The Jaguar Knights (Chronicle of the King's Blades Series #3)

The Jaguar Knights (Chronicle of the King's Blades Series #3)

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by Dave Duncan

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The realm's most feared swordsman, Sir Wolf has earned his name, the "King's Killer," well. Unlike many of his brother Blades, however, Wolf detests his sworn duty to do the bloody bidding of a liege he can never respect. But when an impregnable fortress is breached and a former royal mistress is abducted by brazen assailants, Wolf must leap into the


The realm's most feared swordsman, Sir Wolf has earned his name, the "King's Killer," well. Unlike many of his brother Blades, however, Wolf detests his sworn duty to do the bloody bidding of a liege he can never respect. But when an impregnable fortress is breached and a former royal mistress is abducted by brazen assailants, Wolf must leap into the fray.

Burdened with the company of his disgraced brother, Sir Lynx—the only Blade ever to lose his ward and live—and shadowed by a mysterious Inquisitor with a secret agenda, Wolf must make his way across a landscape of nightmares vivid and terrible enough to chill any fearless heart. For somewhere in this dark, unfamiliar world, the fate of all Chivial hangs in the balance—and it is the destiny of one reluctant Blade to tip the scales to salvation . . . or doom.

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Publishers Weekly
In his latest energetic fantasy set in the medieval land of Chivial (after 2003's Impossible Odds), Canadian author Duncan provides a feast of sword and sorcery, mystery and romance, featuring knights whose wits and words are as sharp as their edged weapons. Sir Wolf, known as the "King's Killer," wishes to find solitude after years of obeying the orders of a king he both doubts and mistrusts. When a royal mistress is abducted, Wolf's hope for peace is shattered. Searching for the kidnapped lady, he is joined by an inquisitor and his troubled younger brother, Sir Lyne, both of whom challenge Wolf's outlook on life and duty. After increasingly bitter and exciting battles with one another and the magically empowered kidnappers, the uneasy brotherhood finally stumbles onto revelations that threaten to reveal unwelcome truths about Chivial itself. Duncan's voice is accessible, his pacing breakneck and his unadorned style makes the impossible seem probable. Agent, Richard Curtis. (On sale Sept. 28) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
When the King's former mistress, Celeste, is abducted from her Tower and taken to a land beyond the sea, the King's Blade (sworn soldier), known as Sir Wolf, is assigned to bring her back. When he discovers that the inquisitor accompanying him is not who he thinks he is, Wolf's life suddenly becomes both simpler and more complicated. Duncan's latest addition to his popular "King's Blade" series introduces a new part of the world of Chivial, with its jungles, pyramids, and strange beasts. Libraries owning the previous volumes (The Gilded Chain, Lord of the Fire Lands) should add this to their fantasy collections. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Another of Duncan's fantasies about the King's Blades (Impossible Odds, 2003, etc.), superhumanly skillful swordsmen/bodyguards magically bound to defend their ward to the death. Sir Wolf, he of the fearsomely scarred and twisted visage, is known as the King's Killer, but Wolf and King Athelgar of Chivial are united only in their mutual loathing. Once Athelgar grew tired of his mistress Celeste, he banished her to a remote and supposedly impregnable fortress-yet, somehow, warriors breach the fortress and abduct Celeste. Sir Lynx, Wolf's brother, barely survives the assault. The king orders Wolf, along with young, beautiful Dolores Hogwood, a Dark Council Inquisitor (this sounds exciting, but few details emerge) with advanced magical expertise, to investigate. Dolores has her own agenda: to recruit Wolf. The warriors who abducted Celeste were huge, armed with glass swords, bedizened with gold, feathers, and jewels-and their catlike claws, fangs, and fur appear to be real! Moreover, they were transported magically across the ocean in an instant-a feat far beyond the capabilities of the Dark Council. The assailants, Wolf determines, originated in remote Tlixilia, a tropical empire that King Diego of Distlain is currently attempting to subdue. A determined expedition might form an alliance with Tlixilia against Distlain, rescue Celeste-and, Dolores speculates, make her fortune if she can learn the secrets of Tlixilian magic. Wolf knows it won't be that easy. Lynx has already vanished, heading for Tlixilia: he's Celeste's bound Blade, impelled by his binding to return to her side no matter what. Lackluster: Duncan simply grafts on some magic to an obvious real-world historical backdrop. Aseries that's run out of steam.

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Chronicle of the King's Blades Series , #3
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The Jaguar Knights
A Chronicle of the King's Blades

Chapter One

The master first lets slip
his best hounds

Something was up. The Royal Guard liked to think it knew all the news and heard it before anyone else did, but that day it had been shut out. The morning watch had been on duty for two hours already, but Commander Vicious had not arrived to hold the daily inspection and the graveyard shift had not yet been stood down. They were supposedly attending the King, who was meeting with senior advisors in the council chamber. Absurd! Even during the worst panics of the Thencaster Conspiracy, three years ago, Athelgar had never summoned his cabinet in the middle of the night.

Deputy Commander Lyon must have some idea what was going on, but he refused to admit it. Infuriatingly, he just sat behind his desk in the guardroom, reading a book of poetry -- Lyon not only read poetry, he wrote it too, yet he was a fine swordsman, subtle and unpredictable.The half-dozen Blades sustaining the permanent dice game under the window were doing so halfheartedly, grumbling more than gambling. Sir Wolf was polishing his boots in a corner -- Wolf never read poetry, was never invited into the games, and cared not a fig what folly the King was pursuing this time.

