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It's Duffy Time!

It's Duffy Time!

by Audrey Wood, Don Wood

Bestselling award-winners Don and Audrey Wood present a day in the life of an adorable pug who loves to take naps--and helps children learn how to tell time!

Loving, playful, and outgoing, Duffy makes it clear why pug dogs are one of America's most popular and beloved pets. In addition, as we follow Duffy through his gentle adventures, a clock is cleverly tucked


Bestselling award-winners Don and Audrey Wood present a day in the life of an adorable pug who loves to take naps--and helps children learn how to tell time!

Loving, playful, and outgoing, Duffy makes it clear why pug dogs are one of America's most popular and beloved pets. In addition, as we follow Duffy through his gentle adventures, a clock is cleverly tucked into each illustration, showing children the time of day-and helping them learn how to tell time!

Like most pugs, Duffy loves to sleep, and from the time he wakes for breakfast to the time he prepares for bed, Duffy's day is punctuated by delicious naps: the Before Breakfast Nap; the After Breakfast Nap; the Late Morning Nap; and so on. When his best friend, a playful girl, comes home from school, Duffy helps her with her homework, follwed by his Early Evening Nap.

With their typical wry humor, the Woods end their story with Duffy and his friend wearing matching pajamas in bed, reading a book. Is Duffy sleepy now? Of course not.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
The creators of The Napping House offer an affectionate portrait of Duffy, a good-natured, chronically sleepy pug inspired by one of their own pets. Given the emphasis on Duffy’s fondness for napping, the story is rather short on action. Between naps—there are seven throughout the day—Duffy makes a couple of outings with his owners: during a trip to the bank Duffy inexplicably wears a pirate costume (to be fair, he looks none too happy about it), and the family later takes a postprandial walk in the park. Don Wood includes images of various clocks into his paintings, indicating the hours at which Duffy naps and adding an opportunity for readers to practice telling time. The Woods’ light story closes with a dab of irony, as Duffy snuggles with his best girl for a bedtime story (they wear matching striped pajamas) and “doesn’t feel sleepy at all.” Pug lovers young and old will likely be the most enthusiastic audience for this tale, and they’ll see plenty of their own pets in Duffy, whether he’s at play or at rest. Ages 3�7. (Oct.)
Children's Literature - Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
Duffy, an appealing pug, has his own time schedule to mesh with his family's. After rising and having a bite to eat, he is told, "It's time to go out and potty," which he does, discretely behind a bush. Feeling sleepy, it is time for his BEFORE BREAKFAST nap. After gobbling his breakfast, it is time for his AFTER BREAKFAST nap. Duffy dons his pirate hat for a trip to the bank. Exhausted by the wait in line, he curls up for his LATE MORNING nap. And so it goes, through his day and the MID-DAY to EARLY AFTERNOON nap, playtime and homework time with his "best friend" home from school, the BEFORE DINNER nap (in his bowl so no one will forget to feed him) a walk in the park, his EARLY EVENING nap squeezed into his chair with his master, then preparation for bed. When finally tucked in with his best friend, somehow Duffy is not sleepy at all. We follow a naturalistic Duffy's activities through his day on single and double pages. He is remarkably expressive, and very talented at shaping himself to fit a variety of spots in his pursuit of his naps. A timepiece appears from time to time in the naturalistic illustrations to show the reader the passage of time. It is hard not to fall in love with Duffy, seen on the jacket/cover peering out from a blanket. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
School Library Journal
.PreS-K—Duffy, the Woods' dog, is clearly a pampered pet. The roly-poly, wrinkly pug takes a few minutes out from his eating time, potty time, and seven-naps-a-day time to dedicate the book to his veterinarian. Otherwise, the canine is dressed in a costume to stand in line at the bank or he greets his friend when she arrives home from school. Colorful illustrations are the highlight of this slight story, but the lack of action will turn off readers. This once-read-and-done tale takes a backseat to other picture books about dogs. Check out Carter Goodrich's humorous Say Hello to Zorro (2011) and Zorro Gets an Outfit (2012, both S & S), which cover the same topics of naps and dressing up, but will be requested for entertaining rereadings.—Maryann H. Owen, Racine Public Library, WI
Kirkus Reviews
A dog's life is a tough one, as evidenced by Duffy's busy day, which consists mostly of naps punctuated by meals. The Woods' pug's typical day includes going out to the yard to "potty," playing with his best friend and greeting his dog friends on a walk to the park. But most of the book focuses on the numerous naps Duffy takes. There are the before- and after-breakfast naps, the "late morning nap" and the "mid-day nap" that lasts through into the "early afternoon nap." Three more naps and it's bedtime, when, surprise, Duffy, dressed in pajamas that match his best friend's, isn't tired. The short sentences and relatively easy vocabulary make this a good choice for new readers, if they can get through the banality of Duffy's schedule. The inclusion of clocks in all different shapes and sizes helps readers tell how much time has passed between naps, though the younger audience may have appreciated a focus on only the hours. Throughout, Duffy's wrinkles and intense eyes reflect his emotions, especially his impatience (or is it embarrassment?) at waiting in line at the bank while dressed in a pirate costume. When it comes to books about napping, the Wood team cannot beat their own The Napping House, and while their love for their pug is obvious, in terms of fun (or even interesting) dog books, almost anything can beat this. (Picture book. 3-7)

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Scholastic, Inc.
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10.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.50(d)
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3 - 6 Years


Meet the Author

Audrey Wood has been writing award-winning children's books for more than thirty years, and she is a fourth-generation artist. She often collaborates with her husband, Caldecott Honor illustrator Don Wood (THE NAPPING HOUSE; KING BIDGOOD'S IN THE BATHTUB; IT'S DUFFY TIME!), and she created many bestselling books with their son, Bruce Wood (ALPHABET MYSTERY; TEN LITTLE FISH). Audrey has illustrated numerous popular books herself, including SILLY SALLY, A DOG NEEDS A BONE, and BLUE SKY (2012). She lives with her husband in Hawaii, under the blue sky, rain sky, and changing-all-day sky.

Don Wood is the internationally beloved illustrator of numerous classics such as IT'S DUFFY TIME!; THE NAPPING HOUSE; KING BIDGOOD'S IN THE BATHTUB; and JUBAL'S WISH. He recently wrote and illustrated his brilliant graphic novel, INTO THE VOLCANO (now in paperback, 2012). He and his wife, Audrey, live in an off-grid, untamed area of Hawaii with their three dogs, two goats, and a flock of chickens.

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