Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet: Live in Haarlem

Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet: Live in Haarlem


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marcel Coenen   Guitar
Joop Wolters   Guitar
Daniele Gottardo   Soloist
Timo Somers   Guitar
Martin Miller   Guitar

Technical Credits

Jason Becker   Composer
Atma Anur   Producer
Jan Somers   Composer
Marcel Coenen   Composer
Mattias "IA" Eklundh   Composer
Joop Wolters   Composer
Guthrie Govan   Composer
Marco Sfogli   Composer
Barend Courbois   Composer
Stéphan Forté   Composer
Andy James   Composer
Daniele Gottardo   Composer
Timo Somers   Composer
Stephen Forte   Composer
Foundation   Producer

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