Japanese Game

Japanese Game

by Richard Hoyt

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Thomas Gaughan
Once a consistent producer of hilarious, over-the-top international thrillers, Hoyt seems to have had the laughs knocked out of him by seriousness, outrage, and despair. It began when his maverick former CIA agent James Burlane took on the drug trade in "Marimba" ; Hoyt seemed to conclude that the drug cartels are unstoppable by a nation of laws. In "Japanese Game", Hoyt posits that establishing a level economic playing field with a nation that casts a blind eye at organized crime's sex-slavery racket and allows "yakuza" criminals close ties to business and government leaders is similarly hopeless. The daughter of the U.S. vice president is kidnapped in the Philippines and sold to the "yakuza" as a sex slave. When the gangsters learn who she is, they attempt to blackmail the U.S. into softening its stance in trade negotiations. Enter Burlane, who, after examining each country's approach to baseball, decides that hardball is the only game the kidnappers will understand. Longtime Hoyt fans will wish for a return to his earlier approach, but they'll still ask for "Japanese Game".

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