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Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide

Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide

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by Christopher F. Foss

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A fully illustrated encyclopaedia of all modern military vehicles in service today. Includes tanks, personnel carriers, reconnaissance vehicles; self-propelled guns and self-propelled anti-aircraft systems.


A fully illustrated encyclopaedia of all modern military vehicles in service today. Includes tanks, personnel carriers, reconnaissance vehicles; self-propelled guns and self-propelled anti-aircraft systems.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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New Colour Edition
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4.74(w) x 7.47(h) x 1.37(d)

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The aim of this book is twofold:firstly, to act as a convenient handbook for the reader to identify quickly and accurately almost any modern armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) in service today; secondly, to provide key information on the vehicle.

Some entries are more highly illustrated because there are so many local variants; indeed for some vehicles space limitations have prevented inclusion of every possible variation.A typical example is the M48.This was built with a 90mm gun, but many countries hav refitted it with a 105mm gun which has a distinctive bore evacuator mid-way along the barrel; some countries have also added a thermal sleeve.US M48s have never been fitted with skirts, but the South Korean vehicles have skirts.

Recognition features can be further complicated by additional stowage bins and baskets, while the introduction of reactive armour, for example on the Israeli M48, M60 and Centurion tanks and Russian T-64, T-72 and T-80 MBTs, alters their appearance completely.

Complications can arise from placing a vehicle in one particular section.For example, the Alvis Scimitar is used by the British Army as a reconnaissance vehicle, other countries use it as a light tank.As it is one of the few tracked reconnaissance vehicles, we have included it under tanks.4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles have all been grouped, as they have in the wheeled armoured personnel carriers section, but some vehicles have been developed for use in a wid range of roles.For example, the Cadillac Gage LAV-150 and the Swiss MOWAG Piranha range of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles can be fitted with weapons ranging from a 7.62 mm machine gun to a 105mm gun in the caseof the 8x8 version.

Although space limitations have prevented all possible versions being included, many of these are mentioned in the text.Each entry has full technical specifications, ky recognition features, development notess, list of variants, current status and list of users, manufacturer and, for most entries, a side view drawing and three photographs.

The fourth edition of this book, which has become the standard work of its type in its class, was compiled in the mid-1999.this edition has over 380 new photographs and drawings and virtually every entry has been updated.In addition there are 16 new entries covering new armoured vehicles that have entered production or service or are expected to do so in the near future.

Comments and new photographs for future editions should be sent to the author as soon as possible.The author would like to thank the many companies, governments and individuals who hae provided information and photographs for the book.Special thanks are due to my wife Sheila for her help and encouragement while the book was being compiled.

Meet the Author

Jane's is a military publisher that supplies reference books, magazines, and multimedia packages to the professional market, including the Pentagon.

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Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide, with Christopher F. Foss has got to be one of the key sources used by anyone dealing with current military land power. Christopher F. Foss stands out as one of the top leaders in pointing out the facts, and nothing but the facts in any publication caring his name. Unlike the three other top names in military land power platform, and devices Foss shows a real sense for understanding what is real, and what is not, pointing out the key details of a weapons system/platform, and disregarding what may be fictional. Anyone dealing with the subject of land warfare in the current age cannot be without such a resource as this. Jane¿s has printed few handbooks covering Armored-fighting vehicles in the last years (one, with one correction in 2000), and the changes that have occurred in China¿s weapons development, not withstanding those in other key countries make having this handbook instrumental in unlocking the changes in the years. This book, along with it¿s more pricey big brother, and a real armor expert can do nothing more then give a better understanding of the true nature of the armed forces of the world.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book contains tons of info about the world's tanks, APC's, and armored vehicles. It also has many pictures. If you are very interested in tanks, etc.., Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide is a great buy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book, It has almost all the info I could want on tanks and other armoured vehicles. It has great pictures and a lot of the tanks have drawings of them from a side view. It was worth it to get this book.