It'S All up to You (To Feel and Be Great!)

It'S All up to You (To Feel and Be Great!)

by Karen Brite
It'S All up to You (To Feel and Be Great!)

It'S All up to You (To Feel and Be Great!)

by Karen Brite


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This book will bring you back to remembering yourself, your True Self the most important qualities and gifts you were given that you may have lost sight of along the way. Spend a little time again reclaiming the wonderful person you know you truly are and remember to utilize all these special qualities you possess in your everyday life to make your life the Greatest life you have ever dreamed it can be!

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ISBN-13: 9781504348348
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/20/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 108
File size: 347 KB

About the Author

I am a student of life wanting to share what I learn with those who are meant to hear these lessons at this time. I need these reminders as well! God bless you on your journey!

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It's All Up To You (To Feel and Be Great!)

By Karen Brite

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Karen Brite
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4833-1


Embarking On Your Journey

Let's get started.........

This book is for you. It's all about you getting to spend some quality time with the most important person in the world! YOU!! That's right. Call it selfish; call it quality time with yourself that is not important. What is important is YOU. Let's rediscover how GREAT you truly are before it's too late!!! It will only be too late if you leave this earth unfulfilled, and knowing you didn't share the gifts you were given. Well, I believe it's never too late. One of my favorite authors, Louise Hay, didn't even write her first book until she was 50. It then started a whole new life for her, which is what she was authentically supposed to be doing all along!

Sometimes, things take time, including us. Like a spectacular painting, it cannot be rushed. It's all timing and when we are ready inside as well as out, these opportunities will appear and we will know inside that this is it! We were meant for this. It brings us joy, it makes our hearts sing.....and truly it never feels like work, it feels like we are home doing what we were supposed to be doing all along. We were all born with unique gifts. This whole book is dedicated to this, your gifts. Unfortunately in life we are all raised to think like everyone else. In school we are institutionalized as young children where we are all taught the same things year after year until you graduate. Then you go on for more schooling or out to work in this world having to make a living. Very few individuals find their true calling so young. If you do you are lucky ... but most of us have settled into a life of mediocrity just to get by. We let our dreams fall by the wayside because it's unrealistic to really make a living out of living your dreams. So we continue working at jobs that drain us, not using our full potential because we were told lies that only a select few get lucky enough to really make a living at their dream jobs. We start believing those lies and settle like the rest of the world to pay our bills and put our dreams aside. We then struggle with sadness, job burnout, depression and anxiety because we are fighting our inner core, ourselves. We know inside this is not right but how do we change this? Why have we accepted that this is ok for us? Can you live the rest of your life right now the way it has been going or do you want better for yourself and your future?

I want you to take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary! Let's take this journey of self-discovery and see where your passions and purpose lie!

No one is in charge of your happiness except you!

I would like to start by saying, I wrote this book to give you a simple start on how to improve your everyday life starting right now! With your very next thought of yourself you can change the way your future will unfold. You can visualize yourself happy and excited for what is to come or you can visualize yourself a crabby mess. The future lies in your hands and it can change in an instant with your very next thought. I want you to realize the power within you. You can become whatever you want! "Ask and you shall receive!" You are receiving now all that you put out. If you are projecting feelings of unworthiness, feelings of guilt or feelings of helplessness, then this is what is coming back to you. So if that is the case, let's turn the tables and start projecting yourself happy, fulfilled, successful and worthy of receiving all life has to give you. Trust that you are deserving of all of it and watch your life change.

It really is amazing when you trust the process of life with all faithfulness that everything is unfolding just the way it should. All things you need or want come easily because God, the universe, all the hidden energies, angels, spirits will receive the energy your thoughts are putting out into the world and will assist you in making your desires materialize. It is knowing that by the time you're done asking, it has already been put into motion- going to work out there on your behalf. It is with that faith, things happen, things get done! YOU have the power within YOU! YOU deserve a prosperous, peaceful, happy and fulfilling life. This can all be yours. It all starts with you!

The secret to having it all is knowing you ALREADY Do.


You're an Original

If we are not happy with the way things have been unfolding, we need to start reprogramming our thoughts so they can help us achieve the life we so yearn to live!!

Starting now, you need to remember that you're a gift. Yes you are. You came here for a reason. You are an original. There is no one like you. Everything you are- from your feet to your breath, sense of smell and vision are all gifts. Use these gifts, cherish these gifts and know how special everything is about you.

You have your own unique design, your own unique personality, looks, and feelings on issues. These are traits that belong only to YOU and were given to you to help you fulfill your purpose and destiny while you're here on earth! WOW! That is really fantastic!

You have something to bring to the table. Delve deep inside you. Find out what excites you. This my friend is where your destiny lies. We will get more into this..........but it really is the most original parts of you or your personality that get the most overlooked because we are taught to be and think like everyone else.

