It's Magic [Bear Family]

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All Music Guide - Bruce Eder
Six CDs of 145 songs covering seven hours probably seems like overkill, but this three-year span of Doris Day's career is an extraordinary body of music, covering her transition from swing band vocalist to one of the great pop vocalists of this century, an interpreter ranked right in the same league back then with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Tony Bennett. In the wake of her late-'50s/early-'60s movie comedies, it would take an MTV Unplugged-type release, a la Tony Bennett, to make modern listeners understand just how hot and cool Doris Day was as a singer -- or listening to this set. Disc One chronicles her superb re-emergence as a vocalist in a solo career in 1947, ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Bruce Eder
Six CDs of 145 songs covering seven hours probably seems like overkill, but this three-year span of Doris Day's career is an extraordinary body of music, covering her transition from swing band vocalist to one of the great pop vocalists of this century, an interpreter ranked right in the same league back then with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Tony Bennett. In the wake of her late-'50s/early-'60s movie comedies, it would take an MTV Unplugged-type release, a la Tony Bennett, to make modern listeners understand just how hot and cool Doris Day was as a singer -- or listening to this set. Disc One chronicles her superb re-emergence as a vocalist in a solo career in 1947, still doing swing-style material, but the disc also catches the growing sophistication of her material and her style. Disc Two is highlighted by several beguiling duets between Day and Buddy Clark and one, "Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk," awith Frank Sinatra, as well as a handful of previously unreleased outtakes. Disc Three may be the weakest of the six, weighted down as it is with a few novelty and Christmas songs, but it also soars elegantly with her interpretation of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" and a ton of additional successful pop numbers. The Doris Day/Dinah Shore duet "It's Better to Conceal Than Reveal" is too cute for words as a Latin-flavored novelty tune, but their rendition of Irving Berlin's "You Can Have Him" makes up for the other number's shortcomings. Disc Four shows Day devoting more of her time to cutting songs from her movies, which were still very strong -- her interpretive skills also shine on songs like the sultry "With You Anyway You Are." We also get a taste of things to come in "Save a Little Sunbeam," a quirky upbeat pop number of the sort that -- in its worst form which this track is not -- helped cede mainstream music to rock & roll. Here renditions of "Tea For Two" and "I Only Have Eyes For You" are a good counteractive to the quirkier tunes here. Disc Five is actually stronger -- Day's duets with Gene Nelson are a lot of fun -- and holds up extremely well. Disc Six is made up of the last of the 1950 sessions, and is filled out with a dozen previously unreleased outtakes. The box comes with a 90-page hardcover book that chronicles Day's life and career up to the last of the sessions here, from 1950, augmented with lots of photos and a full sessionography. The box is expensive, and it's easiest for the true fanatic to justify it, although once one hears the songs, it's also easy to get hooked.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 6/27/1994
