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Jazz in Britain 1919-1950

Jazz in Britain 1919-1950

This four-disc collection from Proper is a solid overview of the music made in Great Britain in the first 30 years of jazz history. The contents of the box reveal not only British talent, per se, but also musicians from the rest of Europe -- Paris mostly -- and from the United States (of course). There are 101 tracks that make up this decently annotated set, with the


This four-disc collection from Proper is a solid overview of the music made in Great Britain in the first 30 years of jazz history. The contents of the box reveal not only British talent, per se, but also musicians from the rest of Europe -- Paris mostly -- and from the United States (of course). There are 101 tracks that make up this decently annotated set, with the greatest number of surprises being on disc one. From the rarities like Fred Elizade & His Cambridge Undergarments with "Stomp Your Feet," to Allan Selby's classic "Love Me or Leaver Me," and Ted Lewis' "Song of the Dawn" and "Sobbin' Blues," there are numerous surprises. Jimmy Dorsey even makes an appearance with Spike Hughes & His Three Blind Mice on a fine reading of "St. Louis Blues." Beginning on disc two, we begin to see the "American Invasion," as it were, with Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, and Garland Wilson all with sides recorded in the British Isles. But it is in the peculiarly British sounds that this set finds it charm, such as in the inclusion of tracks by Buck and Bubbles, Duncan Whyte, Ambrose & His Orchestra, Danny Polo, Jack Hylton's Rhythmagicians, Ted Heath (of course), Alan Dean's Beboppers, the great Yorkshire Jazz Band, Graeme Bell & His Australian Jazz Band, Freddy Randall, Ronnie Scott's Club 11 Boptet, and many others. While the appeal of a collection like this is limited, collectors will certainly find lots to love. Sound quality varies in places but is largely fine throughout.

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Disc 1

  1. At the Jazz Band Ball
  2. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
  3. Snake's Hips
  4. Tiger Rag
  5. Eccentric
  6. Morning After Blues
  7. Riverboat Shuffle
  8. Arabella's Wedding Day
  9. Sugar Foot Stomp
  10. Stomp Your Feet
  11. You Don't Like It, Not Much
  12. Miss Annabelle Lee
  13. Grieving for You
  14. Dixie
  15. A Dicky Bird Told Me So
  16. Two Guitars
  17. Nobody's Sweetheart
  18. Miranda
  19. Love Me or Leave Me
  20. That's a Plenty
  21. Song of the Dawn
  22. Sobbin' Blues
  23. St. Louis Blues
  24. Funny, Dear, What Love Can Do
  25. Allah's Holidays
  26. Bessie Couldn't Help It

Disc 2

  1. Buddy's Wednesday Outing
  2. Sunny Side of the Street, Pt. 2
  3. Ain't Misbehavin'
  4. Duke Ellington Talking to Percy Mathison Brooks
  5. Hyde Park
  6. Jazz Cocktail
  7. Japanese Sandman
  8. Ellingtonia: Black and Tan/Fantasy/It Don't Mean a Thing/Mood Indigo
  9. Jitter Bug
  10. Romantic Joe
  11. I Ain't Got Nobody
  12. I Wish I Were Twins
  13. Fascinating Rhythm
  14. Stars Fell on Alabama
  15. Sheik of Araby
  16. Some of These Days
  17. Hummin' to Myself
  18. Singin' the Blues
  19. Nightfall
  20. Is It True What They Say About Dixie
  21. Just a Mood
  22. Lady Be Good
  23. Gin and Jive
  24. King Porter Stomp
  25. Cotton Pickers Congregation
  26. Amoresque
  27. Blue Murder

Disc 3

  1. Sheik of Araby
  2. If You Were the Only Girl in the World
  3. Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?
  4. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
  5. Ain't Misbehavin'
  6. Lambeth Walk
  7. Snakehips Swing
  8. 10 A.M. Blues
  9. My Melancholy Baby
  10. Darktown Strutters Ball
  11. Stardust
  12. I Heard
  13. The Java Joint
  14. Tea for Two
  15. Blue Skies
  16. Red Duster Rag
  17. Bugle Call Rag
  18. Buddy's Blues
  19. Rockin' the Blues
  20. I'm Comin' Virginia
  21. Five Flat Flurry
  22. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  23. Dick's Boogie
  24. In a Little Spanish Town
  25. 165 Blues
  26. Bakerloo Non-Stop
  27. Hey Ba-Ba-Rebop

