Jane Goodall: Researcher Who Champions Chimps

Jane Goodall: Researcher Who Champions Chimps

by Mike Venezia

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Children's Literature - Amanda MacGregor
Jane Goodall, one of the world's leading experts about chimpanzee behavior, always had an interest in animals, but her path to fame followed an unlikely road. In this volume of "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors and Scientists" series, Goodall's childhood and career are examined. Growing up, Goodall's mother encouraged her interest in nature, and when they moved to Bournemouth, in southern England, during World War II, Goodall discovered it was a great place to explore and observe nature. In the late 1950s, Goodall went to Kenya to visit a friend, and got a job as a typist in Nairobi. Friends who knew of her interest in animal behavior urged her to contact Louis Leakey, a famous anthropologist and paleontologist, as well as curator of the local natural history museum. Leakey hired Goodall as an assistant at the museum and, impressed by her curiosity and self-taught knowledge of animal behavior, sent her to a remote part of Africa to observe chimpanzees. Little was known about how chimps lived in the wild and Goodall revealed many surprising facts about chimp behavior. In the nearly fifty years that Goodall has been working with chimps, she has received a doctoral degree in ethology, written many books, started the Jane Goodall Institute, and set up shelters for chimps. Each title in the series includes photographs, maps, whimsical illustrations, a glossary, and an index. Though the book appears slight, the conversational tone makes for an engaging and surprisingly informative read. Reviewer: Amanda MacGregor

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors and Scientists Series
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7 - 9 Years

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