Jesus And Paul

Jesus And Paul

by B. J. Oropeza

A new generation on scholars examine many of the themes explored by the outstanding scholar James D. G. Dunn.

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A new generation on scholars examine many of the themes explored by the outstanding scholar James D. G. Dunn.

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Library of New Testament Studies Series
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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations vii

Foreword Richard B. Hays xi

Foreword N. T. Wright xv

Editors' Preface xxi

Select Bibliography of Publications James D. G. Dunn xxv

Part I Jesus and The Gospels

1 Written Islands in an Oral Stream: Gospel and Oral Traditions James F. McGrath 3

2 Debtors, Laborers and Virgins: The Voice of Jesus and the Voice of Matthew in Three Parables Stephen I. Wright 13

3 Jesus' Message of the Kingdom of God: Present and Future Tensions Revisited Jey J. Kanagaraj 24

4 Sinner According to Words of the Law, Righteous by Works of Love: Boundary Challenges in Relation to the Woman Who Anoints Jesus (Luke 7:36-50) Ellen Juhl Christiansen 35

5 Jesus and Magic in Luke-Acts Graham H. Twelftree 46

6 Barabbas Remembered Helen K. Bond 59

7 Judas and the Jews: Anti-Semitic Interpretation of Judas Iscariot, Past and Present Arie W. Zwiep 72

8 Jews or Christians? The Opponents of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel J. Martin C. Scott 83

9 New Testament Christology in Recent British Scholarship: A Sketch of Distinctives and Debates Simon J. Gathercole 102

10 The Worship of Jesus among Early Christians: The Evidence of Hebrews Kenneth L. Schenck 114

Part II Paul and His Letters

11 Inheriting the Agitator's Mantle: Paul and the Nature of Apostleship in Luke-Acts C. K. Robertson 127

12 Running in Vain, but Not as an Athlete (Galatians 2:2): The Impact of Habakkuk 2:2-4 on Paul's Apostolic Commission B. J. Oropeza 139

13 Of 'Doing' and 'Living': The Intertextual Semantics of Leviticus 18:5 in Galatians and Romans Douglas C. Mohrmann 151

14 Israel's Triumphant King: Romans 1:5 and the Scriptures of Israel Don Garlington 173

15 Paul and Ethnicity: The Paradigm of Glocalization Lung-kwong Lo 184

16 The Cheirograph in Colossians 2:14 and the Ephesian Connection Allan R. Bevere 199

17 The Epistle to Philemon: Paul's Strategy for Forging the Ties of Kinship John Byron 207

About the Contributors 217

Scripture Index 221

Subject Index 230

Author Index 235

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