Disc 4

  1. Blue Charm
  2. Rockin' in Rhythm
  3. When the Saints Go Marching In
  4. Blue Moon
  5. Thriving on a Riff
  6. Five Guys Named Moe
  7. Mop Mop
  8. I Can't Get Started
  9. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
  10. Wolverine Blues
  11. Jazz Club Stomp
  12. Wee Dot
  13. Lover Man
  14. Gone With the Windmill
  15. Blues in Thirds
  16. BBC Broadcast: Hi, Gang!/Put Your Shoes On/Lucy/The World Is ...
  17. Lyonia
  18. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  19. Some of These Days
  20. It's Only a Paper Moon
  21. Maple Leaf Rag

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Billy Hill   Piano
Buster Bailey   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Henry Busse   Cornet
Victor Feldman   Drums
Dizzy Gillespie   Trumpet
Benny Goodman   Clarinet,Vocals
Stéphane Grappelli   Violin
Buddy Greco   Piano
Ted Heath   Trombone
Johnny Hodges   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Eddie Lang   Guitar
Pierre Michelot   Bass
Harry Miller   Drums
Django Reinhardt   Guitar
George Shearing   Piano
Eddie South   Violin
Muggsy Spanier   Cornet
Art Tatum   Piano,Soloist
Joe Venuti   Violin
Fats Waller   Organ,Vocals
Paul Whiteman   Violin
Leo Wright   Trumpet
Cootie Williams   Trumpet
Eddie Barefield   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Graeme Bell   Piano
Herman Chittison   Piano
Emile Christian   Trombone
Tony Crombie   Drums
Buddy Featherstonhaugh   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Nat Gonella   Trumpet,Vocals
Harry Hayes   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Spike Hughes   Bass
Howard Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Dick Katz   Piano
Nick LaRocca   Trumpet
Ted Lewis   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jimmy McPartland   Cornet
Ray Noble   Celeste
Freddy Randall   Trumpet
Adrian Rollini   Goofus,Bass Saxophone,Xylophone,Vibes
Harry Roy   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Ralph Sharon   Piano
Valaida Snow   Trumpet,Vocals
Eddie Thompson   Piano
Bruce Turner   Clarinet
Norman Brown   Guitar
Woolf Phillips   Trombone
George Robert   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ernie Mansfield   Tenor Saxophone
Stanley Black   Piano
Ronnie Aldrich   Piano
Coleman Hawkins   Tenor Saxophone
Freddy Gardner   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Russell Procope   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bowlly   Guitar
Edmundo Ros   Drums
Noble Sissle   Vocals
Red McKenzie   Comb
Wellman Braud   Bass
Sonny Greer   Drums
Humphrey Lyttelton   Trumpet,Cornet
Max Abrams   Drums
Sam Allen   Piano
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet
Jesse Baltimore   Drums
Bill Beason   Drums
Sidney Bechet   Soprano Saxophone
Roger Bell   Cornet
Benny Carter   Clarinet,Piano,Trumpet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jack Bentley   Trombone
Barney Bigard   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Jack Bland   Banjo
Arthur Brooks   Piano
H. Brooks   Tenor Saxophone
Philippe Brun   Trumpet
Georg Brunis   Trombone
Lennie Bush   Bass
Harry Carney   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Tim Casey   Trumpet
Roger Chaput   Guitar
Doc Cheatham   Trumpet
George Chisholm   Trombone,Celeste
Keith Christie   Trombone
Kenny Clarke   Drums
Jack Collier   Bass
Jack Collins   Trombone
Shad Collins   Trumpet
Jimmy Coombes   Trombone
Alan Cooper   Clarinet
Jack Cooper   Choir, Chorus
Johnny Dankworth   Clarinet
Bobby Davis   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Pike Davis   Trumpet
Demas Dean   Trumpet
Bill Dillard   Trumpet
Diz Disley   Banjo
Jimmy Dorsey   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Duke Ellington   Piano
Ralph Duquesne   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
George Elliott   Guitar
George Elrick   Drums
Jack Fallon   Bass
Hubert Fol   Alto Saxophone
Foreman   Bass
Richard "Dick" Fullbright   Bass
George Gibbs   Bass,Standup Bass
George Glover   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Dave Goldberg   Guitar
Coleridge Goode   Bass
Roger Grasset   Bass
Fred Guy   Guitar
