Jane Austen: Sense And Sensibility [Audio Book]

Jane Austen: Sense And Sensibility [Audio Book]

by Juliet Stevenson

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Disc 1

  1. The Family of Dashwood at Norland Park, Sussex
  2. Mrs. John Dashwood/The New Mistress of Norland
  3. Elinor, Her Mother and Sisters, Arrive at Barton Valley in Devonshire
  4. Mrs. Jennings, a Widow with a Purpose to Match-Make
  5. A Surprise End to a Walk - Mr. Willoughby
  6. A Busy Social Life
  7. Elinor Reflects on Mr. Willoughby and Marriage
  8. Edward Ferrars Arrives
  9. Duty Against Will, Parent Against Child
  10. Mrs. Palmer Enthuses

Disc 2

  1. New Acquaintances: The Misses Steele-Anne and Lucy
  2. Miss Lucy Steele Confides in Elinor
  3. With Mrs. Jennings to London
  4. A Card Left in the Sister's Absence
  5. At Lady Middleton's Party
  6. Marianne Receives the Final Letter
  7. Colonel Brandon Tells His Story
  8. The Story Is Related to Marriane
  9. The Ferrars Family Reappears

Disc 3

  1. Ferrars, Robert- A Coxcomb
  2. The Secret Engagement Is out in the Open
  3. Colonel Brandon Makes an Offer of a Living at Delaford for Edward ...
  4. Final Calls in London
  5. Arrival in Cleveland-Marianne Falls Feverish
  6. A Fervent Confession from Willoughby
  7. Mrs. Dashwood Arrives - Marianne Improves [From "Sense and Sensibility"
  8. The Dashwoods Arrive Home at Barton
  9. Surprise News from the Manservant Thomas
  10. Edward Makes His Proposal
  11. Two Marriages

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