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The Unsolved "Murder" of Adam Walsh - Book Two: Finding The Victim. The body identified as Adam Walsh is not him. Is Adam still alive? The cover-up behind the crime that launched "America's Most Wanted"

by Arthur Jay Harris


Did police get the Adam Walsh murder case Perfectly Wrong? The Wrong Killer and even The Wrong Victim?

At YouTube, search "Adam Walsh Serial"

The famous missing child case of Adam Walsh, a 6-year-old last seen at a Sears in a shopping mall in Hollywood, Florida, in July 1981 was the worst nightmare… See more details below



Did police get the Adam Walsh murder case Perfectly Wrong? The Wrong Killer and even The Wrong Victim?

At YouTube, search "Adam Walsh Serial"

The famous missing child case of Adam Walsh, a 6-year-old last seen at a Sears in a shopping mall in Hollywood, Florida, in July 1981 was the worst nightmare imaginable. Two weeks later, a child's severed head was found and identified as Adam. No one has ever been arrested for the crime.
For the most part, the case's narration has been told by the victims, Adam's parents Reve and John Walsh. However, there has been another voice, independent investigative journalist and author of five True Crime books about Florida, Arthur Jay Harris, who has continued to write about it for two decades, and has worked on it with ABC News, The Miami Herald, and others. The deeply-researched story he tells disputes almost everything that everyone in the public has been led to believe.
IN BOOK ONE, Harris shows that the taker of Adam was most likely not the drifter Ottis Toole, as police now say, but rather the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who was arrested ten years later with eleven severed heads in his apartment. Harris documented him by a police report living near Hollywood as a transient about when Adam disappeared. That report had him supposedly finding a dead body in an alley behind where he worked. The report referred to a meter and storage room steps away where Harris and ABC News found blood droplets rising up a wall next to a lumberman's axe and a sledgehammer. Was this Dahmer's doing?
Further, Dahmer was identified by seven police witnesses who said they saw him at the mall with or near Adam when he was taken. One of those witnesses said he saw him throw Adam into a blue van and get away. Where Dahmer worked there was a blue van, easily and often taken for personal use, without permission. Early on, a blue getaway van was Hollywood's first, best clue.
Also, a police composite drawing of a suspect in an attempted kidnapping of a similar-age child at a Sears in the next county, two weeks before Adam's disappearance, closely matches a mug shot of Dahmer taken a year later. The similarity was confirmed by the near-victim, a witness who helped make the drawing, and a police artist Harris consulted. The photo comparison is in the book.
At one point, on much less evidence, John Walsh, too, thought that Dahmer was the best suspect.
IN BOOK TWO, even more shocking, Harris shows that all the official files are incredibly missing the most customary documents that would prove the identification of the found child who was said to be Adam. Among the documents missing are the autopsy report, a forensic dental report (considering that the ID was strictly based on a tooth comparison), and Adam's dental chart and dental X-rays. An investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed his finding.
In fact, the ID was not only shoddy and inadequate but is overwhelmingly likely wrong. In Adam's last photo he was clearly missing both his top front teeth. A police crime scene photo, never before published, shows the found child had a mostly-in buck tooth -- a top left front tooth. Harris consulted a number of pediatric and forensic dental and medical examiner experts who confirmed the obvious: there wasn't enough time for Adam to have grown it in that far.
All that would have been exposed at a court trial -- but more than 30 years after Adam's disappearance, there has never been one.
Yet another remarkable finding Harris made is that more than 20 years after the incident, the Walshes consented to police forensic testing that presumed a doubt about the found child's real identity.
Did police end the search for Adam too soon? Could Adam still be alive? In fact not so impossible, Harris found...

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Editorial Reviews

Goodreads - Michelle Tooker

A must read for any true crime buff! Harris did an extensive amount of research on the case, and after reading this I can't see how anyone other than Dahmer killed little Adam. I also give Harris credit for addressing the flaws in some of the witnesses accounts rather than ignoring those issues or glossing over them. As someone who has read a vast variety of true crime books, I give this one the award for best research. - Jane Smith
Harris has meticulously reviewed thousands of court documents and news articles to lay a foundation for his book. He has interviewed prosecutors and investigators, and talked to more than a handful of witnesses who say they saw Dahmer at the mall the same day Adam disappeared--accounts that were either ignored or never taken seriously by the police... Harris makes it clear why Toole could not have killed Adam, but why Dahmer could have been the real killer.
True Crime Book Reviews - Yvette Kelly
Arthur Jay Harris did finally find details in those same police files which further confirmed that Jeffrey Dahmer actually killed Adam Walsh. This is my own me it was as clear as day. This book is absolutely full of interesting information, most derived from this writer's own investigation. He followed up on so many leads, quite a few which produced amazing results...all the information eventually unravels into the amazing conclusion that Jeffrey Dahmer did kill Adam Walsh.

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Meet the Author

Arthur Jay Harris is the author of the investigative true crime books Speed Kills, Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, Until Proven Innocent, and the two-book series with a Single Edition, The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh, all stories that challenge the official findings by police and prosecutors. He lives in Florida.

For the Adam Walsh case, he has appeared on television many times: ABC Primetime; Anderson Cooper 360; Nancy Grace; Ashleigh Banfield; The Lineup; Inside Edition; Catherine Crier; Cold Blood, and on local TV in Miami and Milwaukee. He has also written stories on the case that have appeared in print in The Miami Herald, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, and Miami Daily Business Review.

In addition, Art has presented on television other crime stories he has investigated at length, including on the shows Snapped; City Confidential; Prison Diaries, Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and Hard Copy.

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