It Takes Two

It Takes Two

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by Erin Nicholas

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How do you fall out of love with a man who’s all in?

Counting on Love, Book 2

Isabelle Dixon never should have said yes to that first date, but she couldn’t resist Shane Kelley’s larger-than-life personality. Except now Shane seems determined to make their no-strings fling into something more.

If she

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How do you fall out of love with a man who’s all in?

Counting on Love, Book 2

Isabelle Dixon never should have said yes to that first date, but she couldn’t resist Shane Kelley’s larger-than-life personality. Except now Shane seems determined to make their no-strings fling into something more.

If she thought dating Shane was hard work, breaking up is proving to be much harder. Especially since she’s planning on making some major life changes that don’t include staying out all night, Jell-O shots, and a sex toy shop punch card. She needs a restful cabin getaway—alone—to gather her thoughts. And the strength to finally end things for good.

Shane has always prided himself on being the good-time guy. Exactly Isabelle’s type…or so he thought. Yet ever since he suggested her moving in, she’s been pulling back. Thing is, Shane does everything with gusto—including falling in love.

He’s not about to let her get away that easily. Even if it means chasing her heart down a crazy road to prove that no matter what life throws at them, they make a damned good team.

Warning: Contains a strange road trip with several weird tourist stops, some hot sex in a car wash, and two people who are just crazy enough to be perfect for one another.