Jackie Hamilton   Trumpet
Arville Harris   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Warren Harris   Banjo
Len Harrison   Bass
Dickie Hawdon   Cornet
Teddy Hill   Tenor Saxophone
George Hurley   Violin
Rudy Jackson   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Maceo Jefferson   Banjo,Guitar
Freddy Jenkins   Trumpet
Ginger Johnson   Bongos
Alfie Kahn   Tenor Saxophone
Bertie King   Clarinet,Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Steven King   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ernie Lewis   Violin
Fud Livingston   Tenor Saxophone
Jack Llewelyn   Guitar
John Lucas   Drums
Henry MacKenzie   Tenor Saxophone
Leroy Maxey   Drums
Chauncey Morehouse   Drums
Morgan   Bass
Wally Morris   Bass
Joe Mudele   Bass
Billy Munn   Piano
Benny Payne   Piano,Celeste
Nat Peck   Trombone
Sid Phillips   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Lloyd Pinckney   Piano
Danny Polo   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bobby Pratt   Trumpet
Maurice Pratt   Trombone
James Reevy   Trombone
Frank Reidy   Tenor Saxophone
Stanley Reynolds   Trumpet
John Ricks   Bass
Don Roberts   Clarinet
Stanley Roderick   Trumpet
Johnny Rogers   Alto Saxophone
William Roseman   Violin
Tony Sbarbaro   Drums
Arthur Schutt   Piano
George Scott-Wood   Vibes
Larry Shields   Clarinet
Edwin Swayzee   Trumpet
Walter Thomas   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Juan Tizol   Valve Trombone
Cliff Townsend   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Ramón "Moncho" Usera   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Eugene Vees   Guitar
Buck Washington   Piano
George Webb   Piano
Dicky Wells   Trombone
Priest Wheeler   Trombone
Arthur Whetsol   Trumpet
Morris White   Guitar
Tommy Whittle   Tenor Saxophone
Juice Wilson   Violin
Arthur Young   Piano
Don Clark   Alto Saxophone
Max Farley   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone
John Firman   Piano
Tony Gerhardi   Banjo,Guitar
Frank Guarente   Trumpet
Sam M. Lewis   Trombone
Jean-Paul Mengeon   Piano
Johnny Rosen   Violin
George W. Smith   Violin,Tenor Saxophone
Garland Wilson   Piano,Soloist
Ivor Mairants   Guitar
Jack Parnell   Drums
Tommy Pollard   Piano,Vibes
Chelsea Quealey   Trumpet
Dennis Rose   Trumpet
Charlie Short   Bass
Frank-O Johnson   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Laurie Bookin   Alto Saxophone
Fred Douglas   Vocals
Robert Dryden   Drums
Fred Elizalde   Piano
Ronnie Gubertini   Drums
Albert Harris   Guitar
Bill Harty   Drums
Clifford King   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Harold McDonald   Drums
Mike Pingatore   Banjo
E.O. Pogson   Alto Saxophone
Hugo Rignold   Violin
Buddy Sheppard   Piano
Dick Slevin   Kazoo
Antonia Spaulding   Piano
Eric Tann   Trombone
Leslie Thompson   Trombone,Trumpet
Harry White   Trombone
Johnny Dunn   Trumpet
Andrew Brown   Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Sam Browne   Choir, Chorus
Mae Carlisle   Piano,Vocals
Ross Gorman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Eddie Lewis   Violin
Harry Raderman   Trombone
Jimmy Watson   Trumpet
Frank Weir   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Russ Morgan & His Orchestra   Trombone
Bebe Daniels   Dialogue
Patrick Dodd   Piano
Jerome Darr   Guitar
Len Fillis   Banjo,Guitar
Jack Miranda   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Sam Molyneux   Bass
Alonzo Williams   Tenor Saxophone
Tiny Winters   Bass,Vocals
Bill Barton   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Brannelly   Banjo,Guitar
Perley Breed   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Lew Davis   Trombone
Harry Jacobson   Piano
Vic Lewis   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Mason   Piano
Rex Owen   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Raitz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bert Thomas   Guitar
Duncan Whyte   Trumpet,Soloist
Dave Wilkins   Trumpet
Dick Escott   Bass
Laurie Payne   Baritone Saxophone
Billy Ternent   Tenor Saxophone
Lammar Wright   Trumpet
Alan Ferguson   Banjo,Guitar
