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World famous entrepreneur, sexy celebrity icon, and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson presents JennaTales, Erotica for the Woman on Top. These titillating tales are written by today's hottest authors to tempt and tease you. Each refreshingly creative story portrays powerful women who know what they want and how they can get it. Who better to represent these wildly sexy short erotic tales than the woman whose name is synonymous with sexy: Jenna Jameson.

Includes a ...

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Jenna Tales: Something Borrowed

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World famous entrepreneur, sexy celebrity icon, and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson presents JennaTales, Erotica for the Woman on Top. These titillating tales are written by today's hottest authors to tempt and tease you. Each refreshingly creative story portrays powerful women who know what they want and how they can get it. Who better to represent these wildly sexy short erotic tales than the woman whose name is synonymous with sexy: Jenna Jameson.

Includes a free erotic audio story and sex tips!

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780758241634
  • Publisher: Sounds Publishing, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 5/1/2008
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 208
  • Sales rank: 1,126,699
  • File size: 957 KB

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Something Borrowed
Sounds Publishing, Inc.
Copyright © 2008
Sounds Publishing, Inc.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-9799872-0-5

Chapter One Another good reason to wear a skirt to a party ... or at least for the ride home.

Vanilla with Chocolate

Sally's house was set in the center of a suburban neighborhood with cookie-cutter houses, cul-de-sacs, and a child's bike in each driveway. It was a mecca of soccer moms and minivans, edged lawns, Sunday barbeques, and car pools. Todd, already breaking a sweat and feeling nauseous at the prospect of the evening to come pulled into one of the few available spaces along the curb and sat staring out the windshield.

"Well," he said in a monotone. "This is the place."

Poor Todd. He just hates parties. We're like apples and oranges (or apples and cement blocks) when it comes to people and parties. Todd and I have been married for over three years and he is a wonderful guy, just not very gregarious.

"You sure you want to go in there, Bev?" The engine was still running and I swear he gunned it.

"Of course I want to go in. I promised Sally that we'd come. I know you hate parties, but we're going to this one, damn it."

"But this isn't just any party, Bev. She's selling sex toys!"

"Don't be a prude, Todd. It'll be fun. You'll see."

Todd stuck his lower lip out, crossed his arms across his chest, and hunkered down in the seat looking not unlike Tommy Scotto, the most awful, intractable third grader I'd ever run up against.

"Okay then. Why don't you wait here, in the car," I suggested. "I'll only be a couple hours. Having wine and talking about sex with other people." He got the hint.

Walking up to the house, he dragged his feet, scuffing the toes of the nice leather loafers I'd bought him just a week ago. I swear there are times that I feel like I married my job, being an elementary teacher at school and home.

Sally threw the door wide, inviting us in with a big smile and a kiss on my cheek and wink to Todd. He almost did an about-face, but I had his arm in an iron grip, so he nodded and mumbled something closely resembling a greeting at Sally's shoes before peering nervously around the corner into the living room, where a dozen couples were already chatting amiably over wine and crackers.

It was an eclectic group. I wore a white summer cotton skirt, flip-flops, and a tiny ice-blue tank. Others were in jeans or shorts, while there were a few in business skirts or suits. I noticed that the couples were mostly sticking together, but occasionally the women would start talking more candidly, sharing intimacies the way only women who've just met over a glass of wine can, while the guys generally tried to blend into the background, which was nearly impossible since Sally's taste lent itself to a blend of wild safari and sunshine yellow and none of them appeared to be wearing bright yellow, monkey-covered shirts. Of course, if one of them had, I probably wouldn't have been able to see him as that would have been the perfect camouflage in Sally's living room. That's Sally all over. Great girl, lousy sense of color.

Sally came by with a tray of veggies and dip, trailed by an attractive brunette about my age in a crisp, off-white tailored suit.

"Bev, have a cucumber and meet Heather. Heather's my friend from the firm I was telling you about." Heather is a "dildo pusher on the side" is what Sally had actually said a week and a half ago when, over a carafe of sangria and shared, illicit cigarettes, she finally got up the guts to invite us to this shindig.