  • Label: Imports
  • EAN: 4000127156099
  • Catalog Number: 15609
  • Sales rank: 190,189


Disc 1
  1. 1 It Takes Time (2:58)
  2. 2 Pete (3:18)
  3. 3 My Young and Foolish Heart (2:57)
  4. 4 Tell Me, Dream Face (What Am I to You?) (2:54)
  5. 5 I'm Still Sitting Under the Apple Tree (3:01)
  6. 6 Just an Old Love of Mine (3:18)
  7. 7 A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night (3:00)
  8. 8 When Tonight Is Just a Memory (2:57)
  9. 9 That's the Way He Does It (3:00)
  10. 10 Why Should We Both Be Lonely? (2:54)
  11. 11 Papa, Won't You Dance With Me? (2:30)
  12. 12 Say Something Nice About Me Baby (3:02)
  13. 13 It's Magic (3:27)
  14. 14 Just Imagine (3:03)
  15. 15 Pretty Baby (3:02)
  16. 16 Confess - Buddy Clark (3:00)
  17. 17 Love Somebody - Buddy Clark (3:04)
  18. 18 Tacos, Enchilados and Beans (2:52)
  19. 19 No Moon at All (3:11)
  20. 20 Put 'Em in a Box, Tie 'Em With a Ribbon (And Throw 'Em in the Deep ...) (3:06)
  21. 21 Imagination (3:18)
  22. 22 It's the Sentimental Thing to Do (3:19)
  23. 23 I've Only Myself to Blame (3:24)
  24. 24 Thoughtless (3:10)
  25. 25 It's a Quiet Town (In Crossbone County) (2:21)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Someone Like You (2:50)
  2. 2 My Dream Is Yours (3:10)
  3. 3 I'm in Love - Buddy Clark (2:14)
  4. 4 It's You or No One (3:18)
  5. 5 My Darling, My Darling - Buddy Clark (2:34)
  6. 6 That Certain Party - Buddy Clark (2:10)
  7. 7 His Fraternity Pin - Buddy Clark (2:53)
  8. 8 His Fraternity Pin - Buddy Clark (3:10)
  9. 9 If You Will Marry Me - Buddy Clark (3:18)
  10. 10 You Was - Buddy Clark (2:46)
  11. 11 I'll String Along With You - Buddy Clark (3:12)
  12. 12 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile, Smile, Smile) - Buddy Clark (2:36)
  13. 13 Don't Gamble With Romance (2:40)
  14. 14 I'm Beginning to Miss You (3:06)
  15. 15 That Old Feeling (3:04)
  16. 16 When Your Lover Has Gone (2:59)
  17. 17 You Go to My Head (2:53)
  18. 18 How It Lies, How It Lies, How It Lies (2:47)
  19. 19 If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (3:27)
  20. 20 Everywhere You Go (2:24)
  21. 21 Again (2:49)
  22. 22 (Where Are You) Now That I Need You (2:26)
  23. 23 Blame My Absent Minded Heart (2:35)
  24. 24 Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk - Frank Sinatra (3:00)
Disc 3
  1. 1 You're My Thrill (2:57)
  2. 2 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (2:44)
  3. 3 At the Cafe Rendezvous (2:51)
  4. 4 It's a Great Feeling (2:33)
  5. 5 It's Better to Conceal Than Reveal - Dinah Shore (3:10)
  6. 6 You Can Have Him - Dinah Shore (3:26)
  7. 7 Sometimes I'm Happy (2:37)
  8. 8 Land of Love (3:16)
  9. 9 I Didn't Know What Time It Was (3:06)
  10. 10 I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (2:46)
  11. 11 The Last Mile Home (3:19)
  12. 12 Canadian Capers (2:41)
  13. 13 Here Comes Santa Claus (2:39)
  14. 14 Ol' Saint Nicholas (2:25)
  15. 15 It's on the Tip of My Tongue (3:14)
  16. 16 The River Seine (3:00)
  17. 17 (It Happened at the) Festival of Roses (3:03)
  18. 18 The Three Rivers (The Allegheny, Susquehanna and the Old Monongahela) (2:54)
  19. 19 (There's A) Bluebird on Your Windowsill (2:06)
