Ivy Benson and Her All Girl Band

Ivy Benson and Her All Girl Band

by Ivy Benson

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Release Date:
Harlequin Records


  1. The Home Coming Waltz  - Ivy Benson
  2. We Mustn't Say Goodbye  - Ivy Benson
  3. Stardust  - Ivy Benson
  4. I'm Getting Sentimental over You  - Ivy Benson
  5. If I Had My Way  - Ivy Benson
  6. Tell Me the Truth  - Ivy Benson
  7. How Sweet You Are  - Ivy Benson
  8. It Can't Be Wrong  - Ivy Benson
  9. By the River of the Roses  - Ivy Benson
  10. I Dream in the Arms of My Darling  - Ivy Benson
  11. There's a Ship Rolling Home  - Ivy Benson
  12. I'm Sending My Blessings  - Ivy Benson
  13. A Tree in the Meadow  - Ivy Benson
  14. I'm in the Mood for Love  - Ivy Benson
  15. Turn over a New Leaf  - Ivy Benson
  16. I Cover the Waterfront  - Ivy Benson
  17. Once upon a Wintertime  - Ivy Benson
  18. I Never Knew  - Ivy Benson
  19. Jealousy  - Ivy Benson
  20. Not So Quiet, Please  - Ivy Benson
  21. Lemon Drop  - Ivy Benson
  22. Lover  - Ivy Benson
  23. Lady Bird  - Ivy Benson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ivy Benson   Primary Artist,Alto,Clarinet
Pat O'Hara   Trombone
Jack Jackson & His Band   Compere
Kay Yorston   Vocals
Sonia Barton   Trumpet
Edna Wayne   Baritone
Irene Boynton   Baritone
Mabel Willis Browne   Violin,Viola
Dorothy Burgess   Trumpet
Bette Caddy   Tenor (Vocal)
Irene Cain   Alto
Norma Cameron   Alto
Margaret Chappell   Bass
Marie Cleve   Drums
Gracie Cole   Trumpet
Eunice Cox   Alto
Ursula Creber   Piano
Vi Ebbs   Bass
Sylvia England   Trumpet
Elsie Ford   Bass
Norah Smalley   Violin
Georgina   Vocals
Rita Williams Singers   Vocals

Technical Credits

John Lee Hooker   Composer
Tadd Dameron   Composer
George Wallington   Composer
Sy Oliver   Composer
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Jimmy Kennedy   Composer
Noel Gay   Composer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Bernard Besman   Composer
Dubin   Composer
Kenneth Essex   Arranger
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Kim Gannon   Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Max Steiner   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
W. Reid   Composer
George Bassman   Composer
Tony Middleton   Liner Notes
Ted Fio Rito   Composer
Charlie Crump   Remastering
James V. Monaco   Composer
Vera Bloom   Composer
Johnnie Mae Dunson   Composer
Jacob Gade   Composer
Kendis   Composer
Leon Young   Arranger
Lou Klein   Composer

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