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Jarred Into Being

Jarred Into Being

4.5 8
by Pat Lawrence

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After the horrific loss of her parents, Eva struggles for independence and freedom from her sexual predators. With only her will, wits, and beauty to rely on, Eva’s every challenge tests the limits of her cunning and determination to survive. Early in the book, young Eva finds she



After the horrific loss of her parents, Eva struggles for independence and freedom from her sexual predators. With only her will, wits, and beauty to rely on, Eva’s every challenge tests the limits of her cunning and determination to survive. Early in the book, young Eva finds she must flee her aunt's abuser in order to preserve her very life. She soons falls prey to an even greater danger to her survival: a murderous drug lord and his ruthless wife trap Eva in their luxurious lair of lust and cruelty, where attempted escape threatens death while continued existence promises only torture, humiliation, and captivity.

So continues Eva's challenge to use her wits, her beauty, and - she eventually discovers - even her sexuality to escape the bonds of captivity and depravity her predators have placed around her. The cunning and resilient Eva learns she must struggle as well, against corrupt and powerful political forces in order to reclaim her independence and try to save the life of a man she has come to love.

The clever and intriguing solutions Eva must forge to find a route to survival from the intersecting strands woven around her - as well as the relentless determination she must display while doing so - makes "Jarred Into Being" a dramatic,entertaining read for any lover of contemporary suspense.

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Editorial Reviews

Angela Hupp
I don't give a lot of 5 star reviews because there is always something missing. I'm happy to say that with "Jarred Into Being" nothing is missing! Action, intrigue, mystery, love, betrayal, evil, it's all there and in just the right amounts. I give this book a solid 5 stars.
Cristina Smith
On Sunday night I decided to check out Chapter One of "Jarred Into Being" before going to bed; next time I checked I was on Chapter Ten. That's the kind of book this is. As you can guess I really enjoyed this book. I would give this book four stars and recommend it if you are looking for a fast read thriller.
Digna Dreibelbis
Four stars: Drama, murder, drugs, deception, plus so much more, a heavy load of immorality all wrapped up into one little package. This book was quite a page turner and kept me on the edge.
Giovanni Gelati
"Jarred Into Being" is a really good read; fast moving, engrossing, and at time captivating. The action they infuse into the story is swift and they really know how to ramp up the tension. They also make it very hard not to fall in love with their characters, whether they are good or evil. The read is well worth the time, and I am glad I got to take the journey. Five stars.
Krystal Larson
This book is packed with action, mystery, and intrigue; perfect for a rainy day or on a long commute. The events were fast-paced and the reader will not be bored. Four stars.

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Meet the Author

Pat Lawrence is a pseudonym for husband-wife writing team of PAT Adsit Burke and Daniel LAWRENCE Burke. They have previously penned numerous Murder Mysteries and a two-act comedy play, "Squirrels In The Attic" which was performed in front of delighted audiences in venues in Wisconsin and Illinois. "Jarred Into Being" is their first novel, but they promise it will not be their last. In fact, they are already hard at work on their next book.

