Jagger Unauthorized

Jagger Unauthorized

by Christopher P. Andersen

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Ilene Cooper
"I couldn't bear to wind up as an Elvis Presley and sing in Las Vegas with all those housewives and old ladies coming in with their handbags. It's really sick." So said Mick Jagger, America's oldest bad-boy rocker (bisexual version) in 1972. Still drawing crowds today--not only Boomers but their children and, who knows, maybe even a few grandchildren--Jagger obviously thinks there's more to do musically. Personally, he's done it all, as Andersen, who has also taken an unauthorized look at Madonna, breathlessly revealed. Pulling back every bed cover in Jagger's life, Andersen exposes affairs with Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, and possibly (but only possibly) Princess Margaret, among many unknown others. On the male side, he links Jagger with Rudolf Nureyev and Eric Clapton. Heavy on the singer's early-to-mid career, the book does provide a look at his growing-up years as well as the recent, more settled period (though Jerry Hall would probably disagree with that assessment). As glitzy as its mylar cover (with embossed Jaggers on front and back), this is certain to make a splash. Source notes back up the anecdotes, and Andersen seems to have done his homework. Dish-wise, this leaves no stone unturned.

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