Ernest Ritte   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Harry Berly   Clarinet,Violin,Ocarina,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Crossman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Otto Hardwick   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Bill Apps   Alto Saxophone
Fred Berman   Drums
Erice Breeze   Trombone
Sid Buckman   Trumpet
Carew   Trombone
Sterling Conaway   Guitar
Chappie Damato   Guitar
Joe Deniz   Guitar
Peter DuConge   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Wally Fawkes   Clarinet
Paul Fenoulhet   Trombone,Trumpet
Joe Ferrie   Trombone,Trumpet
Vernon Ferry   Trumpet
Herb Finney   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Aubrey Franks   Tenor Saxophone
Tommy Gott   Cornet
Claude Ivy   Piano
Dough Lees   Bass
Phil Lever   Trumpet
Eddie Macaulay   Piano
Andy McDevitt   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Lazy Ade Monsborough   Clarinet,Valve Trombone
Bill Mulraney   Trombone
Jack Raine   Trumpet
Harold Randolf   Kazoo,Vocals
George Ratcliffe   Trumpet
Freddie Schweitzer   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Hymie Shneider   Drums
Pat Smuts   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Starita   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ray Starita   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Norman Stenfalt   Piano
Jay Whidden & His New Midnight Follies Band   Violin
Sylvester Ahola   Trumpet
Max Goldberg   Trumpet
Dave Klein   Cornet
Bruce Trent   Bass
Lew Stevenson   Drums
Albert Torrance   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Basil Wiltshire   Drums
Joe Young   Guitar
Dave Shand   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Tommy McQuater   Trumpet,Cornet
Cecil Norman   Piano
Reg Pink   Tenor Saxophone
Don Barrigo   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Claes   Trumpet
Roy Marsh   Vibes
Jackie Armstrong   Trombone
Tony Thorpe   Trombone
Russell Robinson   Piano
George Evans   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jock Jacobson   Drums
Jennings   Bass
Derek Neville   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Eddie Carroll   Piano
Sid Colin   Guitar
Ray Ellington   Drums,Vocals
Alan Franks   Trumpet
Jack Aaronson   Piano
Burke   Bass
Craig   Drums
Alec Cripps   Drums
Alfred Pratt   Tenor Saxophone
Shaw   Banjo,Guitar,Steel Guitar
Abe Walters   Trombone
Arthur Maden   Bass
Billy Amstell   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Frank "Squirl" Williams   Trumpet
Thomas   Guitar
David Earl Miller   Compere
Hale Byers   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Kenny Baker   Trumpet
Nobby Clark   Trombone
Ben Lyon   Dialogue
David E. Williams   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Lambert   Trumpet
John "BJ John" Smith   Guitar
Tom L. Smith   Trumpet
Jock Cummings   Drums
Jack Plant   Vocals
Harry Brown   Trombone
Philip Buchel   Alto Saxophone
Jock Fleming   Trombone
Bruts Gonella   Trumpet
Harry Hines   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Don Macaffer   Trombone
Jimmy Macaffer   Trumpet
Norman Payne   Trumpet
Lou Silbereisen   Bass,Tuba
Chick Smith   Trumpet
Jack Varney   Banjo,Guitar
Harry Roche   Trombone
Reggie Dare   Tenor Saxophone
Ronnie Scott's Quintet   Tenor Saxophone
Charles Granville   Baritone Saxophone
Cavan O'Connor   Vocals
Peter Chilvers   Guitar
Pete Chilver   Guitar
Joe Gibson   Bass
Derrek Hawkins   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Evelyn Dall   Choir, Chorus
Carlo Krahmer   Drums
Cyril Blake   Trumpet,Vocals
Dick Ball   Bass
Ian Christie   Clarinet
George Flynn   Trombone
Jack Jackson & His Band   Trumpet
John W. Sublett   Drums,Vocals
Sonny Farrar   Banjo,Guitar
Billy Smith   Trumpet
Joe Appleton   Saxophone
Robert Carroll   Tenor Saxophone
Carl Barriteau   Clarinet,Leader,Alto Saxophone
Harry Letham   Trumpet
Monia Liter   Piano
Errol Barrow   Piano
Lad Busby   Trombone
Pops Clare   Bass
Norman Cole   Violin
Fred Cook   Violin
Jimmy Shankland   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
George Rowe   Trombone
Archie Craig   Trumpet
George Fierstone   Drums
Sid Heiger   Drums
