net so you will never be caught short in a crisis, from the loss of your job to the loss of your husband. You'll learn about ways you can maximize your earnings and minimize your debts. And you will learn how to overcome the emotional hurdles that prevent us from making the most of our money as well as how to develop the attitude and style that are essential to achieving your goals in life.

Among the specific issues she addresses:

  • How to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle
  • How to get out of debt, and stay out of debt for good
  • How to easily build a fully diversified easy-to-understand investment portfolio with as little as $100
  • How to make sure you're paid what you're worth
  • How to make a success of your own business
  • How to ensure financial fairness in your relationship with men
  • And why it's critical for every woman to build a secret stash of cash that only she knows about

But It Takes Money, Honey is about a lot more than just ensuring financial security. It is, in fact, a guide to realizing all of your goals, a realistic and pragmatic manual that will show you how to live the kind of life you dream about. Not the kind of life your parents wanted for you, not the kind of life that your husband or boyfriend wants, not the kind of life that your friends hope to lead, but your own, very personal vision of what will bring you happiness and fulfillment. Because, as Georgette says, "Life shouldn't only be about being safe. Financial security is crucial but it's not enough. You should always, always be reaching for more."

In It Takes Money, Honey, Georgette tells you exactly how to get it. The rest is up to you.

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Don't Live in Denial
You'd have thought that I, of all people, would have known better. After all, I'd already lived through two failed marriages, watched my mother and grandmother struggle to raise young families on their own, and served as a shoulder to cry on for countless women friends whose husbands had traded them in for younger models or otherwise left them in the lurch, emotionally and financially.
But when my call came, I was still totally unprepared. On a beautiful spring afternoon in 1996, I picked up the phone to hear my beloved husband, Robert, say, without warning, fanfare, or explanation, "Georgette, you're not going to like this, but I thought you should know that I've just filed for divorce." I was shocked, confused, panicked, paralyzed. Most of all, I tortured myself by wondering why, over and over again.
Like countless women before me, I felt like I'd been hit by a proverbial train. Until the second before he delivered his bombshell, I'd believed I had the perfect marriage, my own personal fairy tale come true. Robert and I had been married for eleven years, together for fifteen, and I was as in love with him at the end as I had been in the beginning. As cliched as it may sound, we were friends and partners as well as lovers, and I really thought we'd be together forever. There'd been none of the telltale signs--or so I thought at the time--to let me know that our marriage was unraveling: no violent arguments, no unaccountable absences, no lipstick on his collar. But although I worked hard over the next year to put the pieces of our relationship back together again, the marriage was irretrievably broken.
Only two facts make my storydifferent from that of any other woman who's been summarily dumped by her spouse. First, I happened to have been married to a well-known and wealthy man (Robert was Secretary of Commerce during the Bush administration, and I had gained a certain degree of notoriety myself during our years together in Washington, D.C.) So my private pain quickly became public, as gossip and society columnists speculated on the demise of my marriage, and, as a result, even more difficult to bear.
The second, and far more important in the long run, difference: While I was completely unprepared emotionally for the break-up of my marriage, I was well prepared for it financially. Although I had been married to a very rich man for more than a decade, I never once in all that time mistook his good fortune for mine. I did not rely on his generosity and good intentions for my financial well-being and the security of the people in my family who depend on my support. Throughout our marriage I'd taken steps to ensure that I'd always have a roof over my head and the means to support myself no matter what happened to my husband or to our relationship. As a result, I did not

Cash is cold comfort under these circumstances. But make no mistake about it: Cold comfort is better than no comfort at all.
find myself at age fifty having to start all over again financially, as so many women do in situations like mine.
Cash is cold comfort under these circumstances. But make no mistake about it: It is some comfort. And at times like these, we need all the help we can get.

The Third Great Lie
"Don't worry, I'll take care of you, honey."
Along with "The check is in the mail" and "I'll still respect you in the morning," this is the biggest falsehood you'll ever hear from a man. That includes your husband, your father, your brother, your boyfriend, your boss--any and all of them.
It's not that the men who utter these platitudes maliciously set out to lie. I'm sure that most of them think they mean what they say at the time they say them. But the fact that they believe that they're telling the truth doesn't make what they're saying any truer.
Statistics, coupled with our own personal experiences, tell us differently. Consider these facts:
* Half of all women married in the past twenty years will eventually divorce, the Census Bureau reports.
* Of those women, only 28 percent will be granted an award of ongoing financial support from their exes. As if that isn't bad enough, more than a third of the women who are entitled to alimony or child support will never see a penny of the money that's due them.
* As a result of these and other financial pressures, the average woman's standard of living drops dramatically in the first year after a divorce--by anywhere from 27 percent to 45 percent, according to various estimates. Meanwhile, the average man's standard of living rises after a split by some 10 percent to 15 percent.

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Joan Rivers
"When I grow up, I want to be Georgette Mosbacher. She is beautiful, smart and a woman who truly made it on her own."
Christopher Forbes
"With wit and brilliant simplicity, Georgette Mosbacher provides the best advice on the subject of money this side of Forbes magazine."
Lou Dobbs
"A very personal and personable approach to money from one of the smartest women in business and politics."
Michael Bloomberg
"Georgette Mosbacher is a winner. her savvy advice provides a terrific roadmap for financial success."
Pat Harrison
"This book is a must-have for every woman--those at home and those in the workplace and those who are trying to balance their checkbooks and their lives."
Lynn Martin
"This book speaks to woman honestly, in plain English, about finances and how a woman must define her own long-tern security, without making the reader feel guilty for not having all the answers."
Susan Lucci
"Georgette Mosbacher's rags-to-riches story should be an inspiration to every woman who expects to manage her own money one day--and of course that means most of us."

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