The park beyond the frost-spangled panes was all pen-and-ink, stark white-and-black, sun-bright snow and cadaver trees under a sky of anemic blue, for this was Secondmoon of 395, the coldest winter in memory. Nocare, with its high ceilings and huge windows, was a summer palace, impossible to heat in cold weather. The King had moved the court there on some inexplicable whim and could not return it to poky old Greymere as long as the roads were blocked by snowdrifts. Courtiers slunk around unhappily, huddled in furs and muttering under their smoky breath.

Innumerable feet shuffled past the guardroom door: gentry, heralds, pages, porters, stewards,White Sisters, Household Yeomen. No one paid any heed until a rapid tattoo of heel taps raised every head. Blades knew the sound of Guard boots, and these were in a hurry.

Wolf went on polishing his left one.

In marched Sir Damon, still wearing his sash as officer in charge of the night watch. The kibitzers by the window exchanged shocked glances.The matter was much more than routine if Sir Vicious had sent a senior Blade as messenger, instead of a junior or just a page.

Damon glanced around the room, then bent to whisper something to Lyon. Lyon turned to Wolf.

"Leader wants you."

Wolf put foot in boot and stamped. "Where?"

Damon said, "Council Chamber. He's still with the Pirate's Son."

At the dice table, eyebrows rose even higher. The Pirate's Son was King Athelgar. It was common knowledge that Vicious preferred to keep Sir Wolf out of the King's sight, so if Wolf was wanted now, it was because the King had called for him by name.

Wolf was the King's Killer.

Ignoring the rabble's surprise, Wolf strode across to the mirror and looked himself over with care. Like all Blades he was of middle height, slim and athletic, but he was invariably the best-turned-out man in the Guard -- boots and sword belt gleaming like glass, not a wrinkle in his hose nor speck of dust marring his jerkin. He adjusted the feather in his bonnet an imperceptible amount and turned away. He did not examine his face. No one looked at that horror unless they must.

Exchanging nods with a lip-chewing Lyon, he strode out into the corridor, and Damon fell into step beside him. Together they marched along marble corridors, past statuary and tapestries. Courtiers stared with interest at two senior members of the Royal Guard moving at an urgent clip. Word that the King had sent for the infamous Sir Wolf would spread like fire in dry grass.

So what was up? The last time Wolf had been summoned to the royal presence, Athelgar had named him -- over Leader's objections -- to lead the Elboro mission, which had required him to kill two brother Blades. It had not been the first such filthy job the Pirate's Son had given him, either, and Wolf 's written report afterwards had let Athelgar Radgaring know exactly what he thought of his liege lord. Moreover, since Leader had not ordered him to rewrite it, it had warned His Majesty that others shared those opinions.The Guard had been shorthanded back then, else Wolf might have been thrown in a dungeon for some of the comments in that report. In the two years since,Vicious had kept him well away from the King.

What had changed? Well, the Guard was up to strength now, so one possibility was that Athelgar was going to award him the Order of the Royal Boot. That was highly unlikely. Knowing how Wolf felt about him, Athelgar was more likely to keep the King's Killer bound to absolute loyalty forever -- safer that way.

Another possibility was that the Pirate's Son wanted someone murdered. Blades were bound by oath and conjuration to defend their ward from his enemies, not to commit crimes on royal whims, but defense could cover a multitude of nasty situations.

Wolf saw anger in Damon's tightly clenched jaw. Damon was a decent man, not one of those who carried grudges against the King's Killer.

"Any hints, brother?"

"Dunno anything. Huntley and Flint rode in about four hours ago."

"Ah! And Leader wakened the Pirate's Son?"

"They've been in council ever since. No one's allowed in or out except inquisitors. A plague of inquisitors!"

That news merely deepened the mystery. Sir Flint and Sir Huntley were typical examples of Blades who failed to find a real life after being knighted and discharged from the Guard. Both men were in their fifties, idling away years at Ironhall, instructing boys in fencing and horsemanship, yet still hankering after the sins of the city ...

The Jaguar Knights
A Chronicle of the King's Blades
. Copyright © by Dave Duncan. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Dave Duncan is an award-winning author whose fantasy trilogy, The Seventh Sword, is considered a sword-and-sorcery classic. His numerous novels include three Tales of the King's Blades — The Gilded Chain, Lord of the Fire Lands, and Sky of Swords; Paragon Lost, a previous Chronicle of the King’s Blades; Strings, Hero; the popular tetralogies A Man of His Word and A Handful of Men; and the remarkable, critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy The Great Game.

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Jaguar Knights (Chronicle of the King's Blades Series #3) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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harstan More than 1 year ago
He is the King¿s Blade, bound to the monarch in a binding magical spell that forces him to protect his liege lord even though Sir Wolf despises the sneaky and untrustworthy royal. King Athelgar sends Sir Wolf and the Inquisitor Delores (a magic practitioner) to the Fortress of Quondom where raiders made off with the regal cast-off mistress Celeste. When the duo arrives they find magic was used to cause genocide and strange ornaments and curios unknown in Chivrial were left behind by the invaders who managed to escape........................... Even more perplexing is finding a human arm with the claw of a jaguar on it. Delores does not recognize the magic used here, but they learn that the warriors come from the island of El Dorado in the little known lands across the sea. The pair travels there hoping to uncover the secrets of the strange magic and why the assault happened. This quest is not easy because El Dorado is an island at war with Distlain; the islanders have plans to stop them at all costs. .............................. THE JAGUAR KNIGHTS is a fascinating sword and sorcery fantasy that takes place for the mots part far away from Chivrial. There is plenty of action and romance as the Blade and the Inquisitor go on their grand adventure together. Dave Duncan¿s Blade series is an Indiana Jones-Lara Croft action thriller with magic a part of the storyline to add an extra spell on readers. Mr. Duncan continues to raise the S&S bar of excellence that few can achieve..................... Harriet Klausner