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It Takes Two 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TKD_TKD More than 1 year ago
I liked the story and the characters but didn't care for the serious tone of the book. Isabelle Dixon has been trying to break up with Shane Kelley for 2 months. Shane does things in a big way and when he decides he wants Isabelle to move in with him; he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Isabelle has a secret that she hasn’t told Shane. It’s why she won’t move in with him. She intends to slow down her life and that would be impossible to do with Shane in her life. This is the story of two people who are forced to reevaluate their lifestyles and what they will do for love
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Secrets Shake The Foundations Of Love This series must be read in order. The first book is She's the One (Counting on Love). Isabelle has a secret she is afraid to share . Shane has absolutely no clue Isabelle is hiding anything at all. Isabelle has been trying to break things off with Shane for two month because she feels there is no way he could handle her illness nor should he have to. Fibromyalgia is about to force her to chang her entire life and she doesn't want it to. She feels like she is a burden he shouldn't have to bear. This is a heartwarming romance about living and loving with fibromyalgia. It was full of romance and quite a bit of information about living with a misunderstood and debilitating chronic disease. It painted an inspiring picture of how you can still live a fulfilling life despite serious medical issues. I was really impressed by the insightful way the author dealt with this subject matter while still making the story fun and funny. I can't wait to read the next book in this series to see what new twist there will be for the next sibling! ***This series is suitable for adult readers only
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed #2, it's a little on the angsty side, but touching & very inventive....scenes. ;-)
ShannonZ More than 1 year ago
The fun continues in this second book of the series!  Erin leaves you wanting to read more and more about these characters!  
Reading2Escape More than 1 year ago
Erin has done it again in the second novel in this series. I loved the story of Isabelle and Shane and their crazy road trip to love. It was such a fun concept to go along with their road trip together and added a bit of fun to their light-hearted story. I loved Shane's character in the moments he was in the first book and his undying love for Isabelle and not caring what Conner thought because nothing would stand in the way of his love for Iz. And the there was Isabelle living in denial from the curveballs that life sometimes throws us. I loved how Shane helped her understand and come to terms with the issues she was dealing with. Overall I loved the story. By far my favorite part of the book has to do with Emma's yoga studio and Shane. No spoiler for those who haven't read it but it was definitely a laugh out loud moment as I was reading and it was great to visualize the characters in that part of the book. So excited to share my review on the next book with Emma's story.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This book is about "life of the party" Shane Kelley and Isabelle, who's always trying to keep up with him. She's always trying to be exciting, spontaneous, and adventurous. What Shane doesn't know is that there's a medical condition that's causing Isabelle to have to slow down. Can Shane live a life at her slower pace? Does he NEED the wild, life of the party lifestyle every day? I thoroughly enjoyed this book! My emotions were all over the place. One minute I wanted to strangle one or both of them and the next I wanted to hug them. In the end I could understand the reasons behind their hopes and fears. An unexpected medical condition changes everything and it's all about how you deal with those changes. This entire series is a must read with all these fantastic stories! Erin Nicholas NEVER disappoints! I can't wait to read the next book in this awesome Counting on Love series
KLBR More than 1 year ago
This second book in the Counting On Love series is amazing. I am a huge fan of a sibling driven series. Erin Nicholas had a wonderful ability to immediately make me feel like I was part of the Dixon family. This story was about Isabelle Dixon and her beau Shane Kelley. There were several fascinating elements to this story. One, Isabelle and Shane were already an item. We met them in the first of the series, She's the One. They were in the middle of a break-up that Shane wasn't ready to accept. Erin did an excellent job taking a couple who were already intimate and made them fresh, interesting, and new for readers. Two, there was a little suspense written within this contemporary romance. It is a character driven suspense that adds to the plot. It adds to the plot without being distracting. And three, the conflict within this story is what sets it apart from other romance stories. I don't want to give anything away, so I will leave you with the fact that the conflict is compelling and heart breaking. I have read everything written by Erin Nicholas and I absolutely LOVE her voice. Her voice is cozy and realistic. You often feel like you are part of the story, not just an observer. I highly recommend this book and this series. This series is also a spin-off of the Bradfords series. I also recommend this wonderful series.
booklover1221 More than 1 year ago
Erin does it again! Each book I read by this author just gets better and better. Have you ever not wanted to face a diagnosis or not known how to get other to accept that your life needs to change because of the diagnosis? if you have then you will totally fall in love with this book. Have you ever hid something from your loved ones? Again, you will fall in love with this book. The story line is wonderful and the characters continue to be people I would love to have in my life. If you have never read an Erin Nicholas book you are missing out and need to pick one up today!
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