"I've heard such amazing things about you." I smiled at Sally then Heather, trying to keep a straight face as visions of a cucumber vibrator suddenly flashed across my imagination. I bit into the cuke in my hand, setting my teeth to keep from laughing hysterically, and managed rather well to appear sane. Sally whisked Heather away, kicking me in the shin as she went. I guess I wasn't as cool as I'd thought. Then I almost choked to death from laughing because I realized I wasn't as cool as a "cucumber." I had to get some water and stop on the wine or I'd be intolerable. Todd had been gone for so long, I thought he'd left me there. Just as we were all sitting down, he slunk back into the room. I glared and he shrugged. I wanted to ask where he'd been, but Heather was already introducing herself, so I'd just have to let it go.

"I was trying not to get sick in the bathroom," Todd hissed to me, knowing that I was stewing and frustrated that he'd disappeared on me.

"Todd ... ler." I hissed back. "Way too much time with third graders" will be my epitaph if I don't get a handle on myself.

I'll admit, however, that I was a bit embarrassed at first when Heather started talking about my vulva. Not mine, per se, but the vulva, which made me think of mine, which embarrassed me. I got over it, though. I realized that everyone was feeling about the same as me. Also, I had grabbed another glass of wine despite my excellent intentions and that was definitely helping as well. Heather knew what she was saying and eventually I think we all felt comfortable, except for Todd.

Heather started the evening by putting a CD in the player. It had some nice music, but then a voice started. Turns out that it was a sample of a series of CDs Heather sells. It was a short story, she told us. People were still murmuring and chatting a little when suddenly the story started talking about her heavy breasts and his bobbing cock. That got everyone's attention. Turns out the short stories were erotic. Heather told us they were great for getting in the mood. It was hard to do in the middle of the party, but I could totally see what she was talking about. Just the bit I was listening to was pretty steamy, and I knew it would get downright boiling hot as I imagined relaxing in the tub, listening, with a glass of wine.

"We've got to get one of those." I hissed at Todd.

"Well, the Sugar series sounds sweet." He joked, badly.

"How about a little Spank!" I replied. I wasn't joking.

Heather then began showing her products. There were oils with sparkles and flavored oils and oils that heated up on contact. The room relaxed a lot once she handed around small samples. She encouraged couples to rub the oils on one another and most did, almost exclusively on the hands, although one imaginative guy did smear some on his wife's neck and then licked it off. People were definitely getting more into the party.

"Smell this, Todd," I thrust a bottle under his nose.

"Almond." He guessed correctly. "I don't know, Bev. Smells like you should cook with it, not rub it anywhere."

Heather went on to exhibit a variety of other sexy items including sheer panties, female-directed adult movies, and orgasm-enhancing lotion. She handed out little samples of that, too. I put a little on the back of my hand and it grew warm.

"Oooh, that tingles!" I heard a giggle from the corner and saw that one woman had reached under her top and put it on her nipple.

Heather also pulled up an impressive array of condoms. Flavored, ribbed, rippled, extra large ... She gave a free 12-pack to the person who got the most answers right on her sex quiz. To Todd's chagrin, I won.

Finally, Heather pulled out the big guns. She had the rubber-ducky vibrator for tub-time fun, the rabbit, remote-control vibrating panties, and so many other things I hadn't even dreamed existed.

She also had a huge array of dildos. Twisty, curvy, shiny cocks in every imaginable color, some in the shape of animals, others with humorous faces. I was mesmerized.

Todd, noticing the gleam in my eyes, asked, "Have you ever used one of those?"

"Oh, no," I lied. Well, it wasn't a total lie. I hadn't used any of the ones she was showing.

"Have you?" I asked, not bothering to whisper. Todd blushed crimson.

"You want the purple one," he said loudly to get even.

"Purple? Please." I wasn't going to be bested.

"Well, what color, then?" He thought he had trumped me because he sure didn't expect me to have an answer.

There was one vibrating, rotating cock that had immediately caught my eye. It was nine inches long, and batteries were included! What a deal.

"The Chocolate Thunder." I won. Todd was shocked into silence.

"But, but ..." he stuttered. "It's so long." I almost made a mean-spirited comment, but it would be a lie. Todd's no slouch in that department.

Heather began to thank everyone for showing up, and offered to take orders in one of the spare bedrooms.

I was the first in line. Todd had, somehow, skipped out to the car. Heather explained that she didn't have every item on hand. Luckily for me, she had Chocolate Thunder. I also picked up one of each of the CDs. My sister would love the Sugar ones. Saying good-bye to Sally, I headed for the car. I barely had my seatbelt buckled when Todd tore out of there like demons from hell were behind us. I had to remind him it was a family neighborhood to get him to slow it down a bit.