If we think too "outside the box" we are considered weird or different! This is good, not bad! These different thinkers are the ones that usually end up making a difference in the world! We need different thinkers to create change for the greater good, to make things happen. Otherwise we would all be stuck in the same old same old forever. ... that can't be good!

Everything you need lies within you.

Sometimes we feel so alone with our thoughts, we think no one else feels the same way we do, "no one thinks like I do, if I really express my true thoughts I will scare everyone away". Nothing can be further from the truth! First of all, we are really never alone. We all have protective spirits, angels, and deceased relatives watching over us, and of course, you're one with the creator of all there is! God! That's right God and you –all in one- you're an extension of God. He created you to help fulfill His plan- you're a team and there is nothing that your loving Father wouldn't do for you!

For some, this may be hard to swallow especially if you were raised to believe that God is an angry, vengeful, jealous God. It really can make you feel separate from Him ... like He's way up there and we're down here being judged harshly. Nothing could be further from the truth!

His teachings get misinterpreted. There is nothing our loving Father wouldn't do for you and when you realize this divine connection you have with God you can never feel separate or alone. You can never go wrong.

Humans make love so conditional, God just loves you as you are!! There is nothing you have to do to earn God's love, it just is ... as you are ... now breathe easy and let's look at your special gifts you were given in this lifetime. Someone, somewhere out there, could truly benefit from your gifts if you were to use them and share them..... including yourself.

Wherever you are is where you are meant to be


Your Unique Gifts

Remember when you were about 5 or 6 years old? What thrilled you the most? What did you enjoy playing? Were you a doctor? A fireman? Were you a bus driver? Did you like stage plays? Did you sing? Dance? Go back and remember what is was about you that you remember giving you the most joy...... take time with this. ... this is very important......

While your spirit was free it was talking to you.......what did you want to be? Of course this may seem a bit silly because you were just a child. ... but this was your authentic self, talking to You!

So this is very important.....what was it? Spend a few minutes writing what you remember. What brought you the most joy? Who were you? What was your personality like? Were you kind and loving? Were you helpful?

Think about your personality traits. Are you still the same? Has life changed you that much? I doubt it. Inside your 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 year old body is that same little boy or girl with big dreams and great imaginations. Your hopes and inspirations that made you giggle endlessly or play for hours without getting tired or bored. Yes life has gotten in your way-paying bills ... raising children, cleaning up every day. Responsibilities seem so many and no time for this day dreaming.....right? Never more wrong. We need to spend some time day dreaming again, and remembering why we are here to begin with. It is not just to work at a dead end job to pay bills. Of course we must be sensible and take care of our responsibilities as adults do. But, I'm asking you to incorporate some of your hidden desires and dreams into your current reality so you can tap into your true self and remember why you are here! Not just to live but to thrive in your current life! Nothing happens by accident, including YOU! Spend some time remembering what brought you the most joy..........write it down!!!

Come on, think. What did you used to love to do for hours? If you won $1,000,000 and had all the time in the world, what would you be doing right now? See this is fun. ... keep going. Now write it down. Spend some quality time with yourself having fun with this. Include everything you can think of. It may seem silly but it's not..... it's YOU!

You may think of 5 or 50 things you may think of only one thing. It does not matter. Spend some time recalling the days of your past that made you the happiest. Write them down. Take as much time as you need, come back to this if you will but please really take the time to remember what it was that brought you the most joy.

I would start naming some examples here but I want it to come from you! I can share mine later ...

You Are Enough (Just as you are)

Make your list.......look at it, put it aside, come back to it. ... add more. ... take something off. ... spend time with this. ... this is YOU! This is who YOU are....... this is what you need to bring back into your life if it's not there ... so take an hour, take a day, take a week with this but don't take too long. ... this is your life. This is your movie and you are the STAR! If you could see The "____insert your name here____" Show! This is what it would look like!

The following pages will be your lists just for you! Write and write what comes to your mind. Your life may be going extremely well already but is there something missing???? Have you forgotten anything important about yourself that may have gotten pushed aside along the way? What are the things you're good at? What are the things that come naturally for you, the things you love, personality traits?.......write them all down.....

My Gifts........





Making Your Dreams a Reality

I really hope that you are blessed enough to be living your dreams ... and using all of those terrific gifts you wrote down about yourself in your daily life. But if not, what can you do to make sure these terrific qualities are being utilized while you are here on earth?

How are you going to bring this into your daily life now? Just the fact that you want to is the first step. Spend time with this list daily. New ideas will start to come to you on how to incorporate more of these pleasurable things and attributes into your life. Do one little thing every day to help bring this to you.........back to you. Even if it's just talking to a friend about it. ... or signing up for a class. ... or reading a book about it...... get the ball rolling....... and more will come to you. Research further online. ... etc. Whatever your interests were that you want more of will come back to you big time from your desire to have it again. This should be your life purpose.

