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James and the Alien Experiment

James and the Alien Experiment

by Sally Prue

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Children's Literature - Meagan Albright
"You are about to be kidnapped by aliens. Please do not adjust your TV." From the very first page, it is clear that this book will be odd and entertaining. James Hunter is an average boy, so average, in fact, that he is the perfect test subject for aliens visiting Earth to use to perform experiments on to improve the human race. The aliens enhance James in a variety of ways (super speed, strength, and brains) but each augmented ability comes with a drawback. The book is by no means a "must have" but it may attract reluctant readers. Teachers and librarians who wish to use the book for a discussion group may find the discussion questions and writing prompts useful. Also, at the very end of this book, readers are encouraged to visit the web site of an affiliate of the publisher to find more web sites and information on the topics covered in this book. Upon visiting the web site, readers enter the book's ISBN number. This is an excellent idea; however, only two web sites (and four books, all fiction titles published by Stone Arch Books) came up during the search. A quick search on my local library's kids page found twentytwo web sites on the same topic and fiftynine book titles. The book, taken on its own merits, is entertaining and engaging.

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