  20. 20 Crocodile Tears (2:53)
  21. 21 The Game of Broken Hearts (2:58)
  22. 22 Quicksilver (2:14)
  23. 23 I'll Never Slip Around Again (2:32)
  24. 24 I Don't Wanna Be Kissed by Anyone But You (2:36)
Disc 4
  1. 1 With You (Anywhere You Are) (3:21)
  2. 2 Save a Little Sunbeam (For a Rainy, Rainy Day) (2:21)
  3. 3 Mama, What'll I Do (2:51)
  4. 4 I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers) (3:01)
  5. 5 Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) (2:31)
  6. 6 I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful) (3:03)
  7. 7 The Very Thought of You (3:02)
  8. 8 Too Marvelous for Words (3:17)
  9. 9 With a Song in My Heart (3:10)
  10. 10 Spesh'lly You (2:58)
  11. 11 Marriage Ties (2:53)
  12. 12 Before I Loved You (2:36)
  13. 13 I Went a Wooing (2:52)
  14. 14 I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, I Fell (2:55)
  15. 15 Hoop-Dee-Doo (2:11)
  16. 16 I Can't Get Over a Boy Like You (Loving a Girl Like Me) (3:28)
  17. 17 I've Forgotten You (3:22)
  18. 18 I'll Be Around (3:10)
  19. 19 Darn That Dream (3:21)
  20. 20 Here in My Arms (3:07)
  21. 21 Tea for Two (3:14)
  22. 22 I Only Have Eyes for You (3:21)
  23. 23 Do Do Do (2:33)
  24. 24 Crazy Rhythm - Gene Nelson (2:25)
Disc 5
  1. 1 I Know That You Know - Doris Day & Gene Nelson (2:50)
  2. 2 Oh Me! Oh My! Oh You! - Gene Nelson (2:29)
  3. 3 I Want to Be Happy (2:42)
  4. 4 He's Such a Gentleman (3:15)
  5. 5 A Load of Hay (2:51)
  6. 6 I Love the Way You Say Goodnight (2:48)
  7. 7 Orange Colored Sky (2:48)
  8. 8 The Comb and Paper Polka (2:47)
  9. 9 Pumpernickel (2:23)
  10. 10 You Are My Sunshine (2:20)
  11. 11 The Everlasting Arms (3:19)
  12. 12 David's Psalm (2:54)
  13. 13 Christmas Story (3:11)
  14. 14 I've Never Been in Love Before (3:05)
  15. 15 A Bushel and a Peck (2:50)
  16. 16 You Love Me (3:11)
  17. 17 The Best Thing for You (3:19)
  18. 18 If I Were a Bell (2:49)
  19. 19 Silver Bells (2:46)
  20. 20 It's a Lovely Day Today (3:00)
  21. 21 From This Moment On (2:53)
  22. 22 I Am Loved (3:00)
  23. 23 Nobody's Chasing Me (2:54)
  24. 24 Ten Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-Two Sheep (2:57)
Disc 6
  1. 1 You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me (2:55)
  2. 2 Somebody Loves Me (2:50)
  3. 3 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (3:19)
  4. 4 Just One of Those Things (2:20)
  5. 5 Lullaby of Broadway (2:30)
  6. 6 I Love the Way You Say Goodnight (3:04)
  7. 7 In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town (2:55)
  8. 8 Fine and Dandy (2:49)
  9. 9 Lullaby of Broadway (2:53)
  10. 10 Would I Love You (Love You, Love You) (3:03)
  11. 11 Say Something Nice About Me Baby (3:03)
  12. 12 It's Magic (3:27)
  13. 13 Pretty Baby (3:04)
  14. 14 Thoughtless (3:13)
  15. 15 It's You or No One (3:18)
  16. 16 My Darling, My Darling - Buddy Clark (2:29)
  17. 17 That Certain Party - Buddy Clark (2:10)
  18. 18 That Certain Party - Buddy Clark (2:09)
  19. 19 Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk - Frank Sinatra (3:05)
  20. 20 You're My Thrill (2:56)
  21. 21 I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers) (3:01)
  22. 22 Here in My Arms (3:09)
  23. 23 I Only Have Eyes for You (3:24)
  24. 24 Do Do Do (2:32)
  25. 25 I Want to Be Happy (2:39)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Doris Day Primary Artist, Vocals