It Takes Two (Counting on Love #2) by Erin Nicholas: Successful salesperson Isabelle Dixon is in love. Her boyfriend of the last eight months, police officer Shane Kelley, is a wonderful guy with a charismatic personality. Whether he is partying, working, playing pool or falling in love, he is doing so with great enthusiasm. Shane loves to make those around him happy. Now he wants to take their relationship up a notch and move-in together, which Isabelle is unsure about. Leave it to Shane to pull out all the stops to make his dream of spending the rest of his life with Isabelle come true. As Shane continues to woo Isabelle in the most romantic and memorable ways, Isabelle continues to blatantly turn him down, push him away and break-up with him. She loves him dearly, but she has a secret that she has only shared with her sisters, a secret that will change how she lives her life. Her days of partying, acrobatic sex and staying up all through the night, will have to be toned down considerably, and she believes Shane will be miserable if he has to make those same life considerations as well. Shane thrives on being the life of the party and now Isabelle doesn't have the energy to live it up as often. She must come to terms with her chronic predicament, share it with Shane, deal with his reaction, and the possibility of their future together. Desperately needing some quiet time away to rejuvenate, think, and make decisions, Isabelle decides to go on a road trip, alone. Naturally this does not sit well with Shane and he decides to join her, knowing full well that after this trip, they may no longer be a couple. Thankfully, Isabelle finally shares her secret and is thrilled that Shane is not bolting. Of course he is angry because she did not trust him enough to make his own judgements. So after an eventful road-trip that included a corn house, steamy sex while going through a car-wash, a hot pink party bus, and lots of sisterly interference, Isabelle and Shane figure it out. True love prevails. This is an enjoyable book. The realism of the characters is incredible, they feel so genuine that you cannot help wanting to share a drink with them at the local tavern. The bantering between the sisters is comical and honest. If you are looking for a sexy romance with a true to life storyline, look no further than It Takes Two.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
This is the second in a series but can be read stand alone.  This is a quick paced funny sexy romance that had moments were I was about in tears either from laughing and/or from sadness.  This is a story of a woman trying to come to terms with a disease that will mean major life style changes.  She is afraid that they will force the man she loves to ultimately be miserable so she is pushing him away before they both get hurt.  I was right there with him when he gets miffed because she didn’t trust him enough to give him the choice.  The title says it all… It Takes Two to make a love affair work.  I devoured this book and now have to wait for the next installment.  
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness!  I am not even sure I can put into words how much I loved this book.  I have read every book Erin has written and loved each one.  But this one, this one takes the cake.  From the very first chapter, I felt so many things: sweetness, love, laughter, heartbreak, etc.  Shane totally stole my heart.  I knew he would from his previous appearances in She's the One and the short story to bridge Erin's series.  He was everything you could want in a man.  And then there is Isabelle.  She could be your best friend, sister and wingman to all the fun.   The chemistry between the two was off the charts.  The intimate scenes between them definitely needed a fire extinguisher.  Then there were the sweet genuine moments that just warm your heart.  There were no parts that dragged, story flowed and kept me hooked.  With each new book in the series, they just keep getting better and better.
KittyKelly28 More than 1 year ago
As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly 4 out of 5 Licks I fell in love with this series when I read She's The One a while back. I couldn't wait for the next story and it didn't disappoint. I have fallen in love with Erin's books and this one is just as good as the others I've read. Isabelle is facing a non-optional life change and because she loves Shane she wants to let him go. Shane is having none of that mess! lol He knows Isabelle is the one for him and he won't give up until she realizes it. But when she starts talking about the life she's been hiding he starts to worry. Shane is so amazingly sweet, I immediately wanted Isabelle to quit being so damn stubborn and not just move in with him, but marry him. This man is the definition of persistent and super sexy. ;) Isabelle did annoy me at times, but she eventually came around. While there was a lot of heartbreak in this book there was also plenty of laughter. There was also some crazy fun sex going on. Isabelle sure did think of some very inventive uses for all kinds of random items-you can read it for yourself won't spoil the fun for you. This is a great addition to the Counting on Love Series that you won't want to miss!
TinaR19 More than 1 year ago
Erin Nicholas has done it again. This is the second book in the Counting on Love series and another fantastic story. I have loved every book that I’ve read by Erin. The personalities of her characters are amazing, and they feel so real that you cannot help falling in love with each one of them. You may even find yourself thinking that there is someone you know who is just like any one of them. If you have not read a book written by Erin Nicholas you need to start because you don’t know what you’re missing. Shane Kelley has been trying to get Isabelle Dixon to move in with him for months, but she continues to turn him down. He is always the life of a party and has no problem staying out all night. He is not a man to give up on something he wants, and he wants Isabelle. His determination is driving her crazy and he’s done everything possible to try changing her mind. But Isabelle just might be too stubborn to change once she’s set her mind to something.  Isabelle has a secret, and only her sisters know what it is. She is having a hard time accepting that she needs to make some drastic changes in her life, so she knows that she cannot ask Shane to accept it and make those changes with her. He would be miserable if he did, and Isabelle would never forgive herself when that happened, and she knew it would happen it was just a matter of when. She decides the best thing for them to do is to break up, but it’s not turning out to be as easy as she thought.  She decides to go to a cabin to get away for a while so she can think, but she did not expect Shane to insist on him going with her. Their road trip includes visiting strange tourist attractions, getting very intimate while inside the car through the car wash, and a few unexpected surprises. But this just might help them decide if they are willing to make the changes needed to stay together. How far is Shane willing to go to be with Isabelle? Is love really enough to keep two people together, or will they give up on one another and walk away? You’ll have to read It Takes Two and see for yourself.  I guarantee it will definitely be worth it.   I received an e-ARC of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
KerZar19 More than 1 year ago
Erin Does it again!!!! I was lucky enough to have been given an eARC. “It Takes Two” is the second book in the series Counting on Love by Erin Nicholas. This story is about Isabel (A Dixon Sister) and the Police Officer Shane Kelley. Poor Shane, he has tried and tried to get Isabel to give in to moving in with him, but no luck. Little does Shane know Isabel is keeping a big secrete from him and her family. Isabel does not want to face reality that her life has to change because of this and she just doesn't want her life to change. After a crazy road trip, Dolly’s Party Bus and some self-reflecting on both the part of Isabel and Shane, their love will prevail. This book stays in the sense of all Erin’s books………….HOTT HOTT HOTT!!! Can’t wait to read Emma (another Dixon Sister) and Nate’s story in Best of Three coming in November 19, 2013!!