"Did you order it?" Todd asked while I slid all over the passenger's seat as he took a fifteen-mile-an-hour curve at thirty.

Once we were back on the straight and narrow and he'd finally eased up a bit on the gas, I tugged the vibrator out of the bag. "Mmmmm ..." I hummed happily. "She had it in stock." I laughed at his wide-open mouth.

Opening the package and gently pulling the long rubbery piece out, I accidentally turned it on, causing it to whir and shake.

"You aren't going to use that thing now?" Todd was ready to panic.

"Why not? It's mine. I bought it." I hadn't planned to, but what a great idea, I thought.

"You haven't even cleaned it yet," he challenged.

"It was in a box, for God's sake, Todd. But if it makes you feel better ..." I pulled out the free condom pack I'd won. Taking a vanilla flavored condom, I rolled it onto my now stilled dildo. I stopped every inch or so, enjoying the feel of the staff.

Todd drove carefully, but tried to keep at least one eye on what I was doing.

Once I'd gotten the condom on, I started licking it, just beneath the head. It tasted just like vanilla. Well it tasted just like vanilla in a rubber cone, but still a close enough approximation.

"What are you doing?" Todd asked. As though he couldn't tell.

I pushed the cock into my mouth, just a little at first then I fed it deeper, until its head tapped my throat. I hummed, simulating its vibrations. Hiking up my skirt, I took the wet dildo from my mouth and held it against my thigh, enjoying the blackness of it against my creamy leg. I pushed my panties to the side and slipped the head in me. I turned it on. WOW! It vibrated and shook in me, turning me to jelly.

"Bev!" Todd almost yelled. I was way too busy and too hot to reply. I didn't care about the busy highway either. I began to orgasm before the vibrator was halfway into me. My back arched. My shoulders shuddered. My hips bucked and my heels kicked. My left hand reached out and grabbed on to Todd's arm as my moans mixed with the horn blasts of a trucker.

When we got home, Todd had gotten over his shock. After carrying me up to bed and ravishing me for several good hours, he was just starting to fall asleep when I leaned over for one final surprise.

"Todd, I start training next week."

"Training" he mumbled.

"Yep, Heather's training me to present at parties." I snuggled down to sleep as Todd's eyes shot wide.

C. J. Stone

JennaTip #1: Vibrators

Not to discount the multitudes of women who orgasm through G-spot stimulation or nipple stimulation or by thinking about it just because they can, the reality is that most women do require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. While a nice firm and wet tongue or talented finger can do the job very nicely, the consistent and powerful vibration of a personal toy delivers unlike anything else.

If you are not completely familiar with using a vibrator, stop reading and go buy one right now and then come back with a fresh supply of batteries (unless you opt for the plug-in variety) and pick the book back up. The plug-in vibrators can be great because they are quieter, by and large, but you are tethered to an outlet; then again, you don't run out of juice late at night and have to steal batteries from the TV remote. There are new rechargeable vibrators out there and also ergonomic ones that keep you from suffering from wrist and hand cramps. You certainly don't want to try to figure out a way to explain to your friends and coworkers how you got carpal tunnel syndrome when you don't use a keyboard.

Once you have the vibrator you want, the following is a guide for how to enjoy yourself.

1. Setting the mood. Do not try out your new toy without allowing yourself some uninterrupted time. For example, trying out a vibrator ten minutes before the kids are due home from school is probably not the best planning unless you find working under a deadline really titillating. Instead plan out a good block of time, shower or have a nice hot bath first, pamper yourself, use oils and lotions to moisturize your skin, listen to some music, or read some hot erotica (you know where you can find some).

2. Don't just go gung-ho for the clit. Press the vibrator against your breast, your thigh, your outer labia, and your nipples. Try it anywhere. It is a great way to get to know your body.

3. Go gung-ho for your clit. Once you are sufficiently aroused (read wet) move the vibrator down to your clit and test your reaction. Some women are unable to put the vibrator directly against the clit and have to put it at the head of the mons or cover it with their labia because it is too intense. Go ahead and move it around, press it harder, then softer, use the side, the tip, have it rest along your entire vulva, roll it around. Experiment and have fun.

