It's Good Business / Edition 1

It's Good Business / Edition 1

by Robert C. Solomon

ISBN-10: 0847688046

ISBN-13: 9780847688043

Pub. Date: 12/05/1997

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc

Robert C. Solomon takes a hard look at the treacherous terrain of ethical decision-making in a highly competitive environment.  See more details below


Robert C. Solomon takes a hard look at the treacherous terrain of ethical decision-making in a highly competitive environment.

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction Part 4 Part I: Ethics and Business: Business as Ethics Chapter 5 The One-Minute Moralist Chapter 6 Some Opening Cases Chapter 7 Why Ethics? The Myth of Amoral Business Chapter 8 A Personal Ethical Audit Chapter 9 Fantasies of Black and White: In Defense of Colors Chapter 10 Compliance, Contributions, and Consequences: The Meaning of Integrity Chapter 11 Ethics and the Law Chapter 12 The Limits of Ethics: Business Scum Chapter 13 Practices Make Perfect: A Better Way to Look at Business Chapter 14 The Question of Quality Chapter 15 The Question of Quantity: Is Big So Bad? Strategic Ethics Chapter 16 The Forces of Change: Ten Ongoing Ethical Challenges Chapter 17 The Strategic Ethical Response Chapter 18 Thinking Ethics: The Rules of the Game Chapter 19 How to Make a Decision: Eleven Steps to Ethical Problem Solving Chapter 20 The Buck Stops Somewhere: Responsibility Chapter 21 From Micro to Macro: Seven Levels of Business Ethics Part 22 Part II: Motivation, Money, and Morals: Micro-Ethics Chapter 23 Beyond the Profit Motive Chapter 24 The Entrepreneur: A Hero for Our Time? Business and the Good Life Chapter 25 Having Fun—and Looking Out for Number One Chapter 26 Everything Money Can Buy Chapter 27 Playing Games: Business and the Casino Culture Chapter 28 The Ethics of Game Theory Chapter 29 Business and Poker: A Dangerous Analogy Chapter 30 Is It Ever Right to Lie? (On Truth in Advertising) Chapter 31 Morality: The Basic Rules Chapter 32 The Motivation of Morality Chapter 33 Ethical Styles Chapter 34 An Ethical Styles Questionnaire Chapter 35 Strategic Planning—For the Good Life Part 36 Part III: In, Out, and Up The Organization: Molar Ethics Chapter 37 What Do You Do? Corporate Cultures Chapter 38 Corporate Ethics Chapter 39 Corporate Culture and Ethics Checklist Chapter 40 Ends, Means, and Methods: The Rationality of Business Chapter 41 Ethics, Efficiency, and Effectiveness Chapter 42 As Easy as X, Y, Z: The Meaning of Management Chapter 43 Pressure and Pyramids: Authority and Autonomy Chapter 44 Lost in the Corporation: Moral Mazes Chapter 45 Corporate Codes of Ethics Chapter 46 The Ethical Advocate: The Board of Directors Chapter 47 Corporate Loyalty Chapter 48 A Good Day's Work: The Eclipse of Merit Chapter 49 Corporate Poison, The System Problem Chapter 50 Corporate pathology Chapter 51 Blowing the Whistle Chapter 52 The Internal Ethical Audit Part 53 Part IV: Social Responsibility: Society and the Stakeholder Chapter 54 Why Social Responsibility? "Impact" and the Stakeholder Chapter 55 Friedman's Paradox Chapter 56 The Puzzle of Corporate Responsibility Chapter 57 The Seven Deadly Corporate Sins Chapter 58 Mergers and Acquisitions: The Ethical Dimension Chapter 59 Liability in a Litigious Society Chapter 60 Fairness in the Corporation, Justice in the Marketplace Chapter 61 The Tragic Antagonism Between Labor and Management Chapter 62 Equality and Equal Opportunity Chapter 63 Legal Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights Chapter 64 The Right to Dignity: "Harassment" and Sex in the Office Chapter 65 The Environment: The Silent Stakeholder Chapter 66 Noblesse Oblige: Business and Culture Chapter 67 The Social-Responsibility Audit Part 68 Part V: The New World of Business: A Macro-Ethical View Chapter 69 Is the Free Market Fair? Spinoza's Worm Chapter 70 Economics and Ethics: An Untenable Dualism Chapter 71 Why Business? The Judgment of History: The Ascent of Free Enterprise Chapter 72 Classical Capitalism: Adam Smith Chapter 73 The Marx Brothers: Questions That Won't Go Away Chapter 74 An Ethical View of Capitalism: Costs and Benefits Chapter 75 Beating the Bogeyman: Regulation and Business Revisited Chapter 76 International Ethics: When in Rome, or Tokyo, or . . . Chapter 77 Conclusion: What Do We Stand For? People or Profits? Chapter 78 Index

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