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Jekyl Island Club
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Jekyl Island Club

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by Brent Monahan, Kate Thompson (Designed by), Gordon Van Gelder (Editor)

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Located on the idyllic Georgia coast, Jekyl Island was the playground of the rich at the turn of the last century. Vanderbilts, Goulds, Rockefellers, and other members of elite society vacationed there, enjoying the finest aspects of Southern hospitality that money could buy and importing the rest from New York. Indeed, the money was good: the club's one


Located on the idyllic Georgia coast, Jekyl Island was the playground of the rich at the turn of the last century. Vanderbilts, Goulds, Rockefellers, and other members of elite society vacationed there, enjoying the finest aspects of Southern hospitality that money could buy and importing the rest from New York. Indeed, the money was good: the club's one hundred members controlled one sixth of the nation's wealth.

When one of the club's members is shot to death on the island, his fellow captains of industry anxiously conclude it was as a hunting accident. Is the impending visit to the Jekyl Island Club by President McKinley the only reason? Could J. P. Morgan himself have been the one who pulled the trigger? Whose side is member and millionaire newspaperman Joseph Pulitzer on?

The answer to whether or not the richest of the rich can literally get away with murder lies in the hands of local sheriff John le Brun, a wily Civil War veteran who has his own agenda with the Yankees who bought Jekyl Island.

This ingenious novel raises Brent Monahan to the first rank of contemporary entertainers. The real Jekyl Island Club, its members, and many real events from American history of the era are interwoven within a plot that could easily have happened. Cleverly plotted and delightfully told, The Jekyl Island Club is suspenseful storytelling at its finest.

Editorial Reviews

Novelist Brent Monahan situates this 1899 triple murder mystery on Jekyl Island, an idyllic spot off the Georgia coast. After a member of a multimillionaire's club is struck down, local sheriff John Le Brun is called in to validate the "accident." But old Civil War vet Le Brun refuses to connive in a cover-up, even if J. P. Morgan is staring down his snoot. Monahan deserves a Pulitzer just for discovering his locale: The elite Jekyl Island Club really did exist: During this period, its 100 members controlled as much as one-sixth of the nation's wealth!
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A swank Southern resort for the nation's elite at the turn of the last century forms the evocative backdrop for this first mystery by horror writer Monahan (The Book of Common Dread). Prominent names like Morgan, Vanderbilt, Gould and Pulitzer gather on Jekyl Island off the coast of Georgia to be pampered in opulent seclusion. When one of the club members, Erastus Springer, is shot dead in an apparent hunting accident, the powerful close ranks. The timing of this and a subsequent stabbing death is unfortunate, as President McKinley is due to visit the island to debate the country's plans to acquire colonies. The local cop with the hard job of solving the crimes and soothing the monster egos is Sheriff John Le Brun. Possessed of a sharp mind, Le Brun isn't the bumpkin the wealthy take him for. He never really attempts to smooth the moneyed feathers. In fact, he has his own personal (and financial) reasons for stirring things up. Monahan has a deft touch with the foibles of the period; he works hard at capturing the voices of the resort's black servants, and carefully details the mechanics of practicing medicine in 1899. Instead of providing a plethora of suspects, however, he chooses to develop the personalities of the real-life tycoons--which are interesting but not plot sustaining. The mixed result is a mystery rich in social history, but poor in narrative drive. (June) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|
Gahan Wilson
Monahan keeps a perfect feeling of the period…Altogether entertaining.
—(Gahan Wilson, Realms of Fantasy, on The Bell Witch
Edward Bryant
The author knows how to pick and depict just the right minutia to bring the historical backdrop to life without stifling us readers in a chorus of background noise.
—(Edward Bryant, Locus, on The Bell Witch
Kirkus Reviews
Toward the end of the 19th century, some self-adoring rich men, having found a lovely island off the Georgia coast, have dedicated themselves to the unlovely idea of exclusivity. They've planned the Jekyl Island Club to be an off-season Newport, the winter playground of 50 multimillionaires, their chattels, and hand-picked, thoroughly vetted guests. No lesser mortals need apply. So the "company of capitalists"—rich in names like Vanderbilt, Gould, Pulitzer, and Morgan—settles in, determined at all costs to maintain this Georgia Eden in strictest privacy. But suddenly that plan threatens to come a cropper when a plutocratic corpse is discovered on a remote island path, a bullet in its heart. An unfortunate hunting accident, Morgan et al. insist, and summarily summon Sheriff John le Brun of nearby Brunswick to join in the cover-up—"because the club does not deserve stigma," Le brun is loftily informed. The sheriff, however, is a tough old Civil War survivor who—to the collective surprise and chagrin of the fat cats—can't be pressured into calling a homicide anything but. Moreover, he has personal reasons for disenchantment with the Jekyl Island Club membership, successful though it may be. Two more murders follow in quick succession, ominous proof that someone else, someone highly motivated and extremely dangerous, shares the sheriff's dim view. In his mystery debut, horror novelist Monahan (The Blood of the Covenant, 1995, etc.) offers a stalwart hero, an interesting tale, and generally efficient storytelling.

From the Publisher
"Utterly satisfying...A charming period mystery." —The Wall Street Journal

"An old-fashioned page turner of the best sort." —Indianapolis Star & News

"Combines a compelling mystery with fascinating characters from the very top levels of society in 1899 America. Readers will find themselves enjoying the rich period atmosphere at least as much as the crime solving. A first-class yarn." —Booklist.

"Monahan's rich attention to detail and his genuinely unique character, the quietly annoying and tenacious Le Brun, make this novel an interesting read." —Rapport

"Vastly entertaining, with surprises and reverses at every turn." —Tampa Tribune Times

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Meet the Author

Brent Monahan is the author of half a dozen previous novels, including The Book of Common Dread. He lives in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

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Jekyl Island Club 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book and it is one of the most confusing books i have ever read. Some parts of the book the characters are called by their first name and other parts of the book they were called by their last name. Overall it was a good book it was just a little confusing.