The Japan Journals: 1947-2004

The Japan Journals: 1947-2004

by Donald Richie

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"Wonderfully evocative and full of humor, but also honest, introspective, and often poignant."--The New York TimesSee more details below


"Wonderfully evocative and full of humor, but also honest, introspective, and often poignant."--The New York Times

Editorial Reviews

Lesley Downer
In all the years Richie has lived in Japan, he has never lost his curiosity and freshness of vision. His journals are wonderfully evocative and full of humor, but also honest, introspective and often poignant. Growing older, he finds himself examining just what it is that has kept him for so long in a country where he will forever be seen as an outsider. To be in a country but not of it breeds loneliness, but also bestows freedom. In Japan, it seems, Donald Richie has discovered a place where he has been free to be himself.
— The New York Times
Library Journal
Richie went to Japan in the 1940s as a typist for the American Occupation, but he quickly escaped from the sequestered world of the conquerors. As a live-in outsider, he has reported ever since on Japanese society and cultural history, renowned both in the United States and in Japan as a deeply learned but nonacademic interpreter-a cross-cultural public intellectual. The material in this volume was extracted and organized by Lowitz from previously unpublished sporadic diaries and jottings. They give a running commentary on Japan's rise from wartime destitution into the rich society of the 1980s boom, then its development into overbuilt and washed out postmodern complacency. There is some personal trivia, but most entries are alert and sometimes surprising glimpses of modern Japanese writers and filmmakers. Richie should be designated a living national treasure, but failing that, his books should be acquired by every large public and academic library with an interest in Japan.-Charles W. Hayford, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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