Harry Gold   Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Reg Arnold   Trumpet
Norman Burns   Drums
Joe Arbiter   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jock Bain   Trombone
Frank Thornton   Trumpet
Dick Boothroyd   Trombone
Maurice Sterndale   Violin
Marjorie Stedeford   Vocals
Jimmy Lonie   Trumpet
Mario Lorenzi   Harp
Jack Dent   Piano
Hugh Radcliffe   Trumpet
Benny Greenwood   Tenor Saxophone
Leslie 'Jiver' Hutchinson   Trumpet
Alfie Noakes   Trumpet
Clinton Maxwell   Drums
Bernie Fenton   Piano
Sid Bright   Piano
Lawrence D. Brown   Trombone
Mead   Piano
Clinton Ffrench   Trumpet
Johnny Wise   Drums
Dick Willows   Violin
Gilbert Webster   Drums
Victor Boulcott   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tommy Bradbury   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Benny Daniels   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Arthur Lally   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone
Monty Levy   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
George Swift   Trumpet
Leslie "Les" Gilbert   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Laurie Morgan   Drums
Ralph Jones   Violin
Peter Mandell   Banjo
Bert Barnes   Piano
Clem Bernard   Piano,Accordion
Tommy Bromley   Bass
Mick Burberry   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Harry Chapman   Harp
Eddie Freeman   Guitar
Will Hemmings   Bass
Stanley Howard   Trumpet
Eric Percival   Violin
Johnny Swinfen   Clarinet,Violin,Alto Saxophone
Sidney Lipton   Violin,Alto Saxophone
Russell Deppe   Banjo
Nelson Kincaid   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jack Simpson   Xylophone,Timpani
Tom Wilson   Drums
Harry Parry   Clarinet
John Elijah Wright   Bass
Lionel Guimaraes   Trombone
Oliver Tines   Drums
Maurice Allom   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
German Arago   Bass
Stanley Barnett   Leader,Tenor Saxophone
Dick Battle   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Stan Bellwood   Drums
Owen Bryce   Cornet
Lauderic Caton   Guitar,Soloist
Fred Clitheroe   Trombone
Harry Constable   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bobby Coram   Guitar
Ronnie Coulbertson   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
George Crow   Piano
Claude Dawson   Drums
Rudolph Dunbar   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tommy Dunn   Piano
Jimmy Durrant   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Manuel "Lizz" Elizalde   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Brylo Ford   Bass
Aubrey Frank   Trombone,Tenor Saxophone
Pip Gaskell   Clarinet
Jimmy Goss   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Fred "Freddy" Grant   Clarinet,Saxophone
Jack Hart   Vocals
Jimmy Henney   Piano
Frank Herbin   Piano
John DArcy Hildyard   Trumpet
Harold Hood   Piano
Eddie King   Bass
Sol Klein   Violin
Edwin Knight   Trumpet
Jay Langner   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Benny Lee   Vocals
Walter Lyme   Trumpet
Stanley Marshall   Drums
Jimmy Mesene   Guitar
Bobby Midgley   Drums
George Monkhouse   Banjo
Tracey Mumma   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Cyril Ramon Newton   Violin,Vocals
Arthur Niblo   Trumpet
Eddie ODonnell   Trombone
Bobby Probst   Piano,Celeste
Harry Rayner   Piano
George Rickson   Piano
Billy Riddick   Trumpet
Reg Rigden   Trumpet
Russick   Banjo
Harold Saliers   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
J. Eric Saunders   Drums
Bernard Saward   Drums
Vic Sells   Cornet
Jack Seymour   Bass
Tony Short   Piano
Jack Surridge   Bass
Jack Trebble   Drums
Billy Trittle   Trombone
Buddy Vallis   Banjo,Guitar
Julian Vedey   Drums,Xylophone
George Byron Webb   Alto Saxophone
Donald Whitelaw   Drums
Billy Wiltshire   Drums
Cecil "Flash" Winston   Drums
Roy Wykes   Drums
Dan Wyllie   Alto Saxophone
George Howard   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Currie   Timpani
Eddie Harvey   Trombone
Eric Little   Drums
Bruce Johnson   Vocals,Washboard
Calvin Jones   Trombone
Allan Hodgkiss   Guitar
Nat Temple   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Max Bacon   Drums,Vocals,Vibes
Johnny Marks   Drums