4. Go for the combo. Want vaginal penetration with vibration? Use two vibrators, a vibrator and dildo, a vibrator and your finger or someone else's finger, use a vibrator and a penis, or use a dual-action vibe that has a penetrating piece and a little added stimulator for the clit. There are any number of possible and yummy combinations.

In case you have any qualms about introducing a vibrator into your repertoire, keep the following in mind. There is nothing wrong with using a vibrator. Do you use a hair dryer for your hair? It'll dry on its own, won't it? Do you have an electric blender? You could use a spoon, right? So how is it different to use a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris or G-spot? It isn't. If your husband/lover/partner has any problems with your using it, ask him to toss out his electric razor, power drill, and any adult videos or magazines he uses to jack off. Down with hypocrisy!

I never thought of the runway as phallic. Now that I think about it, that's it exactly. It makes sense. Mostly it's women walking the runway and I can just see a man designing it so that women are walking up and down a cock. Makes me want to dig out a pair of spike heels.


It was called Buff Bubba's Ranch, which didn't leave much doubt about how tacky the place would be. It was large, airplane-hangar large, with just one big room and a smattering of chairs and tables. The windows were high. Obviously and unfortunately they were too high to clean. And the brown carpet, what was left of it, smelled like perfume and gin.

There must have been over a hundred women in the place: young, giggly women; old, prim women; women of every shape and age and status.

Straight ahead of me was the stage. It wasn't nearly as large as I'd imagined. Only two steps wide, and a few car lengths long. I suppose it was meant to be phallic. On it was a man wearing just a bikini bottom. The black skin of his shaved body glistened in response to the lights as he danced around the arena.

I moved to the bar, which was a long, twisting piece of wood and brass, manned by a few young men in thongs.

"What'll you have?" the bartender asked.

"Cosmo. Please."

"Right up." He smiled, too long, before he turned around and bent down, straight legged, to a bottom shelf, searching for what I hoped would be a clean martini glass. His thong covered up less of his butt than a shadow would have and his cheeks wiggled at me as he shuffled things around.

"That's my favorite drink, too." A woman eased up beside me, set her near-full glass on the bar, and joined in my view. The bartender found what he needed, entirely too soon for her, based on her disgusted sigh as he turned back around to face us, then he was off for some crushed ice and vodka. (Continues...)

Excerpted from Something Borrowed Copyright © 2008 by Sounds Publishing, Inc.. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Table of Contents

Contents Editor's Note....................ix
Vanilla with Chocolate-C. J. Stone....................1
JennaTip #1: Vibrators....................8
Moonlighting-Ramo Kye....................10
Girl Gone Wild-Francis Underwood....................15
JennaTip #2: That Girl....................20
Winner Takes Half-O. Preston Telford....................22
Open House-Marcy Rosewood....................33
Getting Her Move On-Neil Truitt....................40
Sucking Wind-Elizabeth Claire....................47
Breaking a Sweat-Olivia Ulster-Reed....................53
JennaTip #3: Fisting....................60
Writer's Cramp (her version)-Isaac Andrews....................62
Driving Blind- Ellie Naylor....................71
JennaTip #4: Sex in Cars....................78
Beating the Heat-Leigh Malone....................80
A Change of Circumstances-Cory Walters....................87
JennaTip #5: Being the Woman on Top....................94
East Meets West-Stacey Newman....................96
The F-Factor Diet-Adina Giordano....................102
Gaining Instruction-Michael Clark....................115
JennaTip #6: Oh! Spank Me, Part 1....................123
Money Shot-Justine Baum....................126
The Ties That Bind-J. J. Layton....................133
JennaTip #7: Tie Me Up....................137
Made to Fit-Adina Giordano....................138
The Sins of Mary-Beth and Sue-Ellen-Kate Whitfield....................140
JennaTip #8: Oh! Spank Me, Part 2....................146
Debased-Tracy Randolph....................147
JennaTip #9: Orgasm Denial / OrgasmControl....................153
Love and War-Ramo Kye....................154
Stretch Limo-Tracy Randolph....................158
JennaTip #10: Supersized Clit....................167
Gift Wrapped-Janie Johnson....................169
Virgin Territory-Sasha Channing....................174
JennaTip #11: Bent Penis....................180
Sienna-Morgana Baron....................181
JennaTip #12: Take Time to Primp....................186
The Policewoman's Ball-Robin Foreman....................187
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