Jalamanta: A Message from the Desert

Jalamanta: A Message from the Desert

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by Rudolfo Anaya, Anaya
Rudolfo Anaya returns to the deeply spiritual themes of his hugely popular "Bless Me, Ultima" with this insightful tale of a prophet and his message to save humankind from itself.


Rudolfo Anaya returns to the deeply spiritual themes of his hugely popular "Bless Me, Ultima" with this insightful tale of a prophet and his message to save humankind from itself.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Anaya's preachy New Age parable is a sharp departure from the yeasty realism that won him a large readership for novels like Bless Me, Ultima and Alburquerque. Wise, gray-haired, cotton-robed heretic Jalamanta, returning from 30 years of politically enforced exile in the desert, rejoins his faithful wife, Fatimah, and attracts new followers with his teachings. He urges listeners to pursue the ``Path of the Sun''-to meditate, love one another, revere the Earth and find a path of their own choosing. According to Jalamanta, we can fill our souls with the light of the ``First Creation'' and evolve toward a higher consciousness. Inevitably, he clashes with the ``central authorities''-who promote militaristic dogma, established religion and cynical manipulation of the masses-and brings down the wrath of Benago, their chief inquisitor. Jalamanta's pronouncements freely synthesize Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, Native American, gnostic and shamanic traditions to present a universal message of fellowship. Like all lofty sentiments, these become somewhat platitudinous with repetition. Author tour. (Feb.)
Library Journal
Thirty years ago, Jalamanta and his people were exiled in the desert, banished from the Seventh City for challenging the monolithic dogmas of the Central Authority. Now, Jalamanta returns to his wife, Fatimah, and to his village full of new wisdom about the oneness of humankind and nature and about the nature of love. Jalamanta's teachings about the Path of the Sun challenge the sterile religious institutionalism of the Central Authority and encourage his villagers to seek their own spiritual paths. Anaya (Bless Me, Ultima, Warner, 1994) has fashioned a New Age Joshua in which Jalamanta is a kind of Christic guru preaching an exotic blend of ego psychology, Christian theology, and Hinduism. Recommended for libraries where Anaya's books are in demand.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a very inspirational book by an author who is in a league of his own. Being from northen New Mexico and always being able to relate to Anaya has always been very promising and rewarding. After reading Jalamanta, I was very impressed with his work as he took it to another level of symbolism and mystique. This book is very inspirational, especially today when so many people are distancing themselves from their soul and their true Self. Anaya brings the reader back into perspective of located your soul and how important it is to do so. He covers so many topics affecting society today and has soulutions that are basic and yet very rewarding, if we only take the time to search in our own Self. This is a very inspirational book for those searching, for those who think they know, and for those who want to know.