Technical Credits

Rudolf Friml   Composer
George Gershwin   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Cab Calloway   Composer
Tadd Dameron   Composer
Earl Hines   Composer
Scott Joplin   Composer
Jelly Roll Morton   Composer
King Oliver   Composer
Ben Pollack   Composer
George Shearing   Composer
Eddie South   Director
Joe Venuti   Composer
Fats Waller   Composer
Paul Whiteman   Director
Jack Hylton   Director
Dick Katz   Composer
Ted Lewis   Director
Ray Noble   Arranger,Director
Adrian Rollini   Composer,Contributor
Harry Roy   Director
Phil Green   Arranger
W.C. Handy   Composer
Art Kassel   Composer
Don Redman   Composer
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Vernon Duke   Composer
Ned Miller   Composer
Coleman Hawkins   Composer
Freddy Gardner   Composer
Noble Sissle   Director
Andy Razaf   Composer
Noel Gay   Composer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Jimmy Miller   Director
Jack Pettis   Composer
Milton Ager   Composer
Bill Benford   Brass Band
Benny Carter   Composer
Shelton Brooks   Composer
Irving Caesar   Composer
George Chisholm   Arranger,Director
Chester Cohn   Composer
Con Conrad   Composer
Henry Creamer   Composer
John Dankworth   Composer
Eddie DeLange   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Duke Ellington   Arranger,Composer,Director
Henry Edwards   Brass Band
Sammy Fain   Composer
Fletcher Henderson   Arranger
George Gibbs   Brass Band
Roger Graham   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Donald Heywood   Composer
Teddy Hill   Director
J.J. Johnson   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Billy Munn   Arranger
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Charlie Parker   Composer
Sid Phillips   Arranger
Roger "Ram" Ramirez   Composer
Alan Roach   Brass Band
Elmer Schoebel   Composer
George Scott-Wood   Arranger
Larry Shields   Composer
Harry Beasley Smith   Composer
Ted Snyder   Composer
Edwin Swayzee   Composer
Byron Warner   Composer
Earle Warren   Composer
Buddy Williams   Brass Band
Spencer Williams   Composer
Jack Yellen   Composer
Joseph Meyer   Composer
Harry Barth   Brass Band
John Firman   Arranger
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Billy Meyers   Composer
Jack Parnell   Composer
Billy Cotton   Director
Fred Elizalde   Arranger,Director
Buddy Sheppard   Director
Debroy Somers   Director
Tiny Stock   Brass Band
Joey Gold   Composer
Little Jack Little   Composer
Josephine Bradley   Director
Vic Lewis   Composer
Billy Mason   Director
Harry Brooks   Composer
Billy Ternent   Arranger
Jack Barsby   Brass Band
Jim Godbolt   Annotation
Starita   Director
Fred Underhaye   Brass Band
Jay Whidden & His New Midnight Follies Band   Director
Joe Young   Composer
J. Russel Robinson   Composer
Alex Hill   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Gerald Marks   Composer
Sidney Clare   Composer
Ernie Burnett   Composer
Douglas Furber   Composer
George Norton   Composer
Frank Perkins   Composer
Lew Pollack   Composer
Sammy Lerner   Composer
Siegel Magidson   Composer
Ribaud   Composer
Jacques Richmond   Composer
Monty Siegel   Composer
William Cooke   Composer
Ernie Erdman   Composer
Mabel Wayne   Composer
Kenny Baker   Composer
Jimmy Davis   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Billy Bell   Brass Band
Joe Gibson   Composer,Brass Band
Billy Rose   Composer
Ralph Jones   Director
Bert Barnes   Arranger
Ken "Snakehips" Johnson   Director
Charles A. Bayha   Composer
George Crow   Director
Jimmy Durrant   Arranger
Alfred Field   Brass Band
Jack Hart   Director
South   Arranger
Art Streatfield   Brass Band
Nat D. Ayer   Composer

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