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Jarred Into Being 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
GetBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Jarred Into Being is a captivating work of fiction that will surprise, intrigue and keep the reader interested page by page. The story of a young girl who loses her parents and then struggles with how to live her future is a modern tale with all of the fixtures from today's society: drugs, sex and still a touch of innocence. There's mystery, sadness, violence, and honesty sprinkled throughout the story. The reader will never experience a dull moment. The author has done an impressive job with the storyline, character development and with creating such a believable, contemporary work of fiction. This story could easily be the next big blockbuster movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jarred into being is an excellent read and hard to put down. The inner strength and intelligence of the main character is put to the test time and time again. The story flows well and the ending is a surprise. I look forward to the next book from this awesome author.
nfmgirl More than 1 year ago
This story was very readable, and there were enough twists and turns to keep my interest. However, highly sexualized, this isn't a book for everyone. Final word: A very interesting story that kept me engaged throughout. I kept wanting to know what would happen next, and wanted reassurance that everything would work out for Eva in the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
autumnbluesreviews More than 1 year ago
I was not aware Jarred Into Being was written by more than one person until after I went to write this review. I was actually pleasantly surprised that this book was written by a husband and wife team. I can certainly say that Pat and Daniel did a good job in collaboration of the story. The narrative started out bold and intense with Eva Lange, the main character, finding herself an orphan at a very young age after the death of both her parents in a car accident. Taken in by her dysfunctional, alcoholic, and drug abusing aunt, Eva¿s environment quickly turns hostile and soon she finds herself being abused by her aunts live in boyfriends. But Eva still has her dreams and her self-esteem and she refuses to turn into someone like her aunt. After her aunt decides she can't take it anymore, she decides the only way to get away from her abusive partner is to take off, in the process leaving Eva to care for her child. It doesn't take long for Eva to decide to hit the road. Having only a few dollars in her pocket, and a young child to care for, Eva needs a plan. Part of her plan causes her much emotional distress, but soon she is on her own and on her way to a new life. Eva continues to carry a black cloud over her head and everywhere she goes someone is out to use or abuse her. Eventually, Eva finds some solace for sometime but not before ending up a sex slave to a Colombian drug lord and his wife. This book was quite the page turner and kept me on edge throughout most of the book until the last couple of chapters. By that point, Eva Lange's character actually began to drag and get boring as she continuously seemed to be easily manipulated by her then attorney/lover and his entourage. These men seemed to give in to her ridiculous ideas and it just didn't seem realistic anymore. I mean, I know the book is fiction but I fee if Pat and Daniel would of used an alternate idea, something more plausible, for how Eva wanted to seek revenge, it would have been more interesting. The plot was strong throughout most of the book then seemed to fizzle out in the end, which left me sort of deflated.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Karen P. for Readers Favorite Jarred Into Being by Pat Lawrence tells of a battered and abused child who has lost her parents and is essentially fending for herself in a damaged and threatening world. When things begin to get out of hand, teenager Eva Langue splits for Las Vegas where she befriends a waitress who takes her in. A waitress herself, Eva is shocked when a rich Hispanic couple offers her a job as nanny for their children. Eva accepts the job, moves to Texas and again finds herself imprisoned in a highly negative sex slave position. Eva befriends a farm hand named Rafael, and they fall in love, hoping to escape and form a life together. Only Eva is able to make the escape, complete with millions of dollars that belong to her drug lord captors. Eva then befriends a needy young woman who takes Eva to her home, which is occupied by her attorney father, her law school student brother and a housekeeper named Teresa. Eva vows revenge for the torment of her captors, and she manages to captivate the hearts of people essential to the accomplishment of her revenge. This is a story with many plots, and the reader will surely identify with the internal turmoils of Eva as she struggles to make a life for herself. There is explicit sexual language in this novel which might offend some readers, and additional editing would improve the flow of the story. However, the author has done a credible job of weaving in salient themes of today's society, and most readers will be intrigued with the interweaving of those themes to the final pages of the novel.
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This book is packed with action, mystery, and intrigue-perfect for a rainy day or on a long commute. The main character, Eva, will lead the reader through ups and downs and intimidating scenes with the antagonists. One trick may lead to a life-changing event, this is precisely what happens to Eva. Eva's beauty is the quality that makes her so "eerily attractive" to the evil characters <-the term the reader will refer to the antagonists... The ending is very satisfying, the author does not leave the reader with too many questions. Eve is a surprisingly likable character. She is sweet and kind even in the midst of evil. The reader will be rooting for her throughout the novel. The other characters are either evil or secondary-there are some interesting, kind characters thrown in for a mix, but the real focus is on the more evil characters. The antagonists keep both Eva and the reader on their toes. The events were very fast-paced, the reader will not be bored. The plot was interesting, not many authors take on a story where the emotions of the main character vacillate so much due to her circumstances. This book is recommended to adults.