Dinah Shore Vocals, Track Performer
Frank Sinatra Vocals, Track Performer
Louie Bellson Drums
Harry James Trumpet, Leader
Dave Pell Saxophone
Gus Bivona Clarinet
Billy Butterfield Trumpet
Ziggy Elman Trumpet
Bob Haggart Bass
Ray Noble Leader
Arnold Ross Piano
Babe Russin Saxophone
Heine Beau Saxophone
Page Cavanaugh Piano, Leader
George Van Eps Guitar
Jack Marshall Guitar
The Modernaires Vocals
George Siravo Leader
Norman Luboff Leader
Bob Bain Guitar
Foy Willing Guitar
George Greeley Piano
Felix Slatkin Violin
Si Zentner Trombone
Frankie Yankovic Leader
Mitchell Ayres Leader
Frank Beach Trumpet
Cy Bernard Cello
Johnny Blowers Drums
Don Bonnee Saxophone
Lou Bring Leader
Maurice Brown Cello
Frederick Buldrini Violin
Ernie Caceres Saxophone
Red Callender Bass
John Cave Horn
Frank Chase Saxophone
Geoff Clarkson Piano
Frank Comstock Leader
Conrad Gozzo Trumpet
James Cook Saxophone
Gene Corcoran Saxophone
Irving Cottler Drums
John Cyr Drums
George M. "Jud" DeNaut Bass
Art Drelinger Clarinet
Jack Dumont Saxophone
Arnold Eidus Violin
Nick Fatool Drums
Harold Feldman Oboe
Don Ferris Piano
Frank Flynn Drums
David Frisina Violin
Gordon Griffin Trumpet
Sid Harris Violin
Allan Harshman Viola
Herbie Haymer Saxophone
Abraham Hochstein Viola
Hugo Winterhalter Leader
Jules Jacob Saxophone
George Jenkins Trombone
Kathyrine Julye Harp
George Kast Violin
Harry Katzman Violin
Jules Kinsler Saxophone
Eddie Kusby Trombone
Ronald Langinger Saxophone
Ray Leatherwood Bass
Dan Lube Violin
Edgar Lustgarten Cello
Bruce MacDonald Piano
Ann Mason Harp
Jack Mills Drums
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello Saxophone
Erno Neufeld Violin
Ralph Osborne Trumpet
Page Cavanaugh Trio Ensemble
Danny Perri Electric Guitar
Bob Poland Saxophone
Albert Pollan Bass
Uan Rasey Trumpet
Allan Reuss Guitar
Les Robinson Saxophone
Paul Robyn Viola
Isadore Roman Violin
David Rose Leader
Ted Rosen Violin
Mischa Russell Violin
John Ryan Bass
Art Ryerson Guitar
Julius Schachter Violin
William Schaffer Trombone
George Seaberg Trumpet
Paul Shure Violin
Joseph Singer French Horn
Marshall Sosson Violin
Jack Sperling Drums
Phil Stephens Bass
David Sterkin Viola
Phil Stevens Bass
Alvin Stoller Drums
Robert Stone Bass
Axel Stordahl Leader
Fred Stulce Saxophone
Juan Tizol Trombone
Gerald Vinci Violin
George Wendt Trumpet
Eunice Wennermark Violin
Gary White Viola
George Wyle Conductor, Leader
Jack Zayde Violin
Larry Breen Bass
Samuel Cytron Violin
Alton Hendrickson Guitar
Irving Horowitz Saxophone
Eleanor Slatkin Cello
Sam Weiss Drums
Milton DeLugg Accordion
Solomon Deutsch Viola
Joseph R. Gibbons Guitar
Ray Hagan Drums
Murray Kellner Violin
Irving Lipschultz Cello
Mellomen Background Vocals
Frank Messina Accordion
Theo M. Nash Saxophone
Richard L. Noel Trombone
Herman Shertzer Saxophone
Melvin "Red" Solomon Trumpet
Fred T. Tavares Steel Guitar
Dominick Buono Trumpet
Carl Loeffler Trombone
Vito Mumolo Guitar
Theodore Nash Saxophone
Nick Pisani Violin
Mascagni Ruffo Saxophone
Olcott Vail Violin
Lloyd W. Hildebrand Saxophone
Carl Prager Saxophone
Herman Alpert Bass
Henry Beau Saxophone
Emmett Callen Saxophone
Werner Callies Violin
May Hogan Cambern Harp
Fred Dornbach Saxophone
Sam Freed Violin
Alex Gershunoff Saxophone
Maurice Hershaft Violin
Bernard Kaufman Saxophone
Emanuel Klein Trumpet