Look for repetitive things on this list because those are most important. Start making sure you are honoring these gifts daily so they are being used by your "True Self" for more happiness now. The happier you are the more fulfilled you are, the better you will be for our world, our spouses, our children, our everything! You will then help create this ripple effect of helping others head in the same positive direction. The better you want for yourself the better you will want for your neighbor and so on and so on. How well you care for yourself will reflect on everything you put out in the world. So really take the time to nurture yourself. Treat yourself like that 5 or 6 year old child. Give yourself lots of love. Eat right, play, splash in a bubble bath! I can't emphasize that enough. It's time to be your own parent. Accept yourself just as you are ... we are all so hard on ourselves. Don't try and be like anyone else. Don't believe people have it better than you, they don't. They are just doing what is good for them; you're doing what is good for YOU!

There is no one quite like you. Sure, we may share similarities but your uniqueness is what makes you different. Use these qualities, it is why you are here ... it's what separates you from others. These things about you these qualities and gifts. ... they are your "Holy Grail!"

Read and reread your lists until you are absolutely sure these qualities are shining in YOU in your daily life. Somehow, someway. ... make it happen! By focusing more and more on this you will automatically start attracting new people and opportunities that will help your gifts be utilized.

You will not be able to stop it! And you will not want it to will keep going in the direction you were so meant to be going in.

You will start attracting the right people and the right circumstances into your life the more you focus on the gifts you are meant to be using in this lifetime. You will have that knowingness that this is the way things are supposed to be unfolding. It will be exciting for you as you begin to notice how doing the fun things you did as a child that brought you so much joy! The life of your dreams awaits you! Don't hide these gifts. It is why you are here!



Cherish Yourself

Cherish all that is YOU! Everything we do in life affects something or someone in some way. Like a chain reaction, this ripple effect shows how connected we all are to each other in one way or another. So, we need to watch what we do because it affects all. You are not alone. Everyone you meet in life is a holy encounter. Once you get past the skin color, the hair and the clothes people wear, know you were meant to meet another special unique soul for one reason or another. How we treat others and how we handle situations should not be underestimated. From the smallest act of kindness to the grossest act of violence we are all affected. This is why it is of the utmost importance to find out what is your true joy your true calling. This way your honoring yourself and loving yourself and you will only be able to share that good inside you. If you feel discontentment, it's a wakeup call that something isn't working and you are being directed to change. It isn't that easy all the time when we all carry so much responsibility. But we need to start paying attention to what matters most and that is "Ourselves".

This is for you, just you to spend time with yourself. When you really start paying attention to the situations in life that allow you to use and enjoy your gifts this is when you will know you're on the right track. It will just feel right.

It is those individuals who feel unloved and unworthy that are out spreading hate and committing crimes against others. But, we can pray for them and hope they get the help they so badly need.

If we really try and honor our "True Selves" at any given point in life this chain reaction of good will prevail. ... and our world slowly will become better, kinder, and brighter for all. It all starts with you! One by one and the chain reaction will follow. This is my dream for me, for you, for our whole world! This is why I wrote this book! I want to leave this world a better place than how I found it...... When I delve deep inside my soul this is what I wanted for others since I was 5 or 6....... I was a peace loving happy young girl ... that felt strongly for others. ... felt strongly for justice, and loved to sing and dance and laugh and giggle........but enough about me this book is about you! Ok a little about me. I am already honoring my true self. ... in lots of little writing this book, by selling songs I've written from my heart on CD Baby, iTunes, Google and Amazon.

Trying to shine my briteness and light to the world ... but I still remain a wife, a mother, a domestic goddess. Cleaning and cooking and caring for others. Some days I love it. ... other days I need a break. But by honoring what lies deep within my soul I am caring for myself, honoring my gifts. I wish this for you ... even with baby steps. ... such as I have taken. (As I'm writing this my 2 year old is pulling my arm and making me go play outside.....) to be continued......I am living my dreams.........I've created all of them. I'm not like you, yet I am, I was created with my own own own likes and dislikes yet I still know I'm connected to everyone I encounter. I want good for all of you and want to help you discover how to reconnect to your true self that was lost along the way. Maybe that is my purpose.


Excerpted from It's All Up To You (To Feel and Be Great!) by Karen Brite. Copyright © 2016 Karen Brite. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, vii,
Preface, ix,
Chapter 1 Embarking On Your Journey, 1,
Chapter 2 You're an Original, 15,
Chapter 3 Your Unique Gifts, 25,
Chapter 4 Making Your Dreams a Reality, 45,
Chapter 5 Cherish Yourself, 55,
Chapter 6 About Me, 73,
Chapter 7 In Conclusion, 87,
About the author, 95,

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