Edward Kuczborski Trombone
Paul Lowenkron Viola
Mark McIntyre Piano
Sam Middleman Violin
William Miller Viola
Jimmy Palmer Trombone
Maurice Perlmutter Viola
Carl Poole Trumpet
Joe Quadri Violin
Billy Rauch Trombone
Henry Ross Saxophone
Jack Satterfield Trombone
Pinky Savitt Trumpet
Elmer Smithers Trombone
Stanley Spiegelman Viola
William Stegmeyer Clarinet
Joe Yukl Trombone
Rubin Zarchy Trumpet
Irving Edelman Bass
Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks Ensemble
Louie Bellson & His Jazz Orchestra Drums
Ray Linn & the Chicago Stompers Trumpet
Marvin Wright Piano
Gordon Green Saxophone
Charlie Margulis Trumpet
Arthur Shapiro Bass
Harold Furmansky Viola
Charles Gifford Trumpet
William Guy Trumpet
John Rarig Leader
Rev. John Sewell Cello
Buddy Clark Vocals
Anthony Russo Trombone
Louis Singer Drums
Lennie Hartman Saxophone
Arthur Bernstein Bass
Arthur Cleghorn Flute
Roaul Poliakane Violin
Wilton Yaner Saxophone
Salvator Armenta Bongos
Mitchell Ayres & His Fashions in Music Leader
Gene Nelson Vocals, Track Performer
Edward Rosa Saxophone
William McLeish Smith Saxophone
Wolfie Tannenbaum Saxophone
Irwin George Trumpet
Alayne Leslie Bass
Rubin "Zeke" Zahcht Trumpet
Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra Performing Ensemble
Ken Lane Singers Background Vocals
Henry James Trumpet, Leader
Robert Simmers Guitar
Irving Weinper Violin
Heimann Weinstine Violin
Milton W. Raskin Piano
Dave Harris Saxophone
Edwin Cole Piano
Henry Hill Violin
Paul T. Smith Piano
Everett McDonald Trumpet
John Paul Gerardi Violin
Edwin Lamar "Buddy" Cole Piano
Buddy Cole Quartet Ensemble
Anthony Cardoni Accordion
Murray Choan Saxophone
Philip H. Cook Trumpet
Victor DeRosa French Horn
George Brown Viola
David Robbins Trombone
Robert Lawson Saxophone
Norman Luboff Choir Background Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Arthur Frantz Horn
George Siravo & His Orchestra Performing Ensemble
Vincent Terri Guitar
Technical Credits
George Gershwin Composer
Harry James Composer
James P. Johnson Composer
Ray Noble Arranger
Vincent Youmans Composer
Mitch Miller Producer
George Siravo Arranger
Frank Loesser Composer
Howard Barnes Composer
Johnny Burke Composer
Frank Comstock Arranger
Henry Creamer Composer
Buddy DeSylva Composer
Ira Gershwin Composer
Buddy Kaye Composer
Al Lewis Composer
Ballard MacDonald Composer
Ted Murray Composer
David Rose Arranger
Bob Russell Composer
Sam H. Stept Composer
James Van Heusen Composer
Harry Warren Revision
Paul Francis Webster Composer
Mark Wilder Tape Research
George Wyle Arranger, Composer
Joseph F. Laredo Liner Notes, Biographical Information
Milton DeLugg Composer
Ethelbert Nevin Composer
Little Jack Little Composer
Phil Wells Tape Comparison
Dave Mann Composer
Rebecca Everett Mastering
Richard Weize Reissue Producer, Tape Research
Ralph Blane Revision
John Rarig Arranger
Charles Tobias Composer
Holger Von Bargen Art Direction
Joe Young Composer
Jack Mathias Arranger
Sidney Clare Composer
Jay Gorney Composer
Carl G. Lampl Composer
Jack Matthias Arranger
John Siras Composer
Harold Spina Composer
Willie Stein Composer
Martin Broones Composer
Gus Chandler Composer
Henry Cohen Composer
Bert White Composer
Edward Pola Composer
Buddy Pepper Composer
Michael Feahy Composer
Pauline Walsh Composer
Parker Composer